Comment modifier des informations sur un formulaire DS-160 après avoir pris rendez-vous et payé les frais de visa

Prashant Kulkarni

Prashant Kulkarni, works at General Motors (2013-present)

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Following solution worked for me:

It works in the cases even when you have scheduled appointment and you realize a mistake in DS160. You can correct it in the portal itself. you have to see the DS160 and appointment as 2 discrete parts for obtaining Visa.

1.Nonimmigrant Visa - Instructions Page. Create new application on the existing one.Correct your errors in the new DS160. Correct and create yourself new confirmation page.Download and keep a copy of it. System will generate new 10 digit alphanumeric DS160 confirmation number.

2. Next , go to your Appointment page .Go to UPDATE PROFILE. Revise 10 digit DS160 confirmation number. Create appointment copy. Even if you have scheduled the appointment also it is fine. You need not cancel it. Just obtain new appointment letter by printing it.Make sure that revised DS160 confirmation number on appointment confirmation letter.



Anu James

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Happy news! Even after taking an appointment date, you can edit the details entered in the DS 160 form. This is regarding the B1/B2 (tourism) visa. I updated my DS 160 form more than a month after taking an appointment and just 3 days before the biometrics session. And I didn’t face any issues at the consulate. [May 2018]

Also please not that it has been noticed that you might not be able to edit the new DS 160 application number of your “dependents” - (spouse/kids/relatives), if there are any, in the appointment confirmation page.

Therefore, the following information is only for those applicants who are applying for US B1/B2 visa alone without any dependents. Only the main applicant’s can be changed.

Remarque: Vous do not have to pay the application fees again if you do this.

  • Se connecter à Nonimmigrant Visa - Instructions Page and retrieve your EXISTING APPLICATION. The cash you paid already will not be refunded, so just edit using the same application number
  • You will get the following message on the screen:
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The DS-160 application you are attempting to retrieve has been submitted. Select an option below and click the "Continue" button.

*View Confirmation Page
*Create a New Application

Comment modifier des informations sur un formulaire DS-160 après avoir pris rendez-vous et payé les frais de visa

  • Select the option: “Create a New Application” and click “Continue”
  • A new DS 160 application number will be generated and that will be your new number for attending the interview.
  • Make necessary changes that you were planning to. Please note: While most of your details would be available in the new form as well, some data wouldn’t be retrieved and you will have to enter them manually again. Especially, the security questions towards the end.
  • Once the errors are corrected, submit the new DS 160 form.
  • You will receive new U.S. DoS - CEAC Confirmation. Take its print out.

Next is an IMPORTANT step

  1. Log in to the website where you have taken an appointment for bio metrics and interview.
  2. Update your profile there with the new DS 160 application number.
  3. Envoyer
  4. You will get a new appointment confirmation with the new application number.

Carry both the new DS 160 form and appointment confirmation for the bio metrics session and interview. No need to carry the ones with the old application number as their system will be updated with the new number.

Also, your slot for biometrics and interview will be the same like before.

Je vous souhaite bonne chance.

Vinit Kumar

Vinit Kumar, Design Engineer at NXP Semiconductors India (2016-present)

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I had the same issue. I mailed to us-travel docs people through the website. It is the same site on which you fill the DS-160 form.

What I mailed them (My issue) : —

I have 2 permanent addresses. One address is in village and the other is in
city. I got my passport made on the village address since at that time, the
city address had been very new. In DS-160 form, I mentioned the City
address since my parents are currently living there. So, do I need to fill
another DS-160 form to update my address or my City permanent address is
good to go?

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Reply from ustraveldocs support —

“ We understand that you have a query regarding the DS-160 application form.

In response to your questions, we would like to inform you that the DS-160 application form must contain accurate and current information. You may use the same DS-160 form if it meets the below criteria;

1. If there is no change in the completed information.
2. The form is not used in any previous visa application interview.
3. The form is completed within one year from the date of your visa interview at Embassy/Consulate.

Please be informed that you will not be able to retrieve and modify information on the DS-160 application once it is submitted electronically. If you wish to correct and / or update information, you can select “Retrieve an Application” option at, enter your previous visa application ID, answer the security questions and then select “Create a New Application”. Your personal information will then populate into the new application. In the new application, update the details and proceed further.

Update the new DS-160 confirmation number on your profile by clicking on 'Update profile' option and proceed to carry only the new DS-160 confirmation page. “

Update: My visa is finally approved. I took both the DS-160 form for my OFC and they only asked for the latest one. So, update your DS-160 form if you have to and do not panic. They will verify your data with the latest one.

J'espère que ça aide.



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Hello everyone, please I filled in the ds-160 form and submitted it already. Appointment have been scheduled. But I realise that in my travel plans I had filled September 4 add back September 12. Please my appointment is scheduled on September 13 . How can I edit on my travel plans to October 4 . I am so scared if this issue is a high risk? Please can someone help me with any useful information


Trackitt, Immigration Tracker at Trackitt

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I believe you can change your information. However, there is a small window after which you may have to scrap the entire application and start anew. This window lies after a submitting your application online and before you schedule your interview date. If you are this safe zone you may -

  • Go to the Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) website,, and click the “Retrieve an Application” tab.
  • Enter the application ID from the DS-160 mentioned on your submitted DS-160 application.
  • Click on the Retrieve Application tab again.
  • Answer the security question. You will be redirected to your DS-160 form, rectify your mistake, review your application and then submit your application once more.
  • You will get a new confirmation and a barcode, print that and bring it to your interview.
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Hope this helps. Good Luck!

Radha Shah

Radha Shah

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Don’t panic. I made couple of mistake in my first ds 160 form and i also submitted and even paid visa fee. Don’t worry about that. Just fill new DS160 form and bring both (old and new) DS160 confirmation page together. I brought both confirmation page at embassy and a lady at desk asked me to give her the latest DS160 form without error. That’s it. She did all work after getting new DS160 confirmation page.

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