Google va-t-il créer une crypto-monnaie supérieure?

Terrence Yang

Terrence Yang, I use Google products a lot.

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No, I don’t think Google will create a superior cryptocurrency because Google is centralized and highly motivated to take your data and use it to sell more ads.

The big breakthrough with Bitcoin is that you can do transactions without a central point of failure. Like Google.

Bitcoin is unstoppable if (and it’s arguably questionable right now, for various reasons, including a barely documented risk of double-spending through full node consensus failure 1) there is no centralization of miners, wallets, exchanges, client implementations, developers, maintainers, chip makers, etc.2

The way Bitcoin mostly works right now (and is supposed to work) is as follows:

If you and I want to enter into a Bitcoin transaction, no one else can stop us. Not Russia. Not China. Not the NSA. And not the feds, Facebook, Goldman. Or Google.

That’s real freedom to transact.

If you want a coin that is even more unstoppable, then maybe consider using Monero, Zcash or one of the other privacy coins. Do your own research.

All that said, Google can create a centralized coin (like a virtual gift card) that is very convenient, cheap or free and very useful. Maybe Googlecoin can be exchanged for adblockers, Google Business, Google Drive, etc., etc. I wouldn’t be surprised if Google came up with something that worked.

I expect Googlecoin will be centralized because that’s in Google’s DNA.

But it will be useful and cheap or free, like most of Google’s successful products and offerings.

Google wants you to keep using their products and services and stay in there ecosystem. Almost all their revenue comes from selling your metadata to advertisers for targeted, effective, efficient ads to try to get you to consume more of whatever the advertiser is shilling.

Googlecoin might be convenient. But it won’t be “superior.” I don’t think we need more centralization in the world. I think we need less.

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1 Undocumented Double-spend Risk in Bitcoin – James Hudon – Medium

2 La réponse de Terrence Yang à Comment est-ce que Ethereum et Bitcoin sont centralisés et décentralisés?

Diana Qadri

Diana Qadri, Spécialiste marketing senior chez G2A PAY (2016-present)

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Alphabet Google is among top blockchain investors.

Google va-t-il créer une crypto-monnaie supérieure?

La source: CB Insights

One of the companies that was backed by Google in 2016 was Ripple. This is one piece of information. Another fact that you need in order to connect and make a conclusion is growth of the Internet of Things (IoT). This industry is predicted to reach $ 53.45 milliards par 2022. In fact 2018 is very promising for smart home devices such as Google Home, which a smart speaker that enables you to give voice commands to interact with and control home appliances.

Soon your fridge, treadmill, air-conditioner, coffee-machine and basically every device that can be potentially connected to the internet will become part of your ‘smart-home’.

Google Home is designed to make our lives easier but it also natural that very soon the data collected from your smart home devices will be shared and used by businesses. Your smart fridge will ‘know’ when you ran out of milk, and thus immediately act upon this information by ordering and paying for you. Here comes a question, which online payment method will be used to pay for a box of milk? As an example, let’s look closer at Google Pay. Major banks are in partnership with Google Pay (check the list ici ), Mais does it really make sense to pay for something that cost less than $5 and still involve a middleman (banks)?

During recent MPE Confrence that took place in Berlin, Satoshi Pay stated that it is simple impossible to “pay 1 cent on the internet”..A solution? Maybe cryptocurrency?

"It's impossible to pay 1 cent in the internet" states @SatoshiPay .

Are nano and micropayments through #blockchaintechnology la solution? #mpecommerce #blockchain @mpecosystem

— G2A PAY (@G2A_PAY) 22 Février, 2018

I did not give a direct answer to your question and what I stated above is only one possible direction where Google is heading.

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Kurt Braget

Kurt Braget, Cofounder at White Rabbit - ICO Discovery (2017-present)

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I would place Google on a high probability alert for building their own crypto currency or more likely a blockchain produit.

Keep in mind, they invested in Ripple and other blockchain companies via Alphabet.

Will it be superior, well, historically their products they build internally are hit or miss.

Keep in mind Google has something called 20% time where employees can work on any project of their choice or even make their own up.

With a huge company of engineers it’s almost impossible to think they wouldn’t build a cryptocurrency or related project. They likely have a few and are not sharing with anybody.

Imagine being all bored at Google with your nice salary while all your buddies are out getting crypto rich and working on sweet crypto projects. There is no way in hell they aren’t working on it.

Another thing that marks Google as high priority is the way they have historically either acquired companies or built their own competitor copy cats. Google is not going to sit around while other companies (IBM, Azure etc) dominate blockchain especially in web services.

The icing on the cake is a lot of blockchain bulls who know about tech are imagining (convincingly) how ad industries are going to be disrupted by blockchain and decentralization. Google isn’t going to ignore it when people start fucking with their money.

Borislav Agapiev

Borislav Agapiev, Cryptotouriste accidentel

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No, Google, together with Apple and Microsoft, are the most profitable large companies on this planet and as such are completely tied to the existing financial order. They would be the last to rock the boat in a system where they have such superior positioning.

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This is why you will never hear from them anything even remotely mentioning cryptocurrencies. In simple terms, their mission is to get maximum profits, in dollars and other conventional currencies, because they are the best at it.

Wenquan Ma

Wenquan Ma

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Good question. Google is centralized and it does not need a token. However, it might be a good idea that Google also runs a decentralized network or “decentralized Google” to do the same work as it is doing now. In this case, Google cryptocurrency is certainly needed. Decentralization now means small, slow, low efficiency, but it might be a trend and its performance will improve. Maybe in the long run, for most cases, decentralization will win.

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