Combien Google paie-t-il par téléchargement d'une application Android?

Gajula Kranthi Kishore

Gajula Kranthi Kishore

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Playstore is paying for app developers for downloading apps from playstore. I will explain how.

Whenever user downloads any kind of application from playstore user is using his data to download the application. And the data used to download the application from playstore or iOS store or Samsung store or any kind of application storage or from website will go to that store. It means data will gained by playstore. So they sell the data to telecom partners and they convert the data into money. And the same money is paid to developeras percentage to the developer and playstore takes percentage of money from your application sales because your using your using their space like a mall where products are sold by taking some place from mall. So weather it is paid app or free app developers will paid from any app storage application for developing the app . Also you will be get paid from Adsense and another sort of advertising banners like displaying images or by playing videos on app wall. So don't worry release the app and get paid . Some people are just answer saying no to create the insecurity among developers and to decrease the development of apps so that they gain profit. It is just buying data and selling data . Google never given the official news about this . Whenever your app is downloaded your gaining money as a data and your converting that data into money by selling that data again to the telecom partners. This is how it is running . So app developers enjoy the concept start earning use the profit of digital world.

Caroline Lee

Caroline Lee, a étudié à la NYU Stern School of Business

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If you are thinking about monetization your app than you have a lot of installs. Cause your monetization depends on how much your app popular in some category or the number in the top.

If your app still aren`t in the Top - experiment with ASO Optimization which focused on the relevancy of keywords and the density of keywords in your description. Also, important key factor is how many installs your app gets during first days. For this reason, use incentive installs. Companies like CPIMobi works pretty good and gives you up to 2 000 daily installs.

When your app is ready - let`s get some money from there.

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The simplest way to monetize a free app is ads, but it isn’t the most effective. The idea is that you offer your app for free and display adverts in the app to generate income. When a user taps on the ad then you earn money. Since users don’t tap on every advert then you won’t get a 100% click-through-rate (CTR). The CTR is the number of ads which are tapped divided by the number of ads displayed (impressions), expressed as a percentage. So if you display an advert 100 times and a user clicks on its once then the CTR is 1%. The more people who use your app and the more ads that are displayed, the greater the chance of a higher CTR.

The apps are free to download and use, but they also offer in-app purchases that cost real money. These in-app purchases allow the user to buy things like extra levels or virtual currency (coins) which can be used in the game for upgrades.

Ans the last, Google pay you for your app installs when its paid app. Monetization via the Paid model is very simple. You just upload your app to Google, set the price, select the regions and publish the app.

Hope it helps.

Sachin Desai

Sachin Desai, Medical student

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Réponse d'origine: How much Google Play Store pays per download to the app creator?

Combien Google paie-t-il par téléchargement d'une application Android?


At Google I/O, the largest Android developer conference, Google touted 150,000 developers responsible for over 800,000 apps. While the company does not break out revenue numbers on their apps, recent data in their financial filings seemed to indicate somewhere around $900 million in pay-outs to developers “over the last 12 months” and discussions with external research analysts put the number of downloaded apps from the Google Play store at around 48 billion, close to what Apple has claimed.

Combien Google paie-t-il par téléchargement d'une application Android?

Combien Google paie-t-il par téléchargement d'une application Android?

Based on this, the average developer on those platforms is pretty busy, developing 3 to 5 apps depending on the platform. Interestingly, Android is the big winner on downloads for a given app but this is largely offset by substantially lower revenue, with the average app download bringing in around 2 cents to its developer; Apple fairs 5 times better, bringing in a dime for every one of the 40,000 potential app downloads a developer could strive for. But the interesting thing is that Microsoft’s platform may be substantially more rewarding for its developers, bringing in $.15 per download (a fact that is offset by download numbers shown to be only 10 percent of what the other platforms can offer).With the average paid app retailing for $.99, what we see here is the direct impact of free apps on those marketplaces. Android’s substantial lead in offering free apps cuts deeply into the average revenue paid out to developers while the smaller availability of free apps on the Windows platform may work to its advantage.

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Lans Bibin

Lans Bibin, Developer at Scriptlab (2013-present)

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i’d like to share my experience with google play and my apps. i’ve made a few apps and games, one of them did really well and we made a few hundred dollars from it (I’ll link the apps below).

My experience is that if you have a great idea thats never been done before, it’ll be very hard to get people to find and download your app/game without proper marketing. so you’ll have to be ready to shell out a significant amount of money to advertise your apps on social media and other apps.

or make apps that already exist but better! This is the tactic that we’ve found to be effective than having a great idea alone. and then market the great idea app with the income from the other apps.

Here are links to my apps:

An app for quotes and sayings:

Quotes and Sayings 2017 - Android Apps on Google Play (Quotes and Sayings 2017 - Android Apps on Google Play)

Combien Google paie-t-il par téléchargement d'une application Android?

A 3D mountain climbing game:

Mountain Climber 4x4 - Android Apps on Google Play (Mountain Climber 4x4 - Android Apps on Google Play)

Combien Google paie-t-il par téléchargement d'une application Android?

and the app thats gained us the most money:

Christmas Countdown 2016 - Android Apps on Google Play (Christmas Countdown 2016 - Android Apps on Google Play)

we’ve also made a whatsapp status app:

Status App 2017 - Android Apps on Google Play (Status App 2017 - Android Apps on Google Play)

And a few other apps too, the above are a few of the apps that have done moderately to really well.

Aravind Senthamarai

Aravind Senthamarai, knows Tamil

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Réponse d'origine: How much does an Android app make per download?

Free app won't make money per download basis.but paid app does.You will get 68% of money what you listed in the playstore.
If you sell app for 100 Rs,You will get 68 Rs.

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You can make money from free app using ad mob.but it depends upon the impression and click rates.Let's say you have a news reader.people can see advertisements long time. So you will get more impression .so You may get more money .

Here are some tips for making money from free app

*Make it Locale- Support all languages as much you can So more people will use your app.
*Support for Multiple screen- Design app for mobile and tab same time.
*Keep eye on analytics
* Integrate Google+ one option in your app. It leads to more downloads.

** Corrections are welcome ***

Dev Herry

Dev HerryDéveloppeur Android

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Hello, Google play nothing pay for free app, if you want to generate revenue from free app need to place Ads.

I have free android Application Lock Screen - Shutter - Android Apps on Google Play .It has been released few months ago.
Currently I have around 4K+ installs in all and 1.5K+ active installs. To monetise I use both banner and interstitial ads - just interstitial are producing some revenue for me:)

I earn around 1.0+$ par jour.

Hope I help you to answer this question. I would be glad if you give me some retour d'information on my Application.

Je vous remercie!!!!!

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