Est-ce que quelqu'un achète des choses sur AliExpress?

Javaughn Langlois

Javaughn Langlois

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I've been using Aliexpress since July. I've been purchasing twice a month, each time from different suppliers. I buy from whomever has the best price at the time I purchase.

Whenever I look to make a purchase I always check off "Assurance Plus" in the advanced search filters. This filters out the "scammers", for lack of a better catch-all word.

Secondly, I look for the number of orders the supplier has fulfilled for the specific product I am looking at. It's more of a social proof filter - the more other people buy, the more likely it's a quality product/quality supplier.

Third, I look for a supplier that has been in business on Aliexpress for at least 2-3 years.

Lastly, I always chat with the supplier and inform them of the order I am about to purchase:

ex. Hello, I am going to purchase 10 pieces, which comes out to $X including shipping. Is this the correct price for that amount?

The legit (at least from my experience) suppliers will confirm, and at that point I will continue to ask whatever questions I have as usual. The "scammers" will confirm but encourage you to pay outside of Aliexpress at a reduced price to you as it saves them from paying a percentage to Aliexpress. Not only does Aliexpress make it clear all over their site to watch out for this, but also encourages you to report these suppliers.

Because of the language barrier I have learned to ensure to be extremely specific in my questions and requests. At least from my experience, if you don't specifically ask for something, you will not get. Nothing is assumed. I know it seems like common sense, and it is, but it's funny how quickly we can get into the habit of expecting a predictable outcome. Be specific, clear, and short. No fancy words, no long sentences, and no need to explain your reasoning - just simple and to the point.

Overall, I love using Aliexpress. I've started an importing business that requires me to simply respond to a few emails a week and make some deliveries and in just 3.5 months it's generating enough income to cover 60% of my fixed monthly living expenses.

Lisa Cheng

Lisa Cheng

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Yes a lot of people shop at Aliexpress. Maybe you are wondering if it is safe to shop in there. To tell you, Aliexpress store actually gives a great deal, it’s just that you cannot trust every seller on this platform. You should do your own investigation of the seller store before transacting with them. You have to be very cautious when transacting with sellers that doesn’t have a good detailed seller rating. For more information, please read this article: Un guide pour faire des achats sécurisés sur AliExpress

Tracy Li

Tracy Li, Agent maritime en Chine chez Impoort Bridges, Co. (2004-present)

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I buy a lot from AliExpress, I think that it is a pretty good website for buying cheap items like shirts, shoes, cellphone accessories, wallets, and the etc… But they are not ideal for persons who are looking to buy expensive and authentic items. AliExpress is full of replicas of famous brands and although I say AliExpress is good just be wary that not everything is genuine or original.

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I myself have had a few problems when buying with AliExpress. Sometimes the Item I bought would break a few days later, sometimes it would look nothing like what was posted online, and sometimes there were defects in the products (loose threads on shirts or loose hinges on keyboards and mouse) but overall AliExpress is good, maybe out of every 15 purchases I encounter problematic products two to three times. Sometimes it does frustrate me especially when I am buying items that are a bit expensive than what I normally buy but what can you do, there will always be risk associated with buying cheap items online.

As someone who wants to get the best value for her money I always do my best to find a little bit of extra assurance that I can get the product in good shape and quality. That is why for the past months I have been getting the services of AliExpress Agent.

They are a drop shipping agent that can help you with your purchases on AliExpress. They have lots of services like putting your own logo on the box before directly shipping them to your customer (if you are into retailing), order consolidation, and repacking services. But what I would like to concentrate on how it has helped me as an ordinary buyer.

By simply checking the products that I bought that already is a big deal on why I get their services. They check the purchased product if it is of good and acceptable quality and they check if there are any hidden defects in the product. You can also ask them to double check the color, size, and model to make sure that you get exactly what you ordered for. This eliminates the main problem I had with AliExpress and it has really changed my online shopping experience.

And if you are someone who buys a lot on a regular basis, AliExpress Agent also offers order consolidation, this means that you get to pay only one shipping fee for all your orders if you opt to. It is not required but if you are planning to buy frequently this can be a big help.

Try it sometime, I am a shipping agent of AliExpress Agent so if you have any questions just leave a comment or just check out the website directly.

Ajay Jarhad

Ajay Jarhad, Importation de choses de la Chine depuis les dernières années 3

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Yes I know AliExpress and I bought many things from it
I have bought things from Home decor to Mobile phones, from sunglasses to watches.

AliExpress is really a trustworthy site if you are looking for small business or you are buying for personal use.
I have bought from AliExpress and sold on eBay to make some profit and it worked great.
Only demerit of that is if you want free shipping you have choose shipping method as China Air Mail or any similar to that, those services takes around 25-45 days to reach India, which is too much for an impatient person and if you want quick delivery like with a day you have to choose premium shipping services such as DHL, TNT etc but they won't leave any room for profit

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If you are planning to buy from AliExpress go ahead do not hesitate even due to some reason you did not receive your item you may open claim and get full refund(beware of purchase protection timeline if that runs out you may not able to raise a claim)

There are some tips too to buy things cheap i.e. if a watch costs 20$ on first page and you want to buy it search 7-8 more pages you will find same watch for 15-16$

If you are buying more than one item you can talk with seller on chatting software called trade manager
You can negotiate price or ask for a gift

Hope this will help you in your purchase

Anilla Watson

Anilla Watson, Coordinateur du programme en ligne sur Facebook

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Est-ce que quelqu'un achète des choses sur AliExpress?

Where and how to purchase Commercial

Much as Amazon is synonymous with web based shopping in Europe and the US, in China the prevailing player is Alibaba. The goliath, set up by previous English educator Jack Mama in 1998, represented 80% of web based retailing in China when it coasted on the New York securities exchange three years prior.

Under the Alibaba umbrella is AliExpress, propelled in 2010 and went for a universal group of onlookers. It is a commercial center where Chinese retailers work, with brands – new to numerous in England –, for example, Aun, Mi, Gimi and Teclast offering hardware close by Happy's shades and OneMix coaches. Other Chinese destinations incorporate LightintheBox, DHGate and Everbuying.

Quels sont vos droits?

Customers in the UK appreciate solid rights when purchasing products online from the EU. In any case, similar rights don't make a difference when purchasing from a merchant in China. While a few locales may offer assurances, they are not the law. For example, AliExpress guarantees a full discount if a purchaser does not get a request, or a full or incomplete discount if the thing isn't as portrayed.

Nowottny says that the constrained rights doesn't mean individuals ought not purchase from China, but rather that they ought to know about the dangers and just spend what they are set up to lose.


■ On the off chance that you are stressed that the products won't be what you need, or are defective, you may confront a weighty bill for postal returns, so just spend as much as you are set up to lose.

■ in light of the fact that the costs seem less expensive, don't naturally accept that they are less expensive than if you purchase inside the EU on more conventional destinations. After traditions, conveyance charges and cash transformations, the great give you thought you had can transform into something altogether different.

■ In the event that it looks pipe dream, be attentive. AliExpress has been attempting to handle the issue of phony great, and different destinations additionally have measures to quit forging, yet some thump offs still sneak past. Which? encourages purchasers to utilize their best senses. "Be careful about arrangements that show up pipe dream – they typically are. Try not to purchase something you know is far beneath the suggested retail value, regardless of how enticing," says a representative.

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■ Focus on measure. Asian sizes can come up substantially littler than their UK reciprocals - an "expansive" can mean diverse things in the distinctive locales.

■ Be quiet. Requests can set aside some opportunity to arrive - up to 40 days at times.

■ Be careful about things like toys and gadgets as they don't need to stick to indistinguishable guidelines from in the UK. "Products from the EU are held to certain security models. Items from somewhere else may not meet similar guidelines," says Jan Container from Residents Counsel.

■ Check the input and audits of the merchant and items. "Contact the vender to get full data and pictures on the off chance that they are not given," includes Container.


Mahesh Reddy

Mahesh Reddy

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A lot of people refer aliexpress to buy products from. You’ll probably notice right away that many of the prices are really low. There’s the possibility that you’re buying directly from a manufacturer, which reduces the cost of selling to you.

Finding a correct supplier is the big deal, as you cannot trust every seller on this platform. you can select the supplier by choosing his customer rating, feedback score and Positive Feedback Rate.

Choosing a product also a deal to buy from. You can check product reviews or customer reviews before buying.

Vous pouvez utiliser Aliexpress Escrow system. It allows you to withhold payment until you’ve received your order

Try our shopify app Dropshipmate to dropship from and many other seller sites like amazon, ebay, dhgate etc., You can import products in one-click and the app also specifies in importing the product reviews and enables Daily Auto Update Sync.

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