Comment obtenir gratuitement Amazon Prime


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Free Forever!

Hey guys with the below mentioned trick you can actually get the amazon prime for free which you can use to watch amazon prime videos and Amazon prime tv series and movies.

How to Avail the Deal in 3steps?

Step1: Creating an e-mail account. (Skip if you already have an email)

  • Go to any email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Rediffmail etc
  • Now create a mail id By using any number (this mail will be used for creating Amazon account)

Step 2: Creating an Amazon account.

  • First, Clear all Cache and history of your Browser on your browser setting.
  • Now go to the Amazon Canada website by cliquant ici.
  • Now click on Signin/signup and create an account.
  • Give any name, and give the temporary mail id that you created in step 1.
  • You will get an OTP on email now just verify it and enter any desired password

Now your account is created on Amazon’s Candian website. time to try the Prime.

Step 3: Creating a Free Prime account

  • On the top left, click on try prime and then click on ‘Start 30days free trial'.
  • it will ask you to give a Numéro de carte.
  • Now Go to Namso gen website by (Search for ‘namso gen credit cards‘ in Google and click on the first one )
  • Now on BIN option – type whatever transparent number is written there like '549627' and then put any 3digit Random number.
  • Maintenant, cliquez sur 'Generate Cards'.
  • You will see 5 different Credit cards with expiry date and CVV at the right side.
  • Now copy the same and paste it to amazon website
  • Now give any Indian address or any address and press continue and click on start Free trial.

That’s it !! Congratulation your Prime account is now created. Now you can just go to Amazon Prime videos by cliquant ici and watch your Favourite Amazon tv shows, Amazon Prime movies etc for a month. you can repeat the process once your free trial ends.

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Njoy!! and follow me.

Offer source - Watch Amazon Prime videos for Free without any Cards (Trick) - Dealsguruji

Mise à jour -

Now in India You can also Keep repeating Free trial Method to use Amazon prime for free. just follow the below steps

  1. Download pocket app from play store ( search ‘POCKET’ in play store)
  2. You can sign up using my referral ‘POC0048171’(optional)
  3. Now Verify Adhar to get KYC done..
  4. It will give u a Virtual card.
  5. Now Click on try prime in Amazon India
  6. choose payment method as debit card and give pocket Debit card no.
  7. Now simply pay Rs.2 (Remboursable) and get Amazon prime benefits (Prime delivey + prime videos+ prime music)
  8. clear data Repeat process with new details …..Njoy Prime free forever

Sohel Arman

Sohel Arman

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You can try an Amazon Prime free trial membership if you don’t already have an account. After your Amazon Prime 30-day trial is over, you will be converted to a monthly subscription, which costs $10.99 per month, or you can pay a lump sum of $99 per year, which works out to $8.25 per month.

Amazon will offer you a free, 30-day trial each year. Should you cancel after your Amazon Prime trial, you’ll have to wait 12 months for another chance to try it for free. To know more free amazon prime

Kishan Blog

Kishan Blog

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Jyothi Vejju, SDE 2 at Amazon (2017-present)

Yes you could get amazon prime subscription for free with the Vodafone RED plan of Rs 399 or above vérifier ici pour plus de détails.

Samrudh Jahagirdar

Samrudh Jahagirdar, works at Amazon India

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If you haven’t tried Amazon Prime till now, you are missing out on a lot of discounts and offers plus streaming of Amazon Prime Video.

In the beginning, Amazon provided 30 days free trial for the customer’s who hadn’t tried till now but I am not sure the offer is still present.

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The membership fee has been increased to 999/- beginning today. Amazon Prime is one service which you won’t regret after subscribing since it has many advantages and you be sure that every penny spent of prime membership is completely worth it.

Even at 999 per year, I’d say please go ahead and subscribe as its completely worth the money.


Akib Tracker

Akib Tracker, S.E.O. Consultant (2016-present)

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Amazon has a Student program that provides a free trial that lasts for half a year and 50% off the regular cost for Prime membership. If you are headed back to school in September, Prime Day may be a fantastic time to gear up for your college year.

To qualify for Prime Student, you have to be registered in a minimum of one class within an institution in the USA or Puerto Rico, supply proof of registration when asked, and also a valid EDU email address. If you don’t have EDU email, don’t worry. There is an excellent way for you. I will explain in the last part of my answer.

Comment obtenir gratuitement Amazon Prime

To begin, visit the Prime Student landing page and then click on Start your 6-month trial. Following your trial is up Prime Student prices $6.49 per month or $60 each year. Ensure that you indicate the date in your calendar (or cancel any time following Prime Day), and your membership will last towards the conclusion of the trial period. The Prime Student discounted rate is good for up to four decades.

Now, If you don’t have an edu mail or if you are not a college student, then how will you enjoy these facilities?

Okay. Don't worry. You can.

There some best service provider, who sell Edu emails - Edu email can unlock the benefits for a student and provide him with huge discounts and free products like Unlimited google drive, amazon prime for six months, free office and many more. Do you want? If yes, then don’t late, Just click here GET EDU EMAIL and enjoy lots of student felicities.

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This is all about your question. Hope, you enjoy it. If you have any question, please comment below. I will be happy to answer.

Flo Joe

Flo Joe, Sales & Marketing Manager at Selfemployed (2012-present)

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Amazon Prime Student is one of the best life hacks for anyone with access to their ".edu" email address.

You get a six-month trial of Prime Student and then pay 50% less than other Prime users ($6.49/month) after the trial ends.

Prime Student comes with almost all of the Prime perks, plus some college-specific upgrades like up to 90% off textbooks and the ability to trade them in later for an Amazon gift card.

It lasts four years or until your listed graduation date, whichever comes first.

To qualify as a student, you'll need a .edu email adress.

Comment obtenir gratuitement Amazon Prime

If you don't have an .edu email address, you can still get Amazon Prime for free. Visit Selly - I will provide you a valid student .edu email address pour en savoir plus.

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