Comment apprendre l'anglais typique alors que je vis dans un environnement purement hindi? Combien de temps cela prendra

Sudhakar Sharma

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Lot of time..actually the problem is you can’t practice with anyone…But I see atleast your written english is good.find a friend who can spare half an hour to talk with you in english..try to talk on call instead of face to face..It’ll improve your speaking and grammar as well .you’ll notice the mistakes you make while speaking

Rajat Jain

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Tu devrais essayer Bonjour anglais: apprenez l'anglais. It is good app to start improving English. At the same time, recommend you to use words in your speaking, even if it is a very small word like ‘so, what, why, ok’. With time more words will be on your tongue and you will get confidence.

Nitish Raj

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"He who have thought of change, already covered half"

Well we live in a time where English has become a bare necessity. I myself grew up in Hindi environment, but was fortunate enough to study in ICSE based English medium school. My friends from state board/Hindi medium struggle to put together thoughts in English, even after getting placed in MNCs. I have always tried my best to help them getting around the language.

You can start with following suggestions i have always given to my friends:

  1. Subscribe English newspaper/magazines (Try Times of India/Economic times/India today/Digit) based on your interest and read out loud. Don’t feel ashamed and back out even if you struggle and people laugh - “He who rises from ashes succeed”, Ignore and keep going.
    1. Mark out difficult words and maintain a notes. Refer google or any dictionary app for pronunciation. Keep practising until you do it right
  2. Start watching english movies/tv series in ENGLISH without subtitles (I know it's tough, but it will be easier over time), use headphones over speaker
    1. Pause, rewind, listen again wherever you miss out
    2. Hear a speech/conversation, note down, try to speak and enact - Practise is the key
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You can start with these suggestions, maintain log or record yourself over time. You will feel the difference.

At the end, it all comes down to one thing - “Persistence”, amount of time is theoretical, don’t think of it, Keep going. “Thou shalt achieve thy desire”.

Bonne chance!

Ajay Chander Ravichandran

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Halo pal,

I can answer your question with my personal experience . Instead of asking of how long, you should have asked like what are the ways that can put you into productive use more effectively . First of all, English is not a system, it's just a easy communicable language , where you want is to make sure you put yourself into four basic necessities of language like Reading, Writing, Listening , Speaking tasks without fail by initiating yourself to talk to any native English speaker by listening them properly , before you answer them . Secondly, you just start to watch English news and movies that interests you with English subtitles and start to pronounce words alongside when movie is running. Reading Newspaper seems to be an opionionated task , but it'd help you to make a check with language for writing also . Find out fresh words and find out the meaning and make a sentence by yourself by looking at the examples. For Oral communication, Grammer isn't considered in higher degree, whereas in verbal communication, Grammer is like syntax , which needs to followed properly . There are plenty of books for grammer is available . pick the easy to understand one like elementary or beginner level , which has exercises and answers at the back . Have a guide via. Online, There are numerous online teachers available on net or simply subscribe to English teaching lessons via. YouTube and spend at least two hours regularly . Next important task is you have golden opprtunity to learn via. Forums like Quora , Reddit ( where you can see how others are using the language into use ) so you can ask questions and interact for your education and knowledge purpose , BBC LEARNING ENGLISH in their website to practice sessions evetyday, where group of academic persons ( Teacher's , Students and any guests around the world ) will be interacted and they have all tasks , I mentioned above, Try to speak to your close friends via oral , whenever you get chance and don't bewildered yourself by putting too much anxiety about the high standards . try this start from the necessity of yours and do it on constant regular basis as a wannabe done. . start chatting online with friends in English via. Fb, WhatsApp and also try to write any topics of interest in one full page and correct it with the help of friends or teacher . Gallop your interest by listening to audio songs and audio books , whenever is possible. Get some novels that suffice your time , which is easy for you to read in English without much harder words, say Indian authors like Chetan Bhagat , Deepak Sharma, Shiv Kehra will edifice your interest with positivity n creatively in easy English . Watch Indian English news channels in TV ( if its available) for at least 30 minutes and try to catch up and watch Easy understanding English TV series or movies , whenever you get chance and try to speak in front of mirror , for self boosting your confidence like a rehearsal everyday . Record your monologue and compare yours with regular English native speakers and correct your errors.

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You could refer to the following:

My book, ‘How I Learnt to Speak in English?’ available on Amazon

My “pronunciation courses” and the course on “Secrets of an Effective Speaker” on Unacademy

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