Does anyone know about QNET, the network marketing company? Is it good to join that business?

Brajesh Kumar

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Ok .. so finally you are here.

Doing all the research about this company, probably going through all those high ranked google results and few testimonials. confused !! ..haha…

If you have already came across Qnet business plan , that financial stuff … you would be thinking is this really possible?? Seriously can someone make that much money !! Money to buy Jaguar in 4–5 year of business !! Money to afford a 3BHK apartment in posh location of metro city !! and in long run having enough money to be classified under financially free !!

One thing that you should keep in mind that, this is not something that will give you money overnight. Its not get quick rich scheme. There will never be a week when even if, you and your team don't work and you will earn money for that. You have to put your effort in, get your team involved to reach your goal and hence letting your team individual to achieve their goal. Its not about running alone its about walking together.

If you wants to start this network marketing journey and if your goal is only to earn some decent amount of money. you might end up hurting/cheating someone for your benefit, which is absolutely wrong. Start this journey for a better and beautiful cause to bring +ve change in your and others life because this business has that potential. period.

Coming to the question, there are two things

1. Network marketing aka Direct selling aka multi level marketing

2. MLM company such as Qnet.

There are enough material, both -ve and +ve on network marketing over internet. You can go through that. In India context, what is its future?? you can understand this by FICCI KPMG report that this "INR 80 billion market which has grown at CAGR of over 13 percent in last 5 year and is expected to reach INR 645 billion till 2025". This is the market growing with double digit. Bright future ahead.

In Many countries across the world this market is regulated and hence well organised. In India there was no legislation on this till Sept 2016.

on 12 sept 2016, Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution issued guiding principles for State Governments to regulate the business of Direct Selling ("DS") and Multi-Level Marketing ("MLM"). I request every one who is looking forward to start MLM journey go through this. It has clearly distinguished MLM with Payramid scheme.

Model Guidelines on Direct Selling

Before this regulation, all cases were filed on basis of Sections 3, 5 and 6 of 1978 act, Prize Chits and Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act under which Multi Level Marketing was described as cognizable offence along with money circulation and pyramid scheme.

Does anyone know about QNET, the network marketing company? Is it good to join that business?

( A snippet from May 2016 order of Bombay HC. you can clearly see how money circulation, multilevel marketing and pyramid scheme is being used co related which was distinguished by GOI in Sept 2016 guideline.)

In India one of the irony is that, the moment Police take any one in custody he or she is considered as criminal by society and media ir respective that whether he or she is being find guilty in court or not.

All these people who have narrated experience and profoundly added word scam as suffix with Qnet will tell you what has happened in 2010,2013,2015,2016 how arrest were made but they won't tell you about all that happened, because of lack of legislation and they won't tell you about Feb 17 Karnataka HC verdict neither about Hon’ble Supreme Court decision in 17 mars.

"Supreme Court ruled that the model adopted by the company is not a money circulation scheme and does not fall under the purview of the Prize Chits and Money Circulation (Banning) Act 1978."

"Order gives relief as there won't be any more FIRs concerning QNet. The company's business operations won't suffer anymore."

clearly company is adhered to rules set up as per Direct selling guideline that include being registered as legal entity under the laws of India, 30 days return policy, full refund or buy-back guarantee to every direct seller ..etc

No more FIRs against Michael Ferreira in QNet case as SC rejects vacation plea filed by Maharashtra

Don't go by opinions of others because that is generated from his/her experience. You are not Him/her. You are you and you are not looser as others were.

Now coming to the fact that Is whatever IRs are doing under the banner of Qnet or any other MLM company is right ? Are everyone following legitimate way of doing business?

Answer is no. Just like any other sector.

It is impossible to monitor that what any IR dictates to any one by deviating from company policy. Even company is aware about that. So from time to time, in training and through videos from top mgmt they keep spreading information and awareness on legality and ethics. Unethical practices can never lead to long term prosperity. You might earn few quick buck but what you will left behind will defame and poisoned the industry and life of people. IRs are being issued set of guidelines, they must follow that but not everyone is following. You can't blame company entirely for that.

During my days at one of the top IT Company, one of my colleague had accidentally dropped a table from PROD environment for that, company had paid hefty amount to client. Yes, company suffered but that didn't stop the same client renewing next 3 year contract.

Yes, they will follow set of predefined approach while inviting you for business plan. Someone might had cautioned you but that doesn't make their intentions wrong. He is inviting you because he came across something sparkling and wants to share journey with you. If you like ..Bingo !! lets rock the world together !! if not Thanks. He will be there for you just like old days. Don't spoil relation because of that.

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I think everyone should watch Vivek bindra's video on MLM and obviously important things to consider while starting your MLM journey

1. Reputation of company( must be at least 5 year old company)

2. Products and its demand in market, targeted customer base

3. Compensation plan

4. Up lines ( people who will mentor you, up in hierarchy and who will be with you in your MLM journey to achieve you success and reach your goal.)

If You feel to get started in this amazing journey of direct selling which has helped many to make residual income for long lasting prosperity and wealth creation. Its the time you should ride. please furnish your details here.

Coordonnées << Fill IT

I would be glad to have a visionary partner.

Chitra Passi

Chitra Passi, #Interior Designer

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I would like to share my experience and recommend everyone not to get in this so called life changing trap.

So here it was all started, my closest friend & her sister who are into Q net since last one year never discussed anything about this and were saying that they were into some e-commerce business and doing very well. Their lifestyle, Whats App status, fb posts etc. made me go curious to ask what all were they doing…

My friend never ever discussed anything about Q net even after asking for so many times. Then, one day she asked me to meet her sister& discuss about the same.

12th, May, 2016. Dwarka, New Delhi

She invited me to CCD and we had a conversation.

Me: So what this business is all about? What all you guys are doing?

She: There is one big e-commerce project on which we are working.

Me: Is there any investment or any chain system in this?

She: There is nothing like that, we just need to increase the footprints on the portal and we have to work hard. Even if you will put 2%effort of your normal 10 to 6 job hrs. You will be earning in lacs.

We will conduct a meeting with you where I and my senior (up line) would be able to explain you better.

13th, May, 2016. Noida sec-18, UP

Meeting was held in Burbee’s café. Where I went along with my brother.

She: Guys, the man (senior) is about to come. He is into this business since 4 yrs and doing very well, has 2 big German cars. He was an IT head before coming into this and he left his job just because of this business. He is very down to earth blah blah blah

So, listen to him very carefully, keep your phones on silent, don’t interrupt in between and whatever the doubts you will have, ask after he is done.

So, the man with his big MERCEDES arrives. He introduced himself as Amit Kumar.

He started: The name of the co. is Q net based out of Hong Kong. It’s an online portal and you have to increase the footprints. We work as a team. This business is all about trust. Proper training would be given and till the time you will get to know how to work, your up line arethere to help you, to work for you. You have to invest 2.5 lacs to 10 lacs and within a week you will start getting cheques. We people get our funds transferred every Tuesday 3:30PM, which never gets delayed.

Our Question: How to increase the footprints? Do we need to get members?

He: Member also but there is an online work. You have to give time at least 20 hrs per week on training, reading books etc.

Meeting over.

We came back and researched about Q net and found 2-3 reviews about the Q netscam and we made our mind that we are not going to invest in it.

14th, May, 2016

My friend’s sister called up to ask what have you decided??

I: I have seen some reviews about this so what do u say now?

She: Which company is not having bad reviews on internet??If this co. is a scam then why it hasn’t banned yet…

Why are we doing this if it’s a scam? Don’t you trust us?Will we fool someone who is that close to us? She started clarifying and managed to convince me by saying that I will send you the links saying good things about Q net.


She: With a big smile I’m sure. I need to freeze your position and that has to be ASAP. Kindly send me token amount so that I can do that.

I: Transferred Rs. 80,000 the very moment. Rest I will transfer in 2-3 days.

Transferred Rs. 1, 70,000 on 16th, May, 2016. So,the total was Rs. 2.5 lacs

I got the mail of purchase receipt of some travel package worth Rs. 2, 28,975. I had no idea where my balance amount gone i.e. Rs. 21,025.

17th May, 2016.

She: We have to go for the training at lajpat nagar.

Nous sommes allés

They called that a training which actually is a gathering of people in 2-3 groups in different café’s or restaurants.

Somewhere, I had a gut feeling that something is going wrong.

There I had some stupid sessions as per their so called process. While understanding their financials I got to know (which was very disappointing) that I have to get minimum two members to get my income starts,which means two more people (family members) have to invest in lacs.

Session was followed by the training which took place at any random computer or any other institute. Training was actually a bunch of people discussing about what happen when they approach someone, they were basically sharing their experience which they call a training.

18th May, 2016.

They called for further sessions of fooling me. I didn’t went.

We (me and my bro), again researched more on this. And, we realized that we made a mistake by trusting my friend and her sister.

19e mai, 2016

After, our research we got to know that we can only send cancellation request within the 7 days of purchase. And even without telling them(my friend and her sister), we sent the cancellation request to concerned authority ([email protected]).

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And we realized,

# My friend never discussed that what she is doing because they were taught not to tell anyone. Just a way to create curiosity as they teach in their sessions.

# We were told that you are getting product of what you are paying. Ideally if we are spending a single rupee on something then, it should be of our choice. But I got to know this later that there are different portals as per the country and in India they don’t have jewelry as their product which I was thinking to buy. Even my friend’s sister didn’t asked me once that from your money I am going to purchase this.

# They target youngsters. Play with emotions by saying that this is a business of trust (no legal documentations or proof, even the amount we had to transfer to our up line).

# They are the big manipulators. This Q net is all about getting members. Chain system.

# This business starts from 25k but these people have made their own terms & conditions of investing in lacs just because more investments means more commission.

# We first sent cancellation request then talked to these people that we don’t want to continue in this and want refund. Then again they were tried to manipulate us by the name of trust and by saying that there is no policy of refunding/ if you want your money back then I have to give it from my personal account/refunding process is of six months. Even they pointed finger on our current job profile.

And, finally by God’s grace we got our money back just after 11 days i.e. on 30th May,2016.

So guys, Please Please Please stay away from this Q net or any opportunity of making money in 4-5 years.

How will India grow when people of its own are exploiting each other by the name of trust? INDIAN GOVERNMENT AND Q NET

Daniel Renfro

Daniel Renfro, People those who are unaware of Qnet

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Only advice and facts for PEOPLE WHO DON'T KNOW QNET

1.I would advise everyone those who get calls from your friend saying that there's a great business opportunity to work with me and you are the best person I would think to be in the business never jump of the joy just ask him WHAT IS THE BUSINESS ABOUT AND HOW WILL I EARN SO MUCH MONEY?

2. QNET people or friends will call you in a way as if they are very busy in the business and have a little time to talk to you about business offering. They will call you saying I have a little time to talk. There's a great business opportunity for you and you are the perfect person to join me in this business which will help you earn 3-4 Crore in 5 years. I am recommending your name for an interview and it will be scheduled shortly and please carry pan or Aadhar card. They’ll also tell you the opportunity comes very rarely and only 2-3 candidates will be selected.

3. At this moment anyone gets a question WHAT'S THE BUSINESS ABOUT and the curiosity to earn crore within years arises which makes you ready for an interview. My friends I honestly advice you to ask him THE DETAILS OF YOUR ROLE IN THE BUSINESS. These freakouts won't reveal the answers and will tell you to come and attend the interview and then they'll show the plan.

4. Guys at this point just tell them email the details of the interview along with the role description because when we look for a job we do check in the role and then enroll for interview. We do read in detail the job description. But I bet you these people won't mail you but will only beg you and lure you for this thing. Just stay away.

5. These guys will tell you that the results are shortlisted. Infact you get shortlisted as soon you send your CV. More info the guy who called you continues calling 50 more people and fool them the same.

6. In case you attend the interview, prior to that your friend who invites you will tell you rules that the senior manager is very strict, answer questions truthfully and incase if we speak a lie you're out of the business. And they will also advise you to Switch off the phones. My friends the manager is only the upline who will only brainwash you with nonsense facts to get you in the business. They tell you to switch off mobile phones so that you don't record it.

7. During the interview your friend is advised by his upline members to provide drinks or beverages to the interviewer so that you feel something great about the interviewer’s personality.

8. In the interview they don't even reveal the name of the company. They start brainwashing you and in the end they'll only show a fake plan which is direct selling.

9. Everyone that attends the interview gets selected in the business after they brainwash you and you feel a Change in the atmosphere around you.

10. After you’re almost ready to join them they'll speak very in a low voice for an investment around 3 Lakhs within A WEEK and that’s the time anyone gets uncomfortable and you get following things in mind

1. How will I get so much money from?

2. If I don't join my friend to the business he won't trust me anymore

3. I want to earn crore within years so this is the perfect thing for me

4. With this arises your friend in the situation and you’ll feel that if he has done it so comfortably then this will also be a cup of tea

5. You'll get questions at home to get money from parents but to approach them gets you in trouble because you don't know the name of the company and the exact business.

6. in this context you tend to ask your how did you manage the money from?

7. These people will always disturb you every night calling you and persuade you to join them the next day with investment.

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8. With this situation, it pressures you about the money and the position for the business. Simultaneously your friend tells you stories to join him and you make stories to avoid him.

That's the best way I think I have summarized and hope people getting out of it ESPECIALLY INNOCENT PEOPLE.

QNET firstly targets INNOCENT PEOPLE to get into business because they get into trap easily and that's the income the uplines get firstly. My friends I honestly advice you to advice any innocent friends even if they may be your enemies to get away with this crap because once anyone enrolls it’s too difficult to sustain the environment and you live like a fake individual like Di Caprios wife in inception.

People working there are told to hide your sad expression and to show off as if you are very happy in the business but infact they are more troubled from inside and they control them from inside.

Just by fooling others makes you more hurt from inside. It's very sad and depressing as well.

Your friends and family lose your TRUST

Stay away and ACT WISELY

Any questions please COMMENT BELOW

Sanjeet Kumar

Sanjeet Kumar

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Qnet scam: Should multi-level marketing companies operate in India or shut shop?

Asad Shirazi

Asad Shirazi, Sr. Executive - Channel & Pricing (2014-present)

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Being a Qnet veteran all I can say is the company is ethical and legal. It is people who drive the company. Your success hugely depends upon the mentor you follow and it is crucial for you to stick with them, keep your head down and work.

Lately there has been a lot of negativity surrounding Qnet so I would strongly suggest you to come in contact with your referral or any working leader around you and get a clear understanding of the companies stand before making any decision.

Before making any kind of Purchase just keep in mind that this ain't a get rich quick business plan, it takes consistent effort and grinding of about 5–7 years. You can kiss your life goodbye and start living eating and breathing Qnet.

You will probably talk to a million people in this journey and show business plans to everyone.

You will be facing a lot of rejections on your journey but it will teach you a lot about this world.

Rohith Kumar

Rohith Kumar, works at Hyderabad, India

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The Bombay High Court while rejecting anticipatory bail applications of five accused in the multi-crore QNet scam, has observed that "the deceit and fraud is camouflaged under the name of e-marketing and business". This scheme is undoubtedly a multi-level marketing (MLM) activity and a pyramid structure of such scheme is prepared so that the members are promised to get money on purchase and sale of products, the Court said.

In a hard-hitting order on 6 May 2016, Justice Mridula Bhatkar said, "The motto of the company 'sell more, earn more' appears very attractive and innocuous. However, this motto is fully camouflaged. The company stands on a basic statement that people can be fooled. Thus, the true motto is 'sell more earn more' by fooling people. In fact it is a chain where a person is fooled and then he is trained to fool others to earn money. For that purpose, workshops are conducted where study and business material is provided with a jugglery of words, promises and dreams. Thus, the deceit and fraud is camouflaged under the name of e-­marketing and business."

"It has very grave and serious impact on the economic status and mental health of the people on a large scale. On considering parameters of section 438 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, I am not inclined to protect the accused. It won't be out of place to mention that such circulation is required to be stopped. It is necessary for the prosecution to take injunctive steps against this business activity, which is prima facie, illegal. Though by stopping this business, a large group of people may get financially affected, however, it will save larger groups of people from becoming prey of this activity," the Bombay HC said.

The HC rejected bail applications of five including, Srinivas Rao Vanka and Magaral Veervalli Balaji, both directors of Vihaan Direct selling (India) Pvt Ltd, Suresh Thimiri, director of Transview Enterprises India Pvt Ltd, Malcolm Nozer Desai, who is a 20% stakeholder in Vihaan and Michael Joseph Ferreira, former world champion of billiards and an 80% stakeholder in Vihaan.

"I have gone through the plan which is given by QNet to every individual representative (IR)," Justice Bhatkar said. "I have gone through the statements of many witnesses, who claimed that they have been cheated under the scheme launched by QNet. I have also considered the conclusive report of Serious Fraud Investigation Agency (SFIO) under the Company Act) SFIO Prima facie, there is material to hold that the business conducted by Qnet is covered under PCMC Act and also under Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements) Act, 1954."

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