Comment les indépendants népalais gagnent-ils de l'argent sur leurs sites indépendants, Paypal n'étant pas disponible au Népal?

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Once you sign up for one of those freelancing website, you will have several options to receive payments:

1. Virement bancaire: To use this option, you need to have a local bank account, which you'll have to add as a withdrawal method in your Upwork-Elance-Freelancer account. You can choose to transfer money in your local currency by using the LFT (local fund transfer service). LFT costs around $1.99 on Upwork. On Elance LFT it's free one time every month with additional transfers costing $5. The fee is low but the local currency exchanged by the freelance websites will be lower than what your local banks offer. This is because the sites charge 3-4% currency conversion fee.

Another Wire transfer options is the USD wire transfer which lets you transfer your earnings in US dollars to your local bank. However, the USD transfer carries $30 charge. I use the USD transfer for $1000+ transfers because the end local currency (converted by your bank) offsets the $30 charge. When you use USD transfers for $800+ transfers you can actually save more money than when using LFT.

2. Payoneer: Payoneer transfer is the quickest means to receive cash. You don't even need to have a bank account because you can use the Payoneer MasterCard to withdraw money from any local ATM. You can receive your payment in the same day it is released by your client by using the "immediate load" feature. However, Payoneer transfers carry extra fees like transfer fee, ATM fee and maintenance fee. You are charged a yearly fee of $29.95. Then you can store all of your USD earning in your Payoneer. Each payoneer ATM withdrawal costs around $2.5-$3. So it can get quite expensive if you make multiple withdrawal. Hence, its recommended to withdraw as much amount as you can in a single transaction.
I suggest getting a Payoneer MasterCard as well because it will come handy when you need to make quick transfer of cash or if you need to buy things online. I stick to Payoneer to make withdrawals up to $350 because you get the same amount as LFT plus you receive it much faster.

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3 Skrill: Skrill also uses SWIFT wire transfer to transfer your funds. It is a good alternative to USD Wire Transfer. However, many freelancers have their Skrill account changed from "Personal" to "Merchant" account. Once your personal account becomes "merchant account", you will have to pay additional fees.

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I believe that getting paid should not be much of a hassle, if your work is of class.

If you let your clients know of how you can receive your money, let them think as well.

Here are few of the options for freelancers:

# Wire Transfer:

Most freelancing sites have these options. This way you get paid to your local bank. But it takes some time.

And, expect to be deducted around $30 from your work.

# Payoneer

Payoneer was developed with freelancers in mind. You get a mastercard as a part of using payoneer account.

You also get a bank account from United States (which you can use only for payoneer.)

# Skrill

Skrill is also on of the popular ways to getting paid. Just search about it online.

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Upwork provides a variety of payment options besides PayPal, such as Payoneer and wire transfer. To find out which payment methods are available in your country, log into your Upwork account and visit Settings > Get Paid. You can also check out this article to learn more about your options: Quels sont les frais et autres coûts associés au paiement?

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I use payoneer for getting payments from clients for my freelance gigs. Payoneer now accepts direct payments from other mastercard and visa cards. There are also other options as skrill, wester union etc.

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Paypal is available in Nepal with only the send option. Nepali Paypal doesn't accept the money send by anyone. Virtually it is of no use.

Payoneer cover all around the globe. Nepali freelancer heavily depends on payoneer account for freelancing. Further Skrill is available in Nepal for payment.

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Upwork provides payment to your local bank!

Merci !

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