Comment acheter des produits Amazon du Bangladesh

Khalid Mahmud

Khalid Mahmud

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You have 2 different options for buying products of Amazon from Bangladesh. You can buy either buy directly from amazon or you can dontact any foreign products importer.

Buying products directly from amazon would be very very difficult. You need to have a mastercard, skrill account or paypal account to buy products from amazon. Paypal doesn't allow bangladeshi users unless your account is verified by one of you relative who is living in a paypal supported country. You can easily get a mastercard or open a skrill account. But you need to buy USD in your mastercard. That is also very difficult because you cant convert Bangladeshi tk into US Dollar. There are leagal bindings. However, you can contact a freelance and buy Dollar from him. Be aware! there are cheaters out there!

A good solution is contacting a foreign product importer. There are several organizations working in Bangladesh. is doing great. They import products directly from amazon. You can choose to buy any product from there site. You can even order any amazon product manually from TopAllBrand platform. Bangladesh export products - Order Foreign Products from Bangladesh

Petr Minarik

Petr Minarik

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Use package forwarding company like Free US Address • Mail Forwarding • Planet Express

We will provide you with a US address which you will use when buying on Amazon. When the package arrives to that address (our warehouse) we will send the package to you Bangladesh

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Our company offers one of the best shipping prices, so the price for sending a package of standard size is often under $15 if you don’t mind longer delivery time, if you want to receive the package faster you can choose more expensive shipping method, which will be basically still cheap. You can check the exact price on the bottom of our website - look for a shipping cost calculator

Suzon Khan

Suzon Khan, lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh (2008-present)

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Directly buying products from amazon very very difficult. Most of the seller of Amazon don't ship their product to Bangladesh. and payment method is another barrier to directly buy amazon product from Bangladesh.

But you can buy amazon product through importer. They will order, pay and deliver any kind of amazon product to your home. TourToday Travel Shop import travel accessories from Amazone, eBay, Aliexpress, Alibaba and others famous online market place / store/ shop of the world. Now you can order anything from those country!!! Visit TourToday Travel Shop pour plus d'informations.

Arjun Ram V S

Arjun Ram V S, Web Developer,Technical Support

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Site d'achat en ligne en Inde: Boutique en ligne pour mobiles, livres, montres, chaussures, etc. login and select product and buy and add shipping address as per your region

Kyle Nettles

Kyle Nettles

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As it was mentioned here in previous answers you have 2 options of doing so.

  1. If the item you like is eligible for international shipping then it would be like usual online shopping.
  2. If the item is not eligible for international shipping to Bangladesh. Then it would require a couple of additional steps.
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Let’s discuss the second option. In order to have your item shipped you would have to use a transitaire. This forwarder has an address within the country you’d like to shop and will give it to you. He can even offer his bank account if you can’t proceed with the payment using your debit card. Then this forwarder receives your package and reship it to your address. It is rather easy indeed.

Solitary Miraj

Solitary Miraj, MA in ELT from University of Dhaka (2018)

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eZon Coming Soon best option for such purchasing.

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