Does guest posting for backlinks really work?

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How to Ethically Approach Guest Blogging

The most important thing to remember when creating content for other sites is that you are doing it for more than a link. You are aiming to éduquer et add value to your target audience. That should be the primary objective of guest blogging. A link back and any clicks from the blog to your site should be secondary. Taking this approach will help keep you in the realms of ethical practice and within Google’s guidelines. I mean, why would you want to contribute a quality guest blog to a terrible site that doesn’t receive any traffic?

Here are a few tips to help keep you on the straight and narrow with guest blogging.

1. Only Write for Trustworthy and Relevant Sites

On the surface, look for sites that are easy to use, with lots of well-written content already on them. It’s also important to look under the hood before submitting a guest post: think traffic, links, and visibility.

In addition to the above, make sure that the sites you write for focus on a similar topic or industry to yours. This will ensure relevance and means that you’re also reaching the right audience with your content.

So, where can you find quality guest blogging opportunities? The first point of call is your page one competitors. Use backlink auditor tools such as Ahrefs to identify links from guest blogs that have contributed to helping them climb to page one of Google. From there, use Google search operators such as keyword “contribute” and use Buzzstream’s prospecting tool to scan for opportunities.

2. Only Write for Sites Where Content Is Curated

This could fall under the point above, but it’s important enough to warrant its own. Much like adding listings to online directories, make sure that humans moderate guest blog content. If websites allow you to upload content with no questions asked, that’s a big red flag. Only write for websites where you know content is carefully reviewed before publication, to ensure it’s quality. Look out for clearly displayed contact details too, as this is a good indication that the business is legitimate.

3. Don’t Abuse Anchor Text

Avoid using exact match keywords as your anchor text for every link you get from guest posts. While anchor text still has a direct influence on rankings, it’s important to maintain a natural and varied anchor text profile from external links.

For example, if you’ve relied on guest blogging too much and this has resulted in a high proportion of exact match anchor text such as “paint suppliers”, you could be in trouble. Use tools such as Ahrefs and SEMrush to get a handle on your anchor text profile and maintain a balanced anchor text ratio of a combination of branded and commercial.

4. Don’t Keyword Stuff and Keep Your Audience in Mind

Write for people, not search engine bots! Set out to provide truly useful information to readers. This also means Google won’t see your content as unnatural and written specifically to dodge their guidelines.

5. Don’t Mass Produce, and Repurpose Content with Caution

Google’s warning in 2017 specifically targeted large-scale article campaigns. This ties in with a spammy tactic called article spinning. This process involves tweaking and editing parts of a post in an effort to have it published on multiple sites. While repurposing content you have written previously for a different audience is fine, it’s not to take that piece of content and rewrite it over, and over again. It’s safer and likely to get you sustainable results if you write original guest blog content that adds value to your target audience.

6. Use Guest Blogging as One Piece of Your Link Building Strategy

Google looks at the quality of links you have pointing to your site as an indicator of trust. Your link profile could end up looking unnatural in the eyes of Google if all your links are from guest blogs. So, be sure to take a diverse approach to build links. There are countless link building techniques you can take up, in addition to guest blogging and editorial, including:

  • Earn your links with rich content pieces such as infographics, interactive tools, guides, eBooks, whitepapers, quizzes, calendarsLink reclamation through native and competitor broken links, and brand mentionsResearch your competitors: where have they obtained quality links? Sponsor local sports teamsRun a competitionSuppliers and partners offer discounts and offersContribute to charitiesAttend eventsHigh-quality online directories: both national and industry-specific

Broaden your horizons and don’t let guest blogging become the beginning and the end of your link building activity.

So, Is Guest Blogging Still Good for SEO?

In short, the answer is yes. Guest blogging within Google’s guidelines is still good for SEO. Publishing useful content on high quality, relevant websites can benefit your search engine rankings greatly, and ultimately bring more traffic to your site.

Get guest posting websites with high authority, cliquez ici.

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Blogs invités in most of the cases is used with the main intention - obtenir des backlinks to your blog / website. And that`s really still working good!

Obviously, you know that backlinks are #1 signal for Google to rank a page on it’s SERP.

Writing and submitting articles on a highly -relevant and high quality blogs by pitching answers to the blogger is interested in your post or submitting articles by itself is also a good idea of how to do it. Also, there are a new not traditional way of how to make guest posting to

save up to 85%of Your Time When Guest Posting

Do you want to get results, like at this picture below?

Does guest posting for backlinks really work?

Guest Posting Tutorial & How To Guest Blog 3x Faster

1. Find websites to publish guest posts on

Your initial step as a guest blogger will be to find websites that are the most appropriate to your business and your current needs.

What you are looking for is relevancy, so the platforms you will publish your posts on have to be from your business field. Keyword search will help you find them.

Think about a few keywords of the topic you want to write about, and use Google to find sites that accept guest posts. It would look like this:

  • “[keyword]” + “guest posts”
  • “[keyword]” + “guest articles”
  • “[keyword]” + “contribute”
  • “[keyword]” + “submit a post”

As a result of this search you will get a list of possible guest posting opportunities:

Does guest posting for backlinks really work?

The other way to go is to analyze backlinks of your competitors. You probably know a few competition in your niche, so inspect their sites, and see who links back to them. You can use the Backlink Report by ScanBacklinks to identify the referring domains of your competitors’ sites.

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Does guest posting for backlinks really work?

Of course, not all of them are going to be the guest articles backlinks. But if you follow those links, you’ll get to see that a lot of them are, in fact, guest posts.

The next stage of making your guest blogging opportunities list will be to apply the metrics and find the options that will be the most beneficial and promising to you. The essential metrics you should look at are DA and PA parameters - the metrics of site’s quality. Once again, you can go to ScanBacklinks and check the DA and PAof every site on your list.

Now it’s time to sort the results to see the most influential platforms.

Does guest posting for backlinks really work?

Gardez à l'esprit cependant que DA and PA don’t give you the full picture of a site’s quality.Domain age, number of indexed pages, content quality, amount of traffic coming to the site, spam rate - only having analysed all these parameters you can be sure of choosing the most appropriate site. You can make your guest posts even more useful for your business by targeting a specific country and finding sites in the language you need.

How to do it faster with Adsy?

As you can see, even the first stage of guest blogging requires a lot of your time and involvement. But it doesn't have to be like this. At Adsy we are doing our best to simplify this process by taking a huge part of those actions off your shoulders.

This way, you select filters corresponding to the main metrics in Adsy inventory instead of looking for websites all over the internet and sorting them.

Choose your business category, sort publishers according to DA and PA metrics, and save time viewing the most relevant sites.

Does guest posting for backlinks really work?

Publishers to Adsy inventory are approved manually, after a series of quality checks to ensure that you get to choose from the best options available for your category and your country.

2. Contact site/blog owners, make sure they collaborate on guest posts publishing

Even if you’ve found guest post examples published on the sites from your list, you still need to make sure they are ready to cooperate, and find out the terms they work on. Prepare a template letter that you will send to the site owners. In this letter you may share your ideas on the topic of the guest posts or link to some of the guest posts you’ve written previously, if you have.

It would be nice to read some of the posts that are already published on the site, and express your genuine opinion on some of them. This is not just a common courtesy, but also a way to show that you know what to write for your guest post to be relevant and useful to the publisher’s audience.

Generally, your email would look like this:

Does guest posting for backlinks really work?

Don’t expect the 100% response rate. In best case only 15-29% of the site owners will write you back, and there’s always a chance they will refuse.

If they do agree, you will still need to spend some time working on the terms of your work together.

How to do it faster with Adsy?

With Adsy this step ceases to exist for you, as after you apply the necessary filters you get a list of publishers ready to cooperate. You don’t need to write emails to site owners and make sure they agree to publish your content.

Publishers listed in Adsy inventory have joined the platform to make their sites available, so convincing them to work together is not an issue for you anymore.

3. Negotiations - discuss the format and price

Some sites have directives d'affichage des invités they will want you to follow when writing and submitting your articles. Ask whether your publisher has some, and remember to stick to them in the course of your writing.

Be prepared that to keep the style and tone of their blog concise some publishers only write content by themselves. In this case you will need to clearly convey your expectations and requirements to the post.

Then, there’s a question of price, that you would want to discuss before writing anything. Go back to the metrics you’ve got from the previous step not to overpay for a post and backlinks from a low DA/PA site.

Adsy team has created a post that helps make a price estimate by assessing any publisher’s site. It initially aimed at publishers, but it still can be useful for you, as you’ll know how website owners usually set prices for their guest blogging work.

How to do it faster with Adsy?

In Adsy inventory you get to see the price for the service you choose at once, right after you've selected the content type.

As we said, there are two task types - content placement and content creation and placement. But that’s not all. Depending on your needs, you can order mini-post, article or long article when you choose content creation and placement. The prices change as soon as you select a different service type. It means no more unpleasant surprises or long email threads to bargain.

4. Research a topic, create content if you don’t have a written piece yet

Now is the most crucial stage of your work, as you need to write a guest post that will blow the readers’ mind. We’ve already given some tips on creating content that is received well by your audience, you can check it if you feel uneasy looking at a blank page on your screen. Once again, keep in mind guest posting guidelines if the site owner has specified them. This way you’ll avoid rewriting and resubmitting content that doesn’t meet the requirements.

If you are not ready to create any content, and the publisher doesn’t agree to do it either, you’ll need to find a freelancer who can do it for you. Once again, be very clear when expressing your expectations. Discuss all the deadlines with both, your content writer and publisher, to avoid breaking arrangements with publisher and putting off the delivery of you guest post.

How to do it faster with Adsy?

Do you have content? Great! Publishers will place it on their sites. Do you struggle with writing an engaging piece of content and relating it to your business, or writing anything at all? 78% of publishers in Adsy inventory are willing to create content by themselves and post it.

Switch between the tabs, and here they are - content writers who know their audience, know how to talk to and convince them. You can be sure they will convey the message about your business in the most professional way.

Does guest posting for backlinks really work?

5. Payment.

Finally, after your post has been accepted and published, you need to remunerate the site owner. Be ready that sometimes they may ask you to cover commissions and extra fees for them, or will charge you by invoice to keep their taxes in order. In some cases publishers may ask for an advance payment or a full prepayment.

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How to do it faster with Adsy?

Well, you can as well forget about any payment issues, unexpected problems, invoices, or your bank commissions. We’ll solve any questions with publishers if there any, and you only have to top up your balance.

Even more, Adsy has a support team that carefully reviews each question you ask. Feeling insecure, afraid of making a wrong move, or anything? Contact us, and we'll make all your guest posting issues go away.

Guest posting doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task for you. This is only one part (though important and powerful) of your business promotion, and it shouldn’t take all your energy. We are happy to save your precious time, and allow you to generate business ideas and boost your income.

If Guest Posting seems for you unreasonable - another way to get backlinks on your website - just to buy backlinks.

But, on my opinion I would recommend you better to invest in content with backlinks, that in backlinks with a piece of content. Anyway, choose, what suits for you better.

The link on a trustworthy link building service I leave here.

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Does guest posting for backlinks really work?

If you have any questions - you are free to contact me here or via e-mail: [email protected]

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I have tried everything and I can tell you for sure that I know what works and what does not. I know from personal experience: guest posting for backlinks really works!

Getting to write like a madman does not make sense because you lack strategy. You do not know why you write, who you address or what content to create. You are betting on the lottery to see if at some point of pure luck you touch.

The Main Advantages of Guest Posting:

  • Subscribers: Qualified traffic is equal to leads. If your guest article has been good (and always should be), the reader may not hesitate to enter your blog to see what other content you offer.
  • Links: If you want to climb Google, you need to be linked. If you want to gain authority in your segment, you need links. If you want traffic from other blogs, guess what? You need links. A guest post can be a simple way to get a high quality link to your blog.
  • Personal brand: The normal thing is that you look for blogs that have a bigger audience than yours and, therefore, also an authority. Appearing in those blogs could make the public link you with the blogger's brand and grant you a credibility.
  • Networking: Doing Invité affichage is a way to do networking. You are interacting with other people in your sector to establish a collaboration. Who knows if some other project or even a job arises from here?

Does guest posting for backlinks really work?

Where to Find Guest Posting Opportunities?

1. Google Search

This is of course it is the first place where one should search. Start with searches like "blog (your sector)", "best blogs (your sector)", "blogs (your sector)", "bloggers (your sector)" or "guest posts (your sector)".

2. Visit Other Sites in Your Sector

On many pages they accept invited bloggers. You just have to take a look around these sites that are references in your specialty and see who invites you to write.

Be attentive to the menu or some widget of the sidebar that puts something of the style: "write for us", "upload your article", "guest author" or any other equivalent. In addition, it is most likely that there you find the rules for the guest author, which will facilitate the work.

3 How to Tell Them Apart?

There are several criteria to consider.

Traffic: You must search for blogs with more traffic than yours. To do so you can use the free version of SEMrush. Another indicator that can give you a reference of your traffic (although in this case we are seeing the authority), are the references that the Moz Bar gives you ( a free extension for the browser ).

Participation : It’s a very important issue, traffic is not everything. Check the volume of comments that are on a regular basis in each post. If the community of that blog is very active, you are guaranteed an extra point. It is also interesting that you take a look at the activity of their social networks. Do not stay alone with your number of followers, but if your publications are shared.

Type of Audience: You have to look for blogs that share an audience similar to yours. For example, I could write a post on a blog from a blogger mom and offer her a collaboration entitled: "The only business plan you need if you are a mommy blogger". I am sure that this topic would interest your audience and I would also be talking about something that is related to my activity. As you are seeing, I am making a custom proposal.

Does guest posting for backlinks really work?

How to Prepare For a Guest Post Campaign?

1. Study the Blogger

The first thing is to do the homework. That is to say, to examine in depth the blog in which we want to participate. You have to look at the following points:

Editorial line: Thoroughly review all the posts that have been published on your target blog. I am sure there is a topic that has not been touched or a new point of view for an article. If you think you can come and say, "I want to make a guest post on your blog about anything!", You 're on the wrong track.

Comments: The important thing about a blog is its audience, not the blogger. That's why this point is very important. Review the comments of the posts looking for interesting questions or comments about which you can make a proposal.

About Me: Check this section of your blog to see their tastes and their own history. If you have something in common it will be useful to look for a connection point.

Newsletter: Be attentive to their latest news. Promos, products, events, etc. All this information can be useful at any given time.

2. Topic

Before making a proposal to any blogger, especially when you talk to the most popular, you have to do some field work.

Getting that first guest post is the most difficult, so you have to make a proposal that they can not refuse. Follow the next steps:

Study the popular content of your market: there is always one topic more popular than another. You must know them well to know what readers are looking for at that moment. Although also be careful, if you choose a subject that you do not master, at the time of writing the post you are going to sweat ink so that something decent comes out. Do not get too involved.

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Put yourself in the shoes of the ideal reader of your objective blog: study what their needs are and the problems that prevent them from sleeping every night. In the same way you write for THAT person in your blog, the same thing you will have to do in the others.

Check the most popular posts of that blog and analyze why they succeed: a post can succeed for different reasons. Perhaps it is an article that addresses a topic with greater depth than others. It can also be that it has videos and that influences that it is better understood. The motivating stories in which the blogger tells a more personal topic work very well too. The idea is to analyze what has been most successful so you can replicate that strategy with your guest article.

3. Pitch

Well, you already have the chosen topic, now it's time to write to the influencer to tell them that you are interested in writing on their blog. I suggest 2 things when it comes to posing: be nice and go to the point without stuffing around.

Bloggers do not have time and they do have thousands of things to read. I will give you an example of an email that you could send.

Hello *****:

My name is (your name) and I am the editor of (name of your blog), a blog about (niche). In the blog I try to give practical advice for (ideal reader) in order to (benefit that you contribute, to what helps). Here is the link if you want to take a look.

I've been blogging for a while, and I especially loved the post you talked about (mention a post on the target blog). In fact, I do not know if you will remember me, but I left you a comment telling you (so, if you did not place yourself first, now it will be safe, and if not, you will look at the comment).

Well, I imagine you are very busy, but I'm writing to you because I wanted to propose that you publish a guest post on your website and mention my blog. Here are my ideas:

Title of the post: this topic you have treated in your blog in "this" and "this other" occasion, but I have seen that you have never talked about "this" in particular. I think it would complement these 2 posts perfectly. In addition, it is a topic that always generates many comments.

Title of the post: the same as before, you explain why you find it interesting to talk about this in your blog. If you also know something about SEO and have located a keyword that has not positioned, better than better.

Let me know what you think of my proposal. We can even do a Skype to talk about it faster.


Votre nom

4: Writing The Post

All the recommendations you have read about writing a good post, is not only that you have to apply when you do guest posting, but you have to go further.

All content must be unique and original. You must never have used it before. Do not ever copy anything you see on the Internet. First of all because it is wrong and you would be stealing the work of others. Second, what do you want to do guest posting for if you are not able to write content? And third, because Google would detect that the content is duplicated and penalize the blogger.

  • Longueur: I insist, a guest post is not a normal piece of content, you have to offer the best of you. In many cases, the blogger will require a minimum amount of words (about 2,000 words), but the important thing is that you approach the subject well and explain everything necessary for the reader to be happy.
  • Interne Liens: Link in your post to all the content of the blog that you can. This will improve your targets on-page SEO and you will give a good image as you will show that you know the editorial line of the blog.
  • Liens externes: Link out to an authoritative source for SEO purposes and link to your on blog in the post.

5: After Publication

  • Commentaires: Of course, you have to be attentive to all the comments that arrive at the post and answer them as soon as possible. This is an important point because you are going to relate to the blogger's audience. You will talk to your community (the one you want to attract to your blog), bring all the value you can in the comments to make a good image.

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Now a days, Guest Posting is the authority way to create backlinks, It’s really work if you can do real outreach. It will pass you lot’s of juice as well as visitors.

Now Google loves backlinks with visitor, So if you can bring visitor from a authority website, your website will also mark as authority website.

Is Guest Blogging for Backlinks Immoral?

You’ve probably read a lot of articles about guest blogging and since the trend with guest blogging now is to write guest posts to gain backlinks, a lot of these articles come to the conclusion that guest blogging for backlinks is bad.

In other words, they come to a very important AND right conclusion but they come to it in the wrong way.

This conclusion is usually that guest posts should be written only to contribute value (which is right) and as a result guest blogging for backlinks is immoral (which is wrong).

The notion of guest blogging for backlinks isn’t bad, here’s why:

Whether you’re gue

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