Comment commencer à vendre des produits sur pour le marché américain via fba ou tout autre service d'expédition direct, en provenance d'Inde? Quelles sont les étapes détaillées

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Thanks for the A2A, I will do my best to help!

There are plenty of questions and answers focusing on the "how to sell via Amazon FBA" part of your question (Check out: How do I start an Amazon FBA business?). So instead I will focus on the "from India" part.

Here are the registration requirements for an Amazon Seller account for the different marketplaces: Amazon Global Selling.

As far as I can see, there are no restrictions for you to sign from India to become a seller on Amazon USA.

Therefore, the steps you take to sell on Amazon FBA will probably be exactly the same as for anyone else who doesn't live in the USA. I live in the UK and have been selling in the USA via FBA for over a year now. We didn't need to set up a separate company or a US bank account. It was all very easy. Twice a month payments our made to our UK business bank account in GBP.

Tout configurer est assez simple et vous pouvez trouver la plupart des détails sur le lien ci-dessus.

The one slightly complicated part that I will try and expand on here is dealing with importing your bulk goods to the Amazon warehouses. When creating your shipment you will be given two or three warehouses to deliver to across the US.

Vous avez deux options:

  • Avec de petits colis, vous pouvez les faire livrer directement aux entrepôts Amazon FBA avec UPS ou un service de messagerie similaire. Vous devrez les expédier en DDP (livrés dédouanés).
  • Pour les envois plus importants, je recommande de faire appel à un transitaire et à un courtier en douane. Cela peut devenir assez compliqué, si l'envoi vaut plus de $ 2,500, vous aurez besoin d'un cautionnement. Les douanes américaines sont reconnues pour rendre la vie difficile aux amateurs qui se trompent.

    I once had a shipment tied up for a month while the Contraband Enforcement Team gave it an 'intensive exam'. When they finally released it we had to pay for the privilege. A good freight forwarder will manage that all for you. Amazon recommend Shapiro mais je les ai trouvés chers et compliqués. Maintenant j'utilise Flexport.

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Aide qui aide, faites-moi savoir si vous avez d'autres questions.

Sean Chatha

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OK… I will get to the point about the question. Which from what I understand is you would like to know how to setup for FBA USA from India.

I am from India, also live in India. And I have been selling on amazon .com and .in for a few years now. Process is little simpler now then it was few years ago, but it is still India and our lovely regulations don't make it easy to do anything. Now you need the following.

  1. A VAT number to apply for a EIN with the IRS
  2. A VAILD credit card that is chargeable in USD, in other word international.
  3. A VAILD bank account thankfully you can use your Indian account no problem.
  4. And obviously a phone number

Go to Amazon .com click on SELL they will take you to the sign up page. Beware DO NOT CLICK ON THE BIG START SELLING TAB unless you want to pay 40 dollars a month. Scroll down and there will be another start selling tab do not click that either. Underneath the second start selling tab in words it will say “START SELLING AS A INDIVIDUAL” CLICK ON THAT. Selling as a individual is free. Then just follow the sign up.

They will ask you to provide a credit card fill in your info make sure you are not over limit. They will not charge anything but will make a formal request to your bank to see if a $1 payment will go through. Please make sure the phone number on your credit card is the same number you sign up with to make your life easier as they will use that number to verifiy with your bank more then the address.

After that you will do a tax interview. In the tax interview make sure you state that you are a individual not a company the 4 or 5 times they ask in different ways. The EIN is your VAT number provide it to them and they will do what they have to with the IRS automatically to get a US EIN for you amazon + USA = easy business life:) make sure you CONSENT TO ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE in the tax interview unless you want waste weeks and money printing pages and sending mail back and forth to amazon USA.

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If you start selling 1 lakh or more (which is very easy If you do things right) please have a good CA ready for accounting because our great government and banks they will freeze your account.

If you have any question feel free to send me a message I will do everything I can to help.

Shakti Gandhi

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I will explain you step by step.

  • Aller à , get register with necessary document.
  • Start listing your product and you are ready to sell ( self ship)
  • For fba, you can take help of amazon seller support team. Amazon has tie up with dhl in india for commercial fba shipment. Seller support team will help you to register with DHL. Dhl offers discounted rate for amazon US fba shipment.
  • For sending commercial fba shipment through FBA. First you need IEC (Import export code) and AD code of your bank (apply with ur bank,they will provide) and you need to fill KYC form of dhl.
  • Once you receive login id and password. You are ready to send fba shipment. From your seller central you can create shipment and generate waybill through dhl panel. Dhl panel will come for pickup and they will manage all your customs and everything and will deliver it to fba warehouse in US in 5 to 10 days time.
  • Thats it …. Done. FOLLOW @Rohit Singhal for further more information

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Clearit USA offers something called the “non-resident importers program” which allows you to act as the importer of record for shipments destined to the USA. This would be particularly helpful to someone shipping to an FBA warehouse as Amazon will not act as the importer of record. Clearit Can customs clear your shipment into the USA and ensure an on-time delivery with your FBA appointment. you can check out more about this program here: Non Resident Importing in the US | Clearit USA

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Basically, you need to go into a niche you’re familiar with or you found people already buying everyday.

Sell to people who wanted to buy from you.

No point wasting time on item that do not sell.

I have 2 classes which you might want to check out here:

How To Find The Best Products To Sell Online By Using Amazon | Adwin Ang ❾ | Skillshare

How To Use Dropshipping To Boost Your Business | Adwin Ang ❾ | Skillshare

Hope both classes can help you. Any questions you can message me.

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I am also looking for same information.

Other than Amazon FBA, there might be few other warehouse and fullfillment services for small sellers. Please anybody who have such information, share here.

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