Échanger de l'argent Skrill ou Neteller avec exchangepurse.com est-il sécurisé?

Mahasha Lupis

Mahasha Lupis, Graphic Designer chez Peter Lonard (2014-present)

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Exchange Purse Review

So today we will talk about Exchangepurse.com.

GOOD or BAD? Lire l'article complet.

Et c'est parti,

exchangepurse.com is digital currency exchange service provider in the world owned by very known company OnePlus Solution Inc.. They provide exchange service for digital currency like Perfect money, Skrill, Neteller, Payza, PayPal, Solid Trust Pay, Webmoney, Perfect Money and much more. This company is registered under United States Law. They are officially certified by perfectmoney.com, Your All-In-One Payment Solution, payUmoney, Paxum. Pay with ease., et Bitcoin Block Explorer - Blockchain. They are operating since 2007 as the oldest currency exchange company. They are managed by the professional team with more than 4–5 years experiences. They have a talented and experienced team working with them. Their main focus is customer satisfaction. They want to give their best in each thing that matters. They also support withdrawal operations with VISA/Master card/Credit cards and UPI payment system.

They Support instant Banks Transfer to Buy and sell digital currency. Instant Payment on “N” number of Bank which is the great advantage for their clients. They provide support by email, call, hang out and live chats. They are providing very affordable price and discount for exchange digital currency. All of their orders can be done within 40 minutes generally and maximum 24 hours.

This is my personal feedback for this company I’m sharing. As I have also tried their services just for check their professionalism.

Hope this thing can help you.

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La source: Exchange Purse Review – OnePlus Solution Inc. – Medium



Répondu il y a 58w

I guess People here will never understand, But yes it is very safe to transact with them because I have exchanged my 48000$ with them and have received within an hour, who else is providing this facilities, I know they have there MOQ but this is just to stop maximum number of transaction. Now you’ll say why I’ve hide my Identity, for-sure I’ll be in trouble if I disclosed my Identity. So as per my point of view they are my hero because I was not able to withdraw this much of amount through Skrill on a single go, Ofcurse without any question.


Rayia Jalanea

Rayia Jalanea, travaille dans les forces armées russes (2016-present)

Répondu il y a 29w

Un grand OUI, because I’m already a regular customer of Exchange Purse. And this is why I can say this.

Adalene Fontaine

Adalene Fontaine, knows French

Répondu il y a 17w

Merci de me poser cette question.

Je suis un client régulier de bourse d'échange. Par conséquent, je n'ai pas encore trouvé de problème, car j'ai échangé environ 20000 $ jusqu'à maintenant et j'utilise leur service depuis 2013.

Donc, par moi, ils sont la meilleure société d'échange. Faites-leur confiance.

Merci bourse Exchange aussi.

Friedrich Weber

Friedrich Weber, Organisateur de terrain chez Siemens (2013-present)

Répondu il y a 15w

Exchangepurse is very trustworthy, Also very popular for their services the main reason to use their services is:-

  1. They have very nominal fee: If we talk about charges to exchange USD to EURO, trust me they will never charge you for forex exchange that mean if you exchange 75$ with them you will get 73.5$ worth of money because they will charge only 1.5% of the whole amount.
  2. Time to exchange is very less: Most of the exchanger takes 24hr to 48hr. Hence here they assured you the time frame of 40 minutes maximum.
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I don’t think people need anything more to use their services. They are simply best.

Deepesh Jain

Deepesh Jain, a étudié à Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

Répondu il y a 13w

Yes #exchangepurse is best in currency exchange business though they are working since 2007 and has awarded 55th GLMIC AWARD.

Exchange Purse has also earn a good reputation around the globe.

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