En plus de vendre des produits, dans quelles autres entreprises Amazon est-elle engagée?

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Amazone needs no introduction. It is widely known as US eCommerce giant and the largest Internet-based company. The business story of Amazon (Achat en ligne pour l'électronique, les vêtements, les ordinateurs, les livres, les DVD et plus) started with online bookstore, and today it has ensured its presence in other business segments that are associated video and MP3 downloading, consumer electronic products, apparel, streaming, software, video games, furniture, toys, food, toys, and jewelery.

Amazon web services in India provide consumer electronic products, cloud computing, entertainment and payment services.

En plus de vendre des produits, dans quelles autres entreprises Amazon est-elle engagée?

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Companies owned by Amazon:

En plus de vendre des produits, dans quelles autres entreprises Amazon est-elle engagée?

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Just about every avenue for making money and to serve every need that someone would need. Food delivered to your house, Reading material via physical material, electronic media to eReaders, household goods, clothing, hardware, any other retail items, Any electronics needed, Digital media, CD’s, MP3, Games, Art, Videos, Movies, Amazon Produced movies, Web Services, Cloud storage, Computers, Software, Software development services, Donations, Local deals for where you live, Wireless services, In Flight Internet Service, Customer Service for Maintenance and Repair, and all delivered within 2 days! Anything else you need just ask they will probably find a way to provide it. They will soon be selling houses from Amazon as that is just about the only thing they don’t sell right now.

En plus de vendre des produits, dans quelles autres entreprises Amazon est-elle engagée?

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Apart from all the physical item sold, Amazon also sells SAS(Software as a service), they have data centers around the world(and considering one to open in India) i.e AWS - Amazon Web Services(Which are used by companies such as Dropbox,Box and even the United States Government).

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They have their non-public A9 search which Google has confessed that it's a threat to them. E-Book readers,Phones,Tablets etc.

To sum it up Amazon is an E-Commerce and Software Company.

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Amazon has quite the colossal business. Their nets are cast wide. I'll list some of the areas they are involved in, and inherently some of them will overlap with "selling things."

Everyone knows that Amazon.com is a massive shopping mall, but what else do they do that people may not know?

Ecommerce and Selling Things
Business units or products that are very closely related to Amazon's core ecommerce offering but add value in other ways.

  • Les bases de l'Amazonie - Amazon now private labels basic electronic accessories like cables and media.
  • Amazon Warehouse Deals - Deals on open box and refurbished items.
  • Amazon Fresh - Widely known as their foray into groceries, they are also using Amazon Fresh for same day delivery of non-food and Amazon.com items.
  • My Habit - Limited time offerings on designer brands.
  • Quidsi - Niche ecommerce holidings such as Diapers.com, Soap.com, Wag.com, Yoyo.com, BeautyBar.com, etc.
  • Zappos - Shoes, clothing, and accessories site with awesome customer service, priced at a premium.
  • Amazon Textbook Rentals - Amazon has gotten into the rental market, eye-ing the massive amount of money in the educational textbook space.
  • Woot - Daily deals.
  • Amazon Payments - Accept online payments from anyone with an Amazon account and instantly get trust / credibility.
  • A9 - Not quite sure where to put this as I believe A9 builds search and advertising technology purely for Amazon alone and no outside entities.

Platforms / Tech
Business units or products that exist and are enabled due to Amazon's scale and/or learnings from other business units.

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) - Cloud computing services for other companies to build their infrastructure on. Who uses AWS? The better question is who doesn't... but... companies like Netflix, Dropbox, Reddit, etc.
  • Réalisation par Amazon - Amazon knows that they have an amazing supply chain and optimal warehousing, so they have packaged this as a service to increase their margins, give the end consumer a better experience, and let the merchant focus on what they do best.
  • Amazon Lockers - Again, Amazon wants to give the best customer experience possible so they have installed lockers throughout the world where customers can get their items shipped.
  • Systèmes de Kiva - Get Amazon level automated order handling.
  • Alexa - Analytics for your website.
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Contenu digital
Business units or products that exist to both make money off of content as well as enhance the value of Amazon devices due to tight integrations. Most of these services below get added benefit, if not all of the benefit, from Amazon Prime.

  • Amazon Cloud Drive - A competitor to Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, etc, but with tight integrations to other Amazon products and services.
  • Amazon Cloud Player - A competitor to Spotify, Rdio, etc.
  • Amazon MP3 - A competitor to the iTunes store.
  • Audible.com - Monthly subscription for audio books as well as one off audio book purchases.
  • Amazon Instant Video - A competitor to Netflix, Hulu, etc.
  • Kindle Self Publishing - Lowering the barrier to entry for content writers to get a book published and sale-able.
  • Amazon Software - Ability to purchase and download software from one place instead of having to go to the vendor specific sites.
  • Amazon Kindle Store (and Kindle) - Both hardware manufacturing to make the Kindle device as well as creating a massive e-book repository
  • Amazon App Store (and Fire) - Both hardware manufacturing to make the Fire device as well as creating the Amazon Android branch and their own app store.
  • Studios Amazon - An online movie studio.
  • Examen de la photographie numérique - A review site for digital cameras that is owned by Amazon.
  • IMDb - A database of movies, tv shows, actors and actresses, etc.
  • Askville - Question and answer, much like Yahoo Answers.

This list is no where close to exhaustive, but will at least give you an idea of the many areas Amazon operates.

Here is an older infographic of Amazon's acquisitions up until 2009.

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En plus de vendre des produits, dans quelles autres entreprises Amazon est-elle engagée?

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I would say, the DNA of the company is and would always be solving the different problems in the customer purchase lifecycle so that the products and be delivered quickly and at cheaper prices. As and when they figure out a solution to a problem, they try to spin it off as a business model by itself. Be it AWS, Fulfillment by amazon, amazon video or amazon devices...

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THE AWS! Amazon web services.

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