Comment créer un compte de développeur Google Play sans carte de crédit ou de débit personnelle

Rob Scriven

Rob Scriven, Travaillant actuellement pour un distributeur de cartes virtuelles Visa / Mastercard

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I've never signed up for Google Play Developer personally but looking at their help pages I would expect them to be able to accept a gift/prepaid Visa or Mastercard card also. You could buy one locally and use it to pay just as you would with a normal credit/debit card. Alternatively you could consider a virtual card - try looking at Carte Visa virtuelle prépayée, cartes prépayées en ligne, cartes de crédit virtuelles d'EntroPay

Looking at their pages (Google) and the type of payment, I suspect a reloadable card might be more useful than non reloadable (eg, not gift) but both should still work.

If you are unsure, I think you can contact them in advance before you sign up and ask. They have some kind of FAQ about it here: Add payment methods to your Google Account (you can click CONTACT US in the top right for help)

And lastly, its suggested on that page they may also accept PayPal payments, direct bank payments, mobile phone (carrier) payments or GooglePlay gift cards. So depending what country you are in, if for some odd reason they won't take a prepaid card, you should be able to find something else to use.

Hope this helps somehow...!

Atiqul Islam

Atiqul Islam, Ventes et marketing internet sur (2005-present)

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Nothing complex even you don’t have any credit card. i already done a lot of google play developer account. just use your paypal to buy a pre paid debit card (virtual) from the link below.

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Google Play Developer Payment Card With $25 Available Balance

once you receive the card details just submit to google payment page. your account will be approved and you are ready to walk with your apps.

I have tested with 50+ orders. there’s no one card failed to pay my google play developer fees. that’s the reason i strongly recommend you to use them when you don’t have a credit card to pay.

Adam Gilo

Adam Gilo, travaille chez Payoneer

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A bit out of my knish but I did a quick search on Google Play’s Support page and found that they only utilize cards as a payment option. Important to mention that while they support credit and debit cards, they do have a note that states: “The types of cards accepted may vary by location.” You may want to contact their support to get more information.

Your first aim in my opinion, is to find a local international credit/debit card provider in your country as this will be the most convenient option.

Lastly, I am assuming I was asked to answer because Payoneer’s offers Prepaid MasterCards, but it is important to mention that our cards are used by Freelancer and sellers who collect their online revenue through Payoneer. If you are someone trying to figure out ways to access the funds you earn internationally or online, check out our website to learn more.

Daniel Slosberg

Daniel Slosberg, PDG de Rainbowdash Publishers LLC (2015-present)

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Rainbowdash Publishers LLC does have a GooglePlay account. It is one of the more difficult distribution accounts to get. We were on the waiting list for 18 months before we were even allowed to apply. We now have all our applicable titles up on both GoogleBooks and GooglePlay and have had them up for about a month. We have seen ZERO paid sales through Google, but the data we get on the titles is how many views each book gets and how many pages were read (in preview) for each title is valuable. If you would like us to post your title on GooglePlay, we can. We will pay you 90% of the cash we earn this way. Hope to hear from you soon.

Rahul Kumar

Rahul Kumar, travaille chez Freelance

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Hi, if you're from India and dont owe a credit card or an international debit card like Mastercard or Visa. You can not use your Rupay debit card. Although you can outsource this work to any freelancer.

Découvrez cette page. We will help you to create your google play developer account. The service will be delivered within 1 hour.

Usman Khan Abasi

Usman Khan Abasi, Muslim / Pakistani / Software Engineer

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You need a debit or credit card to open google play developer account. If you don't have your own card then you can ask some friend or pay someone a little extra money to use their card to open the account.

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