Est-il prudent de faire des achats avec des cartes de débit sur Amazon?

Dani Lane

Dani Lane, travaille chez ATL Federal Credit Union

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It’s just as safe as anywhere. Which means that you data is safe, but with the warning that every merchant’s card data is safe, until someone hacks into their data.

Amazon as a merchant has a very good reputation for protecting you in the case of non-delivery or goods that weren’t what you expected. But when you use your card, that information is now “out there.” We just hope that Amazon, as an internet retailer, takes online data security more seriously than, say, your local retailer like TJ Maxx, Target, Menards, Wendys, etc.

Parth Chakraborty

Parth Chakraborty, Fonctionne sur (2015-present)

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Its extremely safe. Amazon will refund every single penny if you find any issue in the product you received.

Sellers on amazon loves prepaid orders. As they are constantly harrased by fraud c.o.d order. A prepaid order marks thats you are a genuine buyer.

Its not a matter of gain or loss, its for a healthy feeling and transaction.

Nandita Sethi

Nandita Sethi, connaît l'hindi

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Yes your card details won't b shared with anyone until or unless you will save your details over there

If you will save your details then also there is no harm but it can be get hacked that's it

Jack Sullivan

Jack Sullivan, Retraité, veuf, aime les sciences, la sociologie, la philosophie

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Réponse d'origine: Is it safe to use a debit card on Amazon?

Yes, I used one last week. I received a product that didn't work, I called Amazon, they authorized the credit back to my account to which my debit card is attached, I printed out a return label and dropped it in the mail cost free to me.

To use any card on Amazon, you'll need to register it as a method of payment. Once that's done, Amazon payments are done through a secure server.

Gréeur DeBusk

Gréeur DeBusk, ancien tunnel tunnel, j'ai creusé et construit des tunnels de métro 2years (2000-2002)

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It most certainly is safe, as long as the s is on the http in the main address bar. The s in https means secure/safe. Have a wonderful day.

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