Comment savoir quelle est mon adresse IP

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Réponse d'origine: How can I get the exact location of an IP address?

While all the answers below are very good, they are all incorrect.

Most of the answers refer to various geolocation providers. However they make the assumption that geolocation is perfectly accurate.

Using one of the links provided in the previous answer I looked up information about my own IP address. My IP Address |

This link gives my Latitude and Longitude as:

52.53333 -1.81667, Which puts me in the vicinity of Pype Hayes Park Walmley.

Here’s a link to it on Google Maps

Google Maps

I’m happy to share this map as this is NOT my address. I in fact live several miles from this location (pardon me if I don’t share my home address, I’m sure you understand why).

So straight away we can see we’ve not actually got an exact location. Why is this?

While IP addresses are initially allocated by one of five regional registries,


There are no limitations on where that IP address can ultimately used once assigned. In the majority of cases IP addresses are likely to be used in the same region as which they are allocated but this means even at the country level, 100% accuracy is not guaranteed.

Lets go to the city level, looking at the data provided by one geoip location provider IP2Location - Data Accuracy | IP2Location We see that in the vast majority of cases location data within 50 miles ranges from around 60 - 90% The highest accuracy being recorded within the smallest geographical territories: for example

Andorra 90.25%
Virgin Islands (US) 92.79%

Whereas on the larger territories the area drops off.

United Kingdom 81.25%
US 76.32%
Canada 79.65%

This is because the geolocation data is not mainly gathered from internet providers themselves. But is mined from data provided by third parties. For example of you provide your address on a website, that site may take the IP address and the address and pass it on to the geoip provider. They will also infer that like addresses will be in the same location.

This often works well until the ISP restructures it’s internet for example when improving the network in a certain area. I’ve seen more than one example of Virgin Media users suddenly being offered local information for a different city due to this happening.

While there are ways to get fairly good accuracy for a particular device, these are not actually IP dependent.

The W3C location standard uses a devices own abilities in order to fix it’s location. This can be done via the following methods.

GPS - Most accurate.
Wireless station triangulation - Whereby the signal strengths of nearby wireless routers is triangulated and used to fix a location. - This too is scarily accurate.
Cell mast location - Not as accurate as people might think, particularly in rural locations. - But can be more accurate than simple IP geolocation.

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These tools can be used by the device owner to fix their location, but ultimately these are not available to third parties unless they own the server you are connecting to.

Also be aware that in the case of devices using mobile broadband, you are not often seeing a devices individual IP address. Mobile networks up til now have used CGNAT in order to preserve IPv4 addresses. This is a large scale version of the NAT you find on home routers. The mobile device gets a private IP address, and the public address that the end site sees is actually used by a number of different users who are all in different locations.

So to answer the question, how can I get an EXACT location for an IP address.

Unless you’re an agency such as Law Enforcement who has legal powers to request user information from an ISP - you can’t.

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Réponse d'origine: How can I get the exact location of an IP address?

This can help you a lot!

IP Locator | IP Location Finder | Locate Network Address | Internet Protocol Tools


IP Geolocation tool helps you find the approximate geographic location of an IP address along with some other useful information including ISP, TimeZone, Area Code, State etc. Enter the IP address or the host name you want to locate and press "Discover" button, your IP will be tracked in seconds depending if the information of that IP is present in our database.

IP address location information is being provided by MaxMind. The information provided by MaxMind is 99.8% accurate on a country level, 90% accurate on a state level in the US, and 81% accurate for cities in the US within a 50 kilometer radius, more details about the accuracy of location data is available at MaxMind website, if you find a location information to be incorrect then raise any queries directly with MaxMind.

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Réponse d'origine: How can I get the exact location of an IP address?

If you don't own the device, it is both unlawful and impossible to get the exact coordinates of the device's location. IP addresses are allocated regionally, and the most accurate it can get is to the locality/block level.

IP addresses are bought in bulk (entire ranges) by ISPs and most of the time, they just submit a rough location, covering a very wide area in which they'll be using this IP address.

Je préfère IP Location Finder - Geolocation to find the locations of servers, mainly when I'm troubleshooting latency issues.

If you own the device, and it has GPS built into it, you can get a fairly accurate reading from the device. Use Maps on phones and the web-config utility on some of the routers (Like the Ubiquiti FiberHD ones).

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Réponse d'origine: Can I get the location of a device by use of its IP address?

Not directly. You can look up the address in one of several IP location databases that get their data from a variety of sources, but they may or may not be accurate. I once had an IP that, depending on whose database was queried, was in either Dallas, Texas or Ottawa, Ontario or Reston, Virginia or South Carolina or somewhere in the middle of Iowa, or California. None of which was correct. That IP address had at one point been assigned to another customer of my cable company in each of those locations.

One way they get the data is by buying lists from large e-commerce providers such as Amazon, who in the course of their daily business collect addresses from customers for shipping and billing, and can associate them with your IP address.

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Comment savoir quelle est mon adresse IP

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Réponse d'origine: Quelle est mon adresse IP?

You don't have an IP address per se (like a social security number, or tax registration number).

Unless you have a direct contract with IANA, the worldwide authority for assigning “numbers” across the internet, or its regional representative bodies, your (publicly visible) IPv4 address is a very flexible thing. You are assigned an IP address every time you connect to the internet. Depending where you sign on to the net it will look very different — it may come from the pool of your Internet Service Provider you contract with for internet access from home, it may come from your mobile operator’s pool, or from the pool of a service provider to one of the many internet wifi hotspots around the city etc.

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It will change when you change your access, it will go away when you log off (close your computer or router), and it will change regularly based on time and location.

So you get the idea that you really don't own an IP address, I hope. But when you need one, you will have one.

You can check your internet IP address by going to one of the websites that offer this look-up as a service, such as What Is My IP? Shows your real IP address - ®. What they do is no magic: whenever you http or https to some web site, your request will be transferred to the responsible server in a TCP/IP message, and the message will have your valid IP address and a lot more useful information “on board” (OS name and version, browser name and version, …). They just extract that information and play it back to you.

You may observe, that when you ask your computer or smart phone about its IP address (it is a OS function, or an app is available to extract it), that IP address will be different. By chance it may start with 192.168, or 176. or 10. Those are private addresses that are given to you locally by the router responsible for your internet access (like your home router). These have nothing to do with internet IP addresses, and have local meaning only. Once you send a message to the internet, the source IP address that your computer inserts, will be replaced by the assigned IP as above. This is called Network address translation (NAT), and it done to allow multiple devices to “hide” behind a single address — IP v4 addresses are a scarce resource and high in demand.

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