How did you learn the Russian language?

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Of course, learning Russian is impossible without learning Cyrillic first: How To Learn Russian Alphabet: The Ultimate Guide to ABC

Et puis ...

In my opinion, learning Russian is all about learning the language structure and logic. You can enrich your vocabulary later, at the second stage. So, at first you need to focus more on learning new grammar structures than on learning tons of Russian words.

Yes, Russian grammar is complex, but learning it is all about sequence, the order in which you "attack" grammatical topics. A good teacher knows this order and won't overwhelm you, so the best way is to find such a teacher and follow their guidance.

Extensive listening will be useless untill you have a certain idea about the language logic, so at the beginning listening to the Russian radio or watching movies in Russian won't help much. Even if you are in Russia, you won't be able to just "pick up" the language by listening to it. You will still need explicit explanations about the rules behind all these phrases and sentences. A teacher, on the other hand, will create a certain environment in the lesson where you will be able to listen and speak using just the structures you know at a particular stage. This is what you need to get your brain used to recognizing and using these structures.

To sum up, if you really want to do it quickly, the best way is to find a teacher who knows how structure the material and who is the right type to work with for you and have lessons at least 3 times a week.

Brandon Smith

Brandon Smith, sait le russe

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Réponse d'origine: How could I learn the Russian language?

Native English speaker who is learning Russian as a second language

One thing to consider is that the Russian language is not as difficult to learn as many people say. Yeah, there’s a lot of rules. But every language has a lot of rules. Infact, I’d say that in many aspects, Russian is actually easier to learn than most languages. It’s a language where, unlike English, French, and so on, word order doesn’t actually matter! Words are also pronounced the way they’re spelled (for the most part), and really, once you get a hang of the Cyrillic alphabet, it starts to feel like your native alphabet after a while.

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However, the most important rule in Russian is, and I can’t stress this enough, are the inflections. You need to know how words like мы Вы ты я нас вас and so on change the ending of the word, per say.

How did you learn the Russian language?

Why is this the most important rule? I’ve been communicating with Russians for over a year now, and when I find that even when I butchered the grammar to death, due to the fact that I inflected my words correctly, I was still “understandable.”

Another thing I’d advise you to do is learn as many words as you possibly can auparavant you actually dedicate time to studying the grammar. Russian has a lot more words than English, for example, I think there’s about 30 different ways to say “go” in Russian. This is one of the most challenging parts of learning the language, in my experience.

When you feel sufficiently prepared with your vocabulary knowledge, then you should move on to actually studying the grammar. A way I approach this is I study 1 grammar lesson a week, and I incorporate it into the way I write the language and practice with it before I move on to the next lesson. It’s less stressful for me.

Bonne chance!

Here are some useful resources for you:

Learn a language for free (duolingo) ←- Honestly, I’d start out with this

Be Fluent in Russian

Russian grammar

Stanislav Semerikov

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Réponse d'origine: How do you learn the Russian language?

Learning any language requires a specific goal, set within an achievable time frame, in which you try your best and learn bit by bit every day.

Russian is no exception, and is easily conquerable, as long as you don’t give up and keep your motivation in mind.

Here are some resources to help you get started:

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We, at LinguaLift, have also recently launched our new website for enthusiastic learners who treasure their time and believe in reaching fluency: How to learn Russian online So you can go ahead and try it out as well.

Bon apprentissage!

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Réponse d'origine: How can I learn the Russian language?

Don’t bother. It doesn’t pay off.

  • It has formal and informal speech. But so do German, Spanish, Japanese etc.
  • It has different alphabet. But so do Chinese, Japanese, Arabic etc.
  • It has cases. 6 of them, whereas German has 4, Arabic has 3 and Spanish, English and French have none.
  • It has very weird conjugation and declension rules with many exceptions. It might be really hard to grasp those.

MAIS, you simply don’t get as much from learning Russian as you would get from learning German, Chinese or Spanish.

You see, Russian economy is comparable to the Spanish one. Yes, 145m people and the largest geographic area in the world have roughly the same output as 45m people in relatively small Spain. And the number of speakers of Russian decreases, while Spanish speakers grow in numbers (because of Latin America).

I say it as a Russian. Don’t waste your time.

Eugene Holman

Eugene Holman, former Taught and Researched English and Linguistics. at University of Helsinki (1971-2012)

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Réponse d'origine: How can I learn Russian so that I can study in Russian language?

Find a good teacher, one who understands phonetics and grammar, and go for it. Close to half the people who speak Russian today have, like myself, learned it as a second language. Russian is one of those languages that, for an English speaker, seems very difficult when you start,but shows itself to have a rather logical structure and few surprises once you have mastered its basic patterns and most frequent irregularities. In my exoerience Russians are immensely supportive of people who have made a serious effort to learn their language.

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If you can find a Russian eager to exchange help in Russian for help in learning your language, you have it made.

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Réponse d'origine: How could I learn the Russian language?

As with anything else repetition and diligence are the key tools to be coming adept. If you truly want to succeed in anything especially learning, then repetition is your best friend. Find some parts of the language that you enjoy. It could be art, music, crime novels, or even video games that are played internationally. Once you find the aspect that you can indulge in Daily then repetition will become second nature and even fun. Once you immerse yourself it is only a matter of time before your subconscious takes a hold and runs wild with new information. Before long you'll find that you may even be dreaming in another language.

But as it was once said and is still accurate, if you believe you can or you believe you cannot, you are correct.

So, don't be your worst enemy!

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