Freelancers, what tools do you use to make some of your processes easier?

Nandini Sharma Sehdev

Nandini Sharma Sehdev, works at ProofHub

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I’d like to suggest ProofHub here. With ProofHub, your projects, teams, clients and all the communication stays in one place without the need of investing in too many different tools to run your business. This makes it easy to create plans, collaborate with teams and clients, keep things organized and deliver projects on time.

Take a look at some of its features-

ProofHub Discussion topics eliminates those confusing email threads to relate information, search important stuff and stay on the topic. It gets your team, clients and stakeholders to collaborate on common topics effortlessly in one centralized place. And you can easily loop someone in the conversation whenever needed.

Freelancers, what tools do you use to make some of your processes easier?

ProofHub Tasks keeps your team running in the right direction by giving them a lucid view of their responsibilities. Assign tasks, set start and due dates, add labels and keep things on track. ProofHub notifies people whenever tasks are assigned to them and reminds them when they’re due. Everyone in the team gets a list of daily agenda. And managers get notified if something is overdue.

Freelancers, what tools do you use to make some of your processes easier?

ProofHub’s Boards and workflows lets you divide the project tasks into stages and assign a Basic or Kanban workflow to them. You even get the option to Customize workflows as per requirement. This gives the teams a clear path of how the tasks need to progress, notifies people when tasks reach their stage and they move it to the next stage once their part is done. As a manager, you get to keep an eye on the overall progress, identify bottlenecks and better manage the flow.

Freelancers, what tools do you use to make some of your processes easier?

ProofHub’s Group chat gives everyone the power to save time that is usually wasted in getting quick answers, feedback or even a quick “Go”. Start one-to-one or group chat, add teams and clients, and begin the conversation, be it casual or work related. Communicating in real-time and with the ones working with you on your projects ensures that they continue progressing smoothly. You get emojis too. ��

Freelancers, what tools do you use to make some of your processes easier?

ProofHub’s built-in Proofing speeds up the file and document review process and brings clarity in feedback sharing. Upload files, add collaborators and send invitation to the clients. Using the markup tools clients and stakeholders can easily proof, mark changes and quickly provide their feedback. Previous versions of the proofed file can be viewed anytime to keep a track of the feedback and changes requested earlier, making it easy to compare the proofs. Once the changes are made, the files can be approved with a click of a button.

Freelancers, what tools do you use to make some of your processes easier?

ProofHub Timesheets ensures that you get the by-minute details of the time spent on tasks and projects, making it easy to bill your clients and getting paid on time. Create timesheets, set time estimates, track time spent on tasks and get reports by person and dates. Record time manually or use the timer for accurate time tracking to save the time spent on maintaining the records and to avoid human errors.

Freelancers, what tools do you use to make some of your processes easier?

ProofHub Notes give you a central place to capture important project notes, quick reminders, random thoughts and your big ideas. Keep them private or share them with teams and clients to collaborate over them and get their views. You can organize these notes in Ordinateurs portables and color code them to find them quickly whenever you need them.

Freelancers, what tools do you use to make some of your processes easier?

Fonctionnalités avancées:

Chef de projet

Gain ultimate control of your projects, know problems in advance and keep teams & project progress on the right track.

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Modèles de projet

Save time while working on similar projects by using predefined project templates which you can create.


Access Freshbooks, Google Calendar & iCal, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Onedrive and Outlook apps within ProofHub to keep all your scattered files and documents together.


Track down every activity done by people in your account, be it task completion, file deletion or event rescheduling, to know who is accountable for what.


Forward important emails to your account to add project requests, report issues sent by the clients, or ask quick questions that need to be worked upon.

Recherche Avancée

Find your files, task lists, tasks and notes real quick using relevant keywords and phrases.

IP restriction

Restrict your account access to only those IP addresses that you will select, and avoid unauthorized logins to keep your data secure.

In app notifications

Stay updated whenever something happens in projects and always keep ultimate control on your projects and teams.

Account Transfer tool

Transfer the ownership of your account to a different person and hand over the responsibilities as and when needed.


Easily integrate with wide range of third party apps using ProofHub’s API to make data transport quick, easy and effortless.

Me view

One place for all your tasks, events and milestones due today or lined-up for future.


Jot down something personal or work related stuff instantly and save it from getting lost forever.


Get back your data easily that you may have deleted accidentally like files, tasks, time entries etc from trash.

Nathan Collier

Nathan Collier, Freelance Writer, Marketing Consultant, MBA

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I’m a full-time freelance writer. I’ll give you a few tools that make life easier for me…

Applications Wave: I use this for accounting and invoicing. It allows me to accept credit cards, checks, or cash payment and still keep track of things. If a client pays by credit card, the money is transferred to my bank in 2 business days, which is awesome. It’s also 100% free.

Paypal: Some of my clients prefer to pay by Paypal, which is fine by me. Get a business account (which is free) and you can use the built-in invoicing tool. When I get paid through Paypal, I can transfer the money to my business bank account and it shows up the next business day (although that will depend on the bank you’re using.)

The “Speech” feature on Apple Notes: You remember how your English teacher told you to “read your writing out loud” to yourself? Well, I have my computer do that for me. When I write a piece, before I send it to the client, I’ll copy and paste it from Google Docs (where I do most of my writing) to Apple Notes on my Mac. In the upper toolbar, then I’ll click the Edit dropdown, then I’ll click where it says “Speech.” I’ll then hear my piece being read to me through my headphones. I catch a lot of mistakes this way.

(By the way, if you’re on a PC, you can copy and paste content into Google Translate’s website, ignore the translation feature, but click the speaker button in the bottom right of the translate box to have Google read your work back to you.)

Free Screencast Recording for Gmail: Sometimes its easier to say what I’m thinking than to type it out. Screencast Recording is a free Chrome plugin from cloudHQ (a company I’ve done some work for and think very highly of) that adds a screencast recorder to my Gmail account.

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I can just click record, talk about what’s happening, then embed the video in an email and send it to my client. I can’t tell you how helpful this one is or how many hours its saved me creating and sending emails.

They have a whole library of tools for Gmail. I have many of them installed and use them often.

Hope that helps. If you want to know more about any specific process in my business, just leave a comment. I’ll be glad to give additional details.


Nouran Ghannam

Nouran Ghannam, Growth Marketer @ Instabug

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je donnerais Instabug a try since it provides a seamless two-way communication, between you and client. Making your life a ton easier and process much faster.

Especially now, they’ve launched something specifically for freelancers, and a plan libre too! It’s really useful if you are a freelancer/developer/programmer working with Android, iOS, Unity or Cross Platform.

Basically, you can receive bug reports and you can also get comprehensive feedback and environment snapshots. You can add “categories” to know exactly what the client wanted to report.

Vérifiez le ici: The #1 Free Tool for Freelancers Developing Awesome Apps

Freelancers, what tools do you use to make some of your processes easier?

(Disclaimer: I work for Instabug. I work hard on providing good plans for all types of different cases. For freelancers, we decided to have it for FREE. No gimmicks, no credit card required, and we explain why in the page too.)

Irvin Gill

Irvin Gill

Répondu il y a 8w

Thanks to the ever-growing field of freelancing, we can observe a massive influx of tools for freelancers which are bringing a monumental opportunity and change. Thanks to the internet, people can live and work in new and exciting ways.

The best thing about these online tools for freelancers is that they make working for yourself a little less scary. Now you can find freelance work, manage your time and your finances, and boost your productivity and client list in even more affordable, efficient ways.

That’s why I can offer you some of the best tools out there:

  • HelloBonsai
    One of the most powerful tools out there. It offers you a myriad of ways to manege your projects, time, invoices and much more. Bonsai is designed to help you do more and work less.Bonsai products have deep integration and smart automation to save you time and make sure you get paid. You focus on the work you love and they handle the rest.

Freelancers, what tools do you use to make some of your processes easier?

  • PeoplePerHour
    PPH recently announced a new SuperTasker tool for “Digital tasks, super fast!” PPH users must apply separately to become “taskers” for SuperTasker. The main PeoplePerHour site is a great place to find freelance work in design, website and app development, writing, editing, translation, marketing, social media, photo, video, and audio as well as research, accounting, and administrative jobs.

Freelancers, what tools do you use to make some of your processes easier?

  • FigureItOut
    No more time zone confusion! Enter the locations you’d like to keep track of and FIO gives you the current time in all of them, every time you open a new tab in Chrome. This super simple Chrome extension helps make sure I never miss a deadline or meeting, no matter where in the world I’m working from. I’m currently in Thailand and I regularly work with people in the Philippines, Argentina, Guatemala, Ohio, and California.

Freelancers, what tools do you use to make some of your processes easier?

  • GoodBits
    Newsletters are a great way to grow your network. They help you keep in touch with previous clients, share updates about new services you offer and more. With the Goodbits extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, it’s never been easier to curate, create, and send newsletters. It works well with MailChimp and even helps you improve your marketing efforts with in-depth analytics.
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Freelancers, what tools do you use to make some of your processes easier?

There you have it, some of my favourite tools which will definitely make your life multiple times easier. Happy trails to all freelancer ‘colleagues’.

Arielle Crane

Arielle Crane, Community and Growth Manager (2017-present)

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Being an independent worker requires a ton of organization and responsibility. Now that you’re on your own, you have your own business to run, with a ton of clients, expectations and work (the good kind!). There are so many advantages to being a freelancer in that you now have the freedom to choose the work you want to do, and are in complete control of your work and time. It’s exciting and freeing.

But to become super successful, you need to learn how to manage and operate your business. A tool like AND CO is perfect for this: AND CO - Invoicing, Time Tracking & Payments. Try it FREE!

With this app, you can create contracts for your clients, track your time, expenses, and stay on top of your invoices all in one easy to use platform. It solves so many problems you didn’t even know you had and makes your life 100x easier for you. By spending less time on these menial tasks, you spend more time on your work, aka exactly what you wanted when you decided to go freelance, I assume ��

Freelancers, what tools do you use to make some of your processes easier?

Freelancers, what tools do you use to make some of your processes easier?

Freelancers, what tools do you use to make some of your processes easier?

Freelancers, what tools do you use to make some of your processes easier?

Rachel Davey

Rachel Davey, Freelance Designer at

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Having been a freelancer for a while I have been constantly optimising the way I work to save time & money. I’d say there are 3 key processes for freelancers (besides finding work but thats a different conversation!) these are: productivity, being paid & accounts/tax.

Here are the tools for each process I have found work best:

For Productivity:
Hubstaff, a time tracking/screen shot tool. As you never know when a screenshot will be taken it stops any distractions like checking your emails or the news, giving you total laser focus. Hubstaff

For being paid:
PayPact, payment protection for freelancers. So many freelancers get paid late or not at all so its wise to use an escrow like this. Paypact

For accounts/tax:
, accounting software. Zohobooks has all the tools you need to handle your books/taxes and you can also invoice from it to be paid with Stripe. Zoho

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