Diriez-vous que Litecoin, Bitcoin et Ethereum s'effondrent tous en ce moment?

Danny Donahue

Danny Donahue, CryptoNinja (2015-present)

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Not even if you paid me to say it.

There is no great mystery here.

It is CHRISTMAS!!!! There are BILLIONS of people around the world liquidating their holdings in EVERYTHING in order to have some cash on hand to be able to kick back and enjoy the Holidays with loved ones.

The fun part is; NOW is the time to snatch up your fortune. Buying some crypto right now is like going back in time a couple of months to take advantage of prices. And, January is going to make October look like a hiccup when we finally break through that $20k barrier we were being teased with earlier in the week.

Morton Gelt

Morton Gelt, Fondateur de la startup d'IA décentralisée (2017-present)

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Yes, the entire market is crashing as violently as it had appreciated. All between 30–40%. Unfortunately, it’s not over yet. I thought that it will stop around $12 k for BTC, but nope..

I think 3 factors: 1. cryptos went hyperbolical. You can’t continue to gain $50 billion a day for a long time. It was driven by mostly SK and Japan. Why had they pulled back? No idea.

2. TAx law in the US. Really hurts in-kind trades. Have to pay taxes even if you are still trading coins with no FIAT exits.

3. Whales were selling. In the hindsight it was obvious that we reached the top!

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What’s now? I HODL. A good yardstick for the sell off abating would be the number of $1 billion + coins dropping back to 10–11.

John Moreci

John Moreci, a étudié l'économie

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I would say that the big boys just slapped the shit out of the unsophisticated investors who think they have been in the casino for the last few months.

It all looks like a well rehearsed choreography to me. Let’s see what has taken place:

  1. Massive bull run
  2. Futures markets are created (to allow profiting off of losses)
  3. Litecoin founder sells all his holdings at a massive profit right before a series of bad press hits the market and gets the ball rolling down hill.
  4. Big boys execute massive sell offs turning the hill into a cliff.
  5. The weak and the weary sell because they were playing with money they can’t stomach losing (and never thought they would).
  6. Oh and what do we have here? Some nice low prices to get back into the market?

As I write this (09:50 CST 12/22/17), buy orders are rolling in in very large quantities on LTC ,and the prices are recovering significantly from their 24hr lows. Now who do you think is benefiting from this? I can tell you if you don’t have champagne in your orange juice this morning - it isn’t you.

Avril donc

Avril donc, Propriétaire de petite entreprise (2010-present)

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I wouldn’t call it a crash at all. I would call this a correction. And it happens quite often if you look at Bitcoin’s price history. And typically when Bitcoin goes down, it drags the rest of the market down with it.

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Read the opinion piece below for context. Here is a quote from the article that sums it up nicely in case you don’t want to read the whole thing:

“Looking at the history of the previous selloffs for bitcoin BTCUSD+2.64% it has crashed over 30% every quarter since its inception. The biggest drops came in January 2015, when it dropped nearly 59%, and in March 2013, when it crashed nearly 70%.”

How I read this is: Christmas sale! BUY, BUY, BUY!

Ignore a 20 to 30 drop in bitcoin because the longer trend is up

Bill Tracy

Bill Tracy, Senior Strategic Partnership Manager at Spigot Inc (2016-present)

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I think crashing may be a bit of an over statement however I would say they are adjusting. The prices of these coins often fluctuate drastically. As you can see on these cryptocurrency price charts, there are highs and drops but the coins have yet to “Crash.”

Mitch Rice

Mitch Rice, Founder / Developer at MNM Applications

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I don’t think any of them are crashing, but they are certainly correcting from such a long period of gains. I think the other 2 major factors involved are that a lot of people who got in to make a quick buck are pulling out due to the Holidays (especially Christmas) being so expensive. The other major factor I can think of is that Coinbase had some bad press recently and I think that made the market feel a bit uneasy. So with those 3 factors combined, I think it was certainly due for a dip.

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