Est-il possible de pirater des données personnelles depuis un mobile via un appel téléphonique?

Chris Vithu

Chris Vithu, Intern at hSenid Mobile (2018-present)

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Not all time. That depend on the phone call if you mentioned normal call then you don’t need to worry about that but by the social engineering attack they can hack. That means if some times they will calling as banking customer officers and manipulate you then they will ask your password or pin .By the only mistake of you they can get your data’s.

In internet call(whats app,viber,Imo) some times the hacker will send some malicious link to you via email or normal text messages if you click that then one malicious app will installed in your android in that case hacker can easy get your personal data .

and other main thing if your using public WiFi hacker can easily get your data from your device, that means they hard to access your media and other stuff but they can get the data what your accessing on time in that public WiFi. Example if your GF sending her personal photos while you connecting to the public WiFi then hacker can steal that.

Then how to secure your self from these kind of attack ?

*First if you get any call and they said we are calling from….,make sure they are real one.

*Try to avoid click shorter links because most of the hackers shrink their link and send to victim hack .

*Avoid installing third party apps out of the play store.

*Don’t use public WiFi .If you want to use it then install VPN from play store that will be helping to prevent from hackers


Jonas, Indie Game Developer

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Well you can’t, but you can by sending a link via text message, by my current knowledge and understanding in computer hacking I shall teach you in some simple ways via text message.

In this method we’ll be using Social Engineering Methods, before doing so, all of the steps can be searchable in google and youtube.

First up try installing Kali Linux in your computer via Virtual Machine. Once done create a backdoor in metasploit or setoolkit. After that create a website which contain your backdoor in it, Make sure it’s legit and convincing, and try to host it on 000webhost and try making your domain on freenom, if don’t know how to make it a convincing website, try making a website that is somehow an “Open Source Application made by your Company”, and make sure try creating your own fake company and saying that it’s new.

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Second, find a website which has the service of sending SMS into someone’s phone, make sure the message is convincing and tells about your new company and giving the link of the download page of your backdoor.

If the person installs the backdoor, you have now full access of that mobile phone.

Kanokwan Werawat

Kanokwan Werawat

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Est-il possible de pirater des données personnelles depuis un mobile via un appel téléphonique?

What do I do? I am so sick of being alone. Not having someone else who can share my company. No one to go to when I’m alone or feeling down. Everyone else has had someone at one point. Felt the joy of another human’s touch. But not I. For I have yet to feel the warm embrace of the opposite sex. Still with no idea what a simple kiss is like. And yet there are others who partake in far greater bounties than I can ever imagine. Worse yet, they lack intelligence and haven’t the slightest idea what they have. They take things for granted and don’t have a care in the world. But it is all fine in the end. For there is an eternal balance to everything that happens. They may have their forbidden fruit, but it is that very thing that has poisoned their minds and made them oblivious to the truths of life. The hidden wonders that can only be learned over time. Between the two I prefer my scenario. I may miss out on wonderful bounties now, but they become available to everyone eventually. And I am very patient. Besides, by waiting just a little longer I can understand things now that will take them years to even think of. I count myself lucky. If not in society’s eye but in my eye. Because I know that in the future everything will work out for the better. Such is the way of things to always have a balance. One day I will be with that person. That one special someone to share my life and happiness with. So, what do I do? Well, I am going to wait. Not forever, but for that opportune time when I know I will be able to change everything. I will wait and endure the status quo to one day experience the balance. I have told you what I will do. Now, what will you do?

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Georgia Hernadez

Georgia Hernadez

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Jeremy Johnson

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Yes it is called social engineering. The person talking to you gets you to provide personal data to them over the phone call.

I am suspecting though that this is not what you had in mind.
You can send data over a phone line, that is what we did for many years with dial up modems. However if there is no application running to interpret this signal or telling it to do something it will be completely useless.
Theoritically of course you could create a virus in an app or through some other medium so that the phone then does execute a certain command from a phone call. But at that point you already have a virus on the phone so you would just have it send info over yoru data/wifi connection.

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