Has PayPal ever been hacked?

Jalpesh Chitalia

Jalpesh Chitalia, a travaillé chez PayPal

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'Hacked'is very very subjective. If you mean, has PayPal accounts being hacked, answer yes. Social engineering, spoof emails, and other means to get your email addresss and password are commonplace for any credential. PayPal is most popular and hackers have spent a lot of effort in gathering username passwords for consumers. Similar story is published by another post (reference to Twitter account being hacked).

Another example and perhaps the most popular of all hacks from early internet days. PayPal gave $5 for opening and account and using it. Some fraud ring created an automatic system to sign up and get $5. To prevent that from happening Dave Gausebeck and Max Levchin created what's now called "captcha" image. The invention orginally named as GL-test - of adding manual friction - made it commonplace activity in all user signup flows across the web.

If you mean, has PayPal being hacked - meaning did someone go into their databases to recover user information - answer is NO. there are several other malicious hackers who don't intend to gain anything from information but try to impact other good users. "Anonymous" (group that backed wiki leaks) tried to do that in vain.

Tony Psaltis

Tony Psaltis

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I have a registered domain and when I sign up for services on internet is use unique userids under the domain name. For example: if my domain name is tony.com. I would use [email protected]tony.com (ou comme amazon@tony.com, etc) my registered email. I have seen email spams from the paypal account (and others) countless times. To me, this definitively proves that, at a minimum, my registered email account at Paypal has been compromised. To me, this is the proof in the pudding that Paypal can not deny that they have been successfully targeted by hackers. Problem is, they will never admit to it or how deep the threat has penetrated their systems.

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Travis Studheim

Travis Studheim

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PayPal is the worst app I have ever attempted using its full of bugs and glitches it is far from secure trust me it's been hacked by the people who run the app…eBay owns PayPal and if u r looking to get bent over then by all means use PayPal……. PayPals CEO and or president vice president all the ones in charge of this shady shady app should be jailed…. They gave stolen from hundreds If not thousands of people there are entire websites dedicated to reporting the dangers downfalls and despicable shit that PayPal has done to its customers….. Trust me just Google PayPal is a joke PAYPAL ripped me off and etc….. If u are smart u will stay away….. It's the biggest bug and glitch Laiden app in the play store…. Even PayPals customer support people have admitted that fact to me……. Hate em absolutely gate em they have taken from me and have wasted an enormous amount of my time….

Tony Li

Tony Li, Geek Internet

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Effectively yes: Comment j'ai perdu mon nom d'utilisateur Twitter $ 50,000

While PayPal denies it, this report seems pretty credible.

Will Redfern

Will Redfern, Student, Traveler, Thinker, Innovator

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I know somebody who works at eBay (even though the two companies are splitting this still applies) I asked him about eBay and PayPal being "hacked". This happens a fair amount and usually the press makes a big deal about it. However he said usually no information is stolen and it's not that big of a deal. PayPal is still plenty safe to use and is better than using a credit card to pay on a sketchy website however there are numerous times where there have been these so called "hacks"

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