Is ayahuasca a cure for depression? Why are there no negative comments on ayahuasca on the net?

Sam Moss

Sam Moss, Failure is the only option.

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No, I don't think there is any reason to believe that ayahuasca is a cure for depression, or even a reasonable treatment for any case of Major Depressive Disorder.

You will undoubtedly find some anecdotal evidence online or directly from other people, but modern medicine is literally built on the fact that assuming that because one, or even a few people report being helped does not amount to evidence for a cure.

When you consider potential medical treatments for a disease you have to take into account a lot of information that might(read:will) be lost in anecdotes. There is the placebo effect, the tendency for some diseases to naturally remit over time, other changes in a persons' life that might be concurrent with the use of the drug, changes in diet or setting and a million others. As far as I am concerned anecdotal evidence that supports ayahuasca (or any drug) curing MDD (or any disease) is about as worthy of belief as anecdotal evidence of faith healing. Bottom line.

These are just a few reasons that modern drug testing is a huge, long and expensive ordeal. You are trying to get rid of all the noise and figure out one thing: does this drug reduce the symptoms of this disease. This has not been done with ayahuasca (or it's psychedelic constituent) and so there is no good reason, at this point, to believe that it can treat or cure any disease, including Major Depressive Disorder.

While the jury is still out in the scientific community as to what exactly the root causes of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) as far as I understand, from reading some of the recent scholarly literature, there is not a whole lot of reason to believe that a drug like N,N,-DMT would be a long term cure for MDD. This does not mean that some of the symptoms of MDD might abate in some people for a short amount of time (in fact this phenomenon has been found with ketamine therapy, and it works great in some people for a little while) but a cure would mean a long term absence of symptoms, and barring high-quality data that supports this, there is just no reason to believe that N,N-DMT is a cure for MDD.

One important thing to note is that many (I would assume all) mixtures of ayahuasca contain Banisteriopsis caapi, a vine that produces alkaloids that function as Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOI). MAOI's were widely used to treat depression in the 1950's but are not widely used front-line drugs now because the effets secondaires can be pretty bad. It is very possible that a person whose MDD was helped by ayahuasca would benefit as much from an MAOI regimen without the psychedelic experience.

What I think is most important is to note that MDD and its treatment is extraordinarily heterogeneous. With nearly every pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical treatment for MDD one sees a 30% success rate. Even more important: some drugs work great for some people, but do nothing for others. I think the general consensus is that MDD is a set of symptoms (which, strangely, can present in apparently opposite ways in two different people, for instance one person with weight gain and lethargy and another with anxiety and insomnia could both be diagnosed with MDD) with a variety of underlying causes. This heterogeneity is important because it means that, even if ayahuasca, or N,N,-DMT worked for one, or two people there is no guarantee that it would work for everyone, or even most people.

Finally, when considering drugs, or cures, we have to weight the benefits with the potential for negative side effects. I think anyone who has been on an anti-depressant regimen can tell you that the side effects can be rough: loss of sex drive, weight gain plus a million others. When it comes to ayahuasca the side effects might outweigh any benefits. The experience can be intensely frightening, the dosage is not standardized (and hard to measure), and, in some rare cases, it could kick off a psychotic episode.

(If any of this is found to change in the future I will gladly change my opinion, but I'm not holding my breath.)

And as far as negative experiences you might want to read these:
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Christopher Daniels

Christopher Daniels, Coffee Overlord

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I'm not sure why you haven't found negative comments on ayahuasca. Obviously Sam M. did. I think maybe part of the reason there are so many positive reports is that people take part in group ceremonies and this social aspect is an important part of the positive experiences. For people who smoke DMT alone or use an arbitrary MAOI with DMT, I'm sure you will find a lot more negative reports. Checkout the book DMT: The Spirit Molecule by R Strassman, (I link to his website here for convenience, its presence is all over the 'net).
There have been many reports of depression alleviated by ayahausca ceremonies. Whether it is a cure is up for debate, as in the US it is a Schedule 1 substance and no one since Strassman has been given permission to do any scientific experiments on DMT or natural DMT containing substances. If it were allowed, I think skeptics might be humbled, but skepticism is safe for now because experiments are basically forbidden. I would also emphasize that an ayahuasca ceremony is rather a drastic step and it is prudent to try other, perhaps more conventional treatments first.

Mikis Hasson

Mikis Hasson, Founder at TierraMitica (2012-present)

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Ayahuasca is not a cure for anything, she is (among other things) a powerful diagnostic and psychoanalytic tool that peuvent heal depression together with many other issues, psychological and physical. But like any tool, she is only effective if used correctly, with proper guidance and under the right conditions, intention and focus. Like any tool, used wrongly she can produce adverse effects and can even be dangerous if used in conjunction with other substances, unguided and under the wrong circumstances.

And actually there is a lot of negativity about her use on the net, some of it unjustified but some of it justified. The use of the ayahuasca as an entertainment drug with no supervision, with dubious admixtures and quality and the spiritual tourism and business machine that has been assembled to explore her popularity are definitely some justified issues warranting concern,

Mark Dunn

Mark Dunn, struggled with depression for years, "won" the fight by realizing it isn't one.

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Since we cannot scientifically state what causes depression, we cannot scientifically state that something cures it.

Psychologically speaking, many people do experience an alleviation of depression after undergoing one or more clinical or ceremonial uses of natural psychoactive compounds, like ayahausca or psilocybin mushrooms.


I think this is a twofold mechanism---our mentality is a very common cause of anxiety, depression, and other things considered 'mental disorder', and radical alteration of our previous conceptual realities can mean a freedom from thought patterns and emotional perspectives that created and maintained these mindsets/'disorders'.

Secondly, psychoactive compounds tend to act in ways that very directly facilitate the experience of greater neurological functioning towards what we emotionally experience as satisfaction, unity, pleasure, understanding, peace, etc. This short-term boost can help us choose healthier ways of long term living, or give us a break from the negative consequences of our unhealthy ways of living.

Social Response:

Though negative responses certainly exist around the internet, perhaps some people find less negative responses regarding ayahuasca online because the side effects do not express the same way as in conventional medicinal treatments, and because a lot of people try ayahuasca more responsibly, more limitedly, or towards recreational experiences they understand to run the risk of certain negative side effects.

Psychotropic substances of toutes sort have the potential to upend your neurochemistry in a way we experience as mauvais, or very bad. However, the use of natural substances tends to have a more balanced internal reception, and also entail less constant drugging and accumulating toxicity.

Many users experience greater efficacy and fewer damages using things like ayahuasca rather than the pharmaceutical approach of chemically inventing substances our brains did not evolve in contact with and trying to fake biological processes instead of facilitating the regeneration of our health through our own normal biological functioning.

Cela ne ne pas mean that ayahuasca and other natural substances are without risk, or that they are guaranteed to work. And, like any other psychotropic, their usage should be guided by a knowledgeable and experienced practitioner, whether that means an MD, a shaman, or a layman psychonaut who takes these things seriously and has done sufficient reading, learning, and experiencing.


Could ayahuasca help a particular person overcome depression? Potentially, sure. Everyone is different, and how we respond to substances, social situations, and our own mindsets can create a wide range of responsiveness and risk levels across populations.

There is scientific support for the claim that traditional psychoactive compounds have clinical efficacy and appropriateness. There is also significant scientific support against the general treatment of pharmaceutical methods as relatively safe and effective. When it comes to your own health, it is your responsibility to keep yourself, informed, critically minded, and to base your decisions on what you feel is best for your situation overall.

Sam Billings

Sam Billings, I have had just one ayahuasca experience but it was totally amazing.

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In some circumstances taking ayahuasca can be a cure for depression. I know a woman who claims her depression went away after she took ayahuasca and it has never come back. I myself have taken ayahuasca and for months afterwards I felt very at peace with everything, no sign of depression where before I took it, I did have depression. However after some time, the ayahuasca effects wear off and for some people the depression can come back. But for others, the depression may not come back, it all depends on what you learned during your experience.

Aya Quest

Aya Quest, Shaman/Chief Medicine Man -Ayahuasca/Kambo USA- KY at Aya Quest (2002-present)

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Ayahuasca has cured depression as it resets your serotonin system to include propigating receptors, more importantly is many people will see “life” from a new perspective “IF” they do the inner work of taking control of their inner dialog.

Ayahuasca is NOT a miracle, you must do the work.

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Comment Obama s'est-il enrichi?

Doug Sandlin

Doug Sandlin, Connaît bien les faits pertinents concernant Barack Obama.

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Réponse d'origine: Comment Obama a-t-il gagné son argent?

Frais d’expression, redevances et avances sur livres, et investissements judicieux qui ont augmenté avec le temps, principalement.

Sa rémunération en tant que président ($ 400,000 / an) n'a pas fait mal, mais elle est minime par rapport à ses autres revenus, au fil du temps.

«De retour en 2004, Obama disposait d'actifs dans quatre fonds financiers d'une valeur comprise entre $ 50,000 et 100,000 $. Par 2005, il avait des comptes de dépôt d’une valeur comprise entre $ 150,000 et $ 350,000.

Dans 2006, il a acquis des actifs négociés en bourse d’une valeur de plusieurs dizaines de milliers. Puis, dans 2007, il a fait l’acquisition d’un fonds du marché monétaire municipal du Nord d’une valeur allant de M $ 1 à 5 et de billets du Trésor américain d’une valeur comprise entre 500,000 et 1.

Lors de son élection, il détenait entre US $ et 1 millions de 5. En tant que président, il a continué à toucher des intérêts sur ses investissements, renforçant ainsi sa valeur nette. "

«Barack Obama génère des frais de parole pouvant atteindre 400,000 $ pour les événements devant parler en public. “

Comment Obama s'est-il enrichi?

"En 2005, Obama a signé un contrat de plusieurs livres avec Random House et a reçu une avance de 1.9 millions de dollars pour L'audace de l'espoir. La même année, il a gagné 847,000 $ grâce à une autre avance de livre.

Il a gagné des redevances de 378,000 $ 2005 et de 150,000 $ de redevances 2006. Mais dans 2007, il a touché des royalties de 3.3, plus 816,000 de Dystel & Goderich Literary Management. Obama a continué à percevoir des droits d'auteur au cours de sa présidence. Puis dans 2017, les Obama signé un contrat de livre conjoint aurait une valeur de 65 $. "

«Les actifs immobiliers augmentent également la valeur nette de Barack Obama. Mid-2017, le New York Times a rapporté que Barack et Michelle Obama dépensé millions de 8.1 acheter le 8,200-pied-carré Maison de style Tudor ils avaient loué dans le quartier de Kalorama à Washington. Ils ont décidé de rester à Washington à court terme après la fin de la présidence Obama pour permettre à leur fille cadette, Sasha, de terminer ses études secondaires dans la région.

Les Obama possèdent également une maison dans le quartier de Kenwood, dans le quartier sud de Chicago, ce qui renforce encore la valeur nette de Barack Obama. Le Chicago Tribune rapporte que le couple a déboursé des millions de dollars pour leur maison à Chicago »dans la partie supérieure de la bulle immobilière dans 2005. "

La source: Quelle est la valeur nette de Barack Obama? Tout ce que tu as besoin de savoir

Gregory J. Malone

Gregory J. Malone, ancien DRIVER / HELPER chez United Parcel Service (2014-2018)

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Réponse d'origine: Comment Barack Obama est-il devenu riche en premier lieu?

Si vous ne saviez pas que le Sénat américain a un surnom: «Le club des millionnaires». C’est là où il a commencé, bien que diplômé en droit de l’Université de Harvard et président de «Law Review», une fois son diplôme obtenu, vous pouvez rédiger votre propre billet et gagner au moins autant que les chiffres 6. Les allocutions prononcées lors des séries de conférences universitaires et les discours d’ouverture facilitent la tâche d’un Sénat ou d’un sénateur déjà fortuné après les années 1st 3, via des collectes de fonds pour son trésor de guerre politique et grâce à une majorité républicaine à la Cour suprême lorsque le juge Anton Scalia a décidé de défendre les citoyens. United, il n’existe aucune limite quant à la contribution des comités d’action politique PACS ou Super PACS ~ à l’un ou l’autre parti ou à un candidat spécifique. De plus, Barack Obama a écrit plusieurs livres qui ont fait de la liste des best-sellers du New York Times: Audacity of Hope et Notes from my Father. Inversement, toute biographie de l'ancien président imprimée ou des deux films et d'un comédien qui était un sosie mort pour Obama lui donnerait droit à des paiements de redevances. En plus de cela, il serait possible de contester des opposants qui ont utilisé le nationalisme comme un moyen de discréditer sa légitimité en tant que citoyen américain né d'une femme caucasienne du Kansas, Stanley Ann Dunham, et d'un père kényan par le biais d'un procès en diffamation. Voyez-vous comment un professeur de droit constitutionnel à la faculté de droit de Harvard a utilisé sa formation juridique pour se préparer au barrage de diatribes racistes et / ou à une stupidité de conscience concomitante afin de tirer un profit tout en exerçant son anonymat sur une chose aussi superficielle que la race? Non, vous n'avez probablement pas. En tout cas, c'est comme ça que tout a commencé. Maintenant, pour aller plus loin dans ses augmentations de richesse, vous devriez regarder comment il a investi dans l'immobilier après la résurgence de la déréglementation induite par Bush / Cheney qui a conduit à des prêteurs subprimes et à la pire récession depuis la grande dépression qu'Obama a sortie du pays de.

La seule chose que je voudrais vous implorer, c'est que si vous posez une question sur un ancien président et sur la manière dont il a acquis sa fortune, considérez ce qui suit: il semblerait que ceci ne ressemble en rien à ses prédécesseurs. fait auparavant dans une carrière politique et semble un peu comme comment est-il devenu riche sans être un pétrolier comme Bush ou un magnat de l'immobilier milliardaire comme Trump et que vous ne pouvez pas y arriver par le travail acharné et l'excellence académique? Comme c'est malheureux et condescendant, mais encore une fois en tant qu'Afro-Américain, je suis un peu habitué à la seule chose que nous pouvons acquérir de la richesse est le sport ou le divertissement.

Merci pour votre perspective néanmoins en posant une question très rhétorique.

Jeff Nécessaire

Jeff Nécessaire, ancien hospitaliste PA (2010-2017)

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Barack Obama a gagné au moins un million de dollars 20 en tant qu'auteur de trois livres depuis ses mémoires Rêves de mon père a été publié dans 2005. En tant que sénateur, puis en tant que président, le gouvernement lui a versé environ 3.7 millions de dollars en salaires. Michelle Obama était une vice-présidente bien payée de l'Université de Chicago, tandis que son mari était sénateur et elle avait également des revenus dans le conseil d'administration avant de s'en sortir pour des raisons de conflit d'intérêts (imaginez-vous, un membre du conseil d'administration). la famille d’un président préoccupée par l’apparence d’un conflit d’intérêts!). Depuis qu'il a quitté son poste, il commande des frais de 400,000 $ pour ses comparutions orales et Michelle commande $ 200,000. Ce genre d'argent s'accumule rapidement.

Oh oui, et les Obamas ont signé un contrat de livre d'un montant de 65 d'un million de livres de Penguin Random House pour des livres post-White House.

Keith Hisey

Keith Hisey, Chercheur, explorateur, directeur principal chez Geology (1980-present)

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Il suffit de regarder où Barry a obtenu son tutorat politique. Chicago est et a été l’une des villes les plus corrompues des États-Unis. Depuis l'époque de la prohibition où la ville était contrôlée par le crime organisé jusqu'à l'époque de la machine politique corrompue de Daly, rien n'a changé. Joseph Kennedy, patriarche du clan corrompu des Kennedy, est célèbre pour avoir dit à ses copains des syndicats à Chicago: "N'achetez pas un vote de plus que nécessaire" pour assurer l'élection de son fils, John Kennedy, à la présidence.

La présidence verse une somme de 400K par an, mais Barry et son épouse ont dépassé le million de dollars 12 après des années d’occupation corrompue à la Maison Blanche. Même après impôts, il économise chaque centime de son revenu qui ne dépasse pas 8. Il est assez clair que la Maison Blanche d'Obama était à vendre probablement encore plus que la Maison Blanche de Clinton. Seulement Barry l'a vendu au pays. Buffet, propriétaire des chemins de fer sur lesquels le pétrole canadien était expédié, a largement profité du retard du pipeline Keystone par Barry. Son programme sur le climat a probablement rapporté près de 1 million de dollars 3,200,000 à Al Gore et à ses poches de copains.

Le site Web coûtent plus de milliards de dollars aux contribuables à une entreprise dirigée par le beau-frère de Michelle Obama sans offre concurrentielle. En tant que professionnel du logiciel, je peux affirmer que le site Web coûte probablement trop cher aux contribuables, ce qui pourrait être une sous-estimation. On se demande combien d'argent d'Obama a caché dans des comptes non déclarés.

Vient ensuite le million de dollars 700 qui a été versé aux entreprises de technologies vertes californiennes associées aux Pelosi et qui n’a pas été comptabilisé une fois que ces entreprises se sont ruinées après moins d’un an, peut-être deux.

Ai-je besoin de continuer? Barry faisait de la politique à la chicane et à l'africaine, la corruption étant le principe fondamental. Vous n'entrez pas dans la politique pour le service public en Afrique, son père ne l'a certainement pas fait, vous plongez dans votre propre nid. Cela n'a pas fonctionné pour son papa, puisqu'il a soutenu le mauvais parti politique et a fini par devenir un alcoolique dégénéré qui a d'abord perdu ses deux jambes dans un accident, puis a perdu la vie dans un deuxième, emportant d'autres vies avec lui.

Pas étonnant que Barry ait eu des problèmes avec son père et était un narcissique qui pensait que le monde tournait autour de lui. Son père était un perdant et un homme qui ne voulait rien avoir à faire avec son fils, le voyant une fois dans sa vie.

L’histoire ne sera pas bonne avec Barry ou son épouse, malgré ce que pourraient penser les sycophants qui pensaient marcher sur l’eau.

Julie Burns

Julie Burns, Professeur d'italien et écrivain FreeLance chez Private

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Réponse d'origine: Comment Obama a-t-il gagné son argent?

Tout d'abord, par rapport à la plupart des ex-présidents, il n'est pas très riche. Jusqu'à ce qu'il vende son livre «Dreams From My Father», il remboursait toujours ses prêts d'études. Voici la répartition de Forbes:

$ 130,000. des conseils d'administration

Salaire 3.1 Million from Presidential

Salaire $ 610,000 from Senate

$ 760,000 de l'université de Chicago Hospitals (ancien poste de Michelle)

6.8 Million de «Rêve de mon père»

8.8 Million de «Audacity of Hope» et «De toi je chante: lettres à mes filles»

Le président Obama est un écrivain formidable et incroyablement doué. Comme vous le voyez, le gros de ses revenus provenait de ses écrits. Les ex-présidents gagnent également des honoraires de parole élevés (bien que ceux-ci ne figurent pas dans cette ventilation) et il restera très demandé sur ce circuit.

Dan Rosenberg

Dan Rosenberg, Voté deux fois pour Obama, aucun regret

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C'est probablement assez néfaste et consiste à prêcher le manifeste communiste pour Saul Alinsky, à promouvoir la Nation of Islam pour Farrakan, à vendre de la cocaïne dans son Kenya natal et à faire du porte à porte dans des États rouges en confisquant les armes à feu des maisons de patriotes Propriétaires d'armes américains.

Du moins, c'est ce que les partis d'extrême droite pourraient vous faire croire.

Je continue à voir des questions sur Quora à propos d’Obama et de sa richesse, comme s’il l’avait d’une manière ou d’une autre acquise de manière peu savoureuse.

Obama s'est en fait enrichi en empruntant un itinéraire très difficile, l'un des seuls essais réussis dans l'histoire de 45. Il a écrit un livre qui ne s'est pas vendu beaucoup, mais il a ensuite remporté la présidence américaine et le livre est devenu un best-seller. En outre, en tant qu'ancien président, on lui propose des centaines de milliers de dollars par discours. Rien de nouveau ni même mystérieusement à ce sujet, vu que Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton et George W. Bush ont tous utilisé leurs ex-présidences pour accumuler les frais de parole et vendre des livres égoïstes.

J'aurais bien aimé arrêter de voir ces questions, mais au moins elles me donnent une chance d'être créative.

Selon certaines rumeurs, Amazon acceptera Bitcoin comme moyen de paiement d'ici octobre 2017. En quoi cela est-il vrai et quel en sera l'impact sur Bitcoin?

Anoop John

Anoop John

Répondu il y a 55w

Réponse courte - Fausses nouvelles, mais ce sera bien si Amazon commence à accepter les Bitcoins comme moyen de paiement.

Et ces nouvelles, ainsi que les tweets trompeurs de Twitter, ont fait grimper le prix du Bitcoin de 3522 USD à 3803 USD. Le problème est que les gens vont recommencer à vendre dès qu’ils se rendent compte que la nouvelle n’est pas authentique.

Cette rumeur circule sur le marché depuis 2013. PFB le lien vers un article publié dans 2014, affirmant qu'Amazon peut accepter les Bitcoins comme paiements bientôt.

Amazon remporte un brevet pour Bitcoin Payment for Cloud Services

Joshua Babicz

Joshua Babicz, Analyste de programme II (2017 présent)

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Selon un bulletin d'information publié par James Altucher, Amazon pourrait annoncer le bitcoin comme forme de paiement dès octobre 26, 2017 lors de l'appel de ses revenus.

James Altucher a (co) fondé plus de sociétés 20, est l'auteur de livres 11 et a contribué à plusieurs publications majeures.

Il est un ancien gestionnaire de fonds de couverture et capital-risque devenu blogueur / podcasteur activiste. Il propose une liste de diffusion basée sur un abonnement - la source des informations Amazon.

En lisant certains de ses articles et en écoutant ses podcasts, il fournit des informations très intelligentes sur la manière de tirer parti du monde basé sur la cupidité dans lequel nous vivons -de manière très positive. Il a souvent plus raison que tort.

Cela pourrait être faux, je ne dis pas ses vraies nouvelles. Il a bien dit Amazon. Scott Mullins l'a confirmé. Mais la façon dont le sifflement est formulé le fait sonner faux. Voici le lien.

Selon James Altucher, le dirigeant d'Amazon, Scott Mullins, a confirmé qu'Amazon accepterait le bitcoin dès octobre • r / Bitcoin

En ce sens, cela aiderait à valider l'existence des bitcoins, en les rendant plus courants et en faisant monter les prix. Voyons maintenant les sceptiques de Bitcoin essayer de le dire.

Vishnu Reddy

Vishnu Reddy, ancien Bitcoin Miner

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Oui, il y a des chances pour que les bitcoins soient acceptés dans de nombreux modèles et le prix des bitcoins peut augmenter plus rapidement que 10000 $. Donc, je suggère de vérifier ce site génial et de le rejoindre gratuitement maintenant COINX TRADING

Double toi bitcoin et somme avec le site de confiance sur internet. Il suffit de vous inscrire maintenant et vous saurez comment se multiplier. Bonne chance.

Sai Thakur

Sai Thakur, Développeur logiciel senior chez Hewlett-Packard (2008-present)

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Si ce n'est que bientôt, vous pouvez voir bitcoin monter en flèche vers 10k. Mais alors je doute fort que cela puisse être aussi vite!

Je crois que cela peut arriver par 2020

Combien de droits d'importation devrai-je payer si j'importe un téléphone portable de Chine via Alibaba?

Maulik Shah

Maulik Shah, Nous aidons les entreprises à importer de la Chine sans risque 100%. Nous sommes vos meilleurs agents d'exportation en Chine.

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Le droit total est 18.59%

J'imagine que les téléphones mobiles ont besoin d'un certificat BIS pour pouvoir passer la douane et être utilisés en Inde.



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Je suppose qu'environ 30% de l'évaluation effectuée par les agents des douanes de votre article peut être supérieur au total 30% mais que vous éviterez probablement les droits de douane si vous les recevez par la poste chinoise.

Comment les bons de réduction et les codes promotionnels rapportent-ils de l'argent?

Rahil Khan

Rahil Khan, Director, - India's first coupon feed service.

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Most coupon websites make money via Affiliate marketing. That is, they earn commissions for sales they generate.

A good beginners guide on affiliate marketing is on:


Harish, studied at E-Commerce

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Hi, all coupon websites make money via Affiliate marketing. They earn commissions for sales they generate. Mytokri is Deals & Coupon website. Mytokri a great collection of handpicked online coupons for thousand of Indian web stores, which helps you save huge money.


Couponzpoint, Flipkart Coupons

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Through affiliate program coupon sites will get money. And you can also save huge money on shopping with their coupons. Couponzpoint is one of the trustworthy site where you can get the best and working flipkart coupons, snapdeal coupons, Amazon India coupons and more coupons for all the leading online shopping websites in India including flight tickets and hotel bookings.

Rakesh K

Rakesh K, Coupons and savings

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Bonjour, merci pour A2A.

There is a market called Affiliate market from which you can all the coupon codes and promo codes are evolving day-by-day and yes they make money.

How do they make money?

As I said they are in the market of affiliate marketing this market trends are like this

PPC - Pay per click

PPL - Pay per Lead

PPB - Pay per Buy

so here is your answer the affiliate sites like GoSavingenerate money from the above trend.
If you’re into saving don’t forget to visit / bookmark Gosavin’

William Sanders

William Sanders

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There are lots of margin price in the real cost of manufacturing and selling the product; they, however, put the sufficient price of the product through which they can get profit after the discount coupon, so no need to worry about the companies who provide the coupon codes. I would suggest you visit for more information on promo codes.

Ce qui serait plus facile à apprendre en tant que débutant, sur la page SEO ou hors page SEO?

Krisstopher Kylor

Krisstopher Kylor, SEO developer

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I was originally worried about ranking my sites and also it was too hard to understand about SEO. However I discovered an online site where I learnt more about Search engine optimization as well as it's methods.

Visitez ce website to find out much more about SEO and online money making methods. Not really a self promotion, they helped me a lot so I want to give them a reference here. Anyway allow me to give a clear answer to your question.

On-Page Vs Off-Page SEO

On-Page Vs Off-Page SEO : SEO or Search Engine Optimization refers to the set of practices, strategies, and techniques which are employed to boost the number of visitors to a website by achieving a placement of high-ranking placement in the search results pages of search engines (SERP) which includes Google, Bing, Yahoo, Rediff and other search engines.

Ce qui serait plus facile à apprendre en tant que débutant, sur la page SEO ou hors page SEO?

When it comes to SEO there are two types known as On-Page and Off-Page SEO. On-Page refers to everything occurring in the inside of a website which can be controlled by the site admin or site owner. Off-Page refers to everything occurring on the outside of a website which cannot be directly controlled by the site admin or the site owner.

On-Page Vs Off-Page SEO : Complete Guide

We will now discuss both the types of SEO while looking into details of best practices which are popular amongst net users and their contribution to SEO. Given below are the components of On-Page SEO:

On-Page SEO components : On-Page Vs Off-Page SEO

  • The Content Itself

The actual written and visual content including text, audio and video content, and images such as infographics play the most important role in the SEO optimization. Content which flows naturally and is not keyword heavy is picked up by search engine spider bots for ranking the particular page and fares much better than content overly populated with keywords.

Ce qui serait plus facile à apprendre en tant que débutant, sur la page SEO ou hors page SEO?

*Note :- Before writing content, you must do keyword research and select a Target Keyword. While writing the content use the target keyword and related keywords in the content. Also, Target Keyword must come in Title, H1, H2, Meta Description, Image Alt..etc. In this post, my Target Keyword is “On-Page Vs Off-Page SEO” which you can see in every important place.

  • Tags de titre

Title tags which head content are one of the chief ways search engine bots (called spiders) catalog and index web pages, thus setting the page ranking for the content. When title tags directly address the content at hand, web pages rank higher. And also title tags are more suitable for indexing when they are readable which leads to the presence in the rank listing. Target Keyword must be used for a title tag provided they are placed sensible and no keyword stuffing occurs.

  • Rubriques

Search engine spiders take into account Header tags which are useful to rank site importance with respect to the section of textual content within a document. A minimum of one H1-tagged header is needed to reinforce an overview of your said content. Also, H1 must contain the Target Keyword. You must have the H1 and H2 with the Target Keyword.

  • Structure d'URL

URL structure of a web page or a website is ranked higher when it makes sense and is readable as a real word. Server directory structures with non-word letters grouped together as an unreadable sequence should be avoided as it ranks low on search engine ranking.

Ce qui serait plus facile à apprendre en tant que débutant, sur la page SEO ou hors page SEO?

  • Alt-Text Tags For Images and Video

While written or textual content is easy to index, images and videos are tagged by using something known as Alt-Text tags for search engines to read the tags. A great alt-text markup tag on images and other forms of content graphics can be composed using an accurate description of the tagged content and its name. Once this is done, google and other search engines are able to recognize and index graphics leading to them being displayed in search engine results.

Ce qui serait plus facile à apprendre en tant que débutant, sur la page SEO ou hors page SEO?

I would like to recommend that please refer our detailed guide on OnPage Optimization to master in this subject.

  • Meta Description

Meta Description is nothing but a brief about your post and what it contain. It will help the searchers to select the appropriate articles according to their requirements from SERP. See the image below;

Ce qui serait plus facile à apprendre en tant que débutant, sur la page SEO ou hors page SEO?

Also, meta description will read by search engine crawler. So it is important to write the Meta Description for every post with the Target Keyword.

Ce qui serait plus facile à apprendre en tant que débutant, sur la page SEO ou hors page SEO?

For WordPressers, you can download Yoast SEO plugin and there is an option for Meta Description.

  • Liens internes

One of the simplest ways to increase your search engine page rankings is to link your web pages internally. That means you will have to find content that relates to each other within your own web pages and construct links to each other. This intra-site interlinking leads to organic increases in your search engine page ranks and also helps ease page navigation hassles for your users. Inside this post, you can see the red-coloured links, which are the examples of internal linking.

Just for your reference; There are 3 kinds of links. Internal linking (Linking between our own post to increase the domain authority), External Linking (Linking to outside website from our post to increase the relevancy of our post), and Backlinking (Other websites are linking to our site or post for their readers reference. It will happen only when we publish a quality content and also that content is capable of solving your readers doubt.). All are important to get good ranking in SERP.

  • Page Speed

The speed of which your web pages load also contributes to site rankings. If you have slow loading site pages you will be listed low by site indexing bots of search engines. Another obvious reason why you should have high page speeds is because the faster the page loads the happier the browser is to go through your content and the more the user goes through your existing content. Refer these points to improve your page load time.

Off-Page SEO Components : On-Page Vs Off-Page SEO

The components of Off-Page SEO are harder to execute because it is harder to directly control or manage. The most important components are given below:

  • Increasing Domain Authority

Domain authority is an umbrella term for several indicators that as a whole show how reliable and trustworthy a given website is. The more authoritative a given website is, the higher it will rank on search engine page ranks. There are several indicators that decide the authority a website holds over a domain such as factual nature of the content, the number of times the content is shared on social media, the quality of links in the site, and even how mobile-friendly the website is. You can refer our previous post, How to Increase the Domain Autorité.

  • Présence dans les médias sociaux

As already mentioned above, social media sharing plays a major role in site rankings. Sites with a higher number of shares on social media have better site rankings due to the optimal indexing of web pages. Increasing user engagement by promoting content sharing on social media sites instantly boost page rankings

  • Link Earning

This refers to when other sites or web pages with superior domain authority link to your website and boost your page rankings by association alone. The only condition for this to work is to have organic linking to your site. Paid linking and link circle will ultimately lead to lowered page rankings as search engines weed out inorganic linking. For more details, please refer How to do link building and How to get Quality Backlinks through the content.

Ce qui serait plus facile à apprendre en tant que débutant, sur la page SEO ou hors page SEO?

  • Blogs invités

When a site owner is picked as a guest blogger for another website, there is a mutually beneficial relationship of boosting each other’s websites that happen. And the domain authority of the site you are writing for along with your own site will see a rise in domain authority.

  • Community Forum Participation

Another elaborate way to give your website an SEO boost online is to engage in community forum discussions. Active involvement in discussion boards online ensures user engagement by building contacts online and networking with like-minded individuals online. The only condition to this working is to stay active in the discussion forums and make valued contributions to the discussion online. Google plus and Reddit are great places to achieve this.

On-Page SEO Vs Off-Page SEO : Which one is Important

In On-Page Vs Off-Page SEO, most of the people have the same doubt. The answer is both are important. On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO are equally important, feeding off each other. Original content is just as much important as conscious and indirect SEO optimization. It is best to do both types of SEO in moderation striking an effective balance between On-Page and Off-Page SEO practices.

Jeffery Gray

Jeffery Gray, Spécialiste du marketing numérique

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Off Page SEO is a simple thing. There are lots of online resources available from where you can learn OFF Page activities such as,

  • Directory Submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • PPT Submission
  • Video Submission
  • Image Submission
  • le marketing de contenu

The above activities are some of the regular based activities if you want to be rank better in Search Engine.

Here are some of the good resources:

SEO Chat Forums

Optimisation des moteurs de recherche

SEO Forum. Pure and Simple. Learn SEO today!

Explore yourself here, you can easily learn in & out of SEO.

I hope this answer can help you.

Bonne chance!


Shree, Technology Enthusiast (2010-present)

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On page and off page SEO techniques both are easy and work extremely well when implemented together.

Here are some on-page SEO and off-page SEO tricks for you to get started.

Ce qui serait plus facile à apprendre en tant que débutant, sur la page SEO ou hors page SEO?

All SEO strategies are focused on increasing a website ranking in search engine results and boost organic traffic to your website.

And to do so, a website must be designed and developed as per Google’s secret algorithm.

That’s exactly what SEO is all about.

Google’s algorithm can be divided into two categories that determines your website’s ranking.

  • On-Page Factors (help you increase your website ranking in search engine results page i.e. SERPs)
  • Off- Page Factors (help you drive organic traffic to your website)

On-page Factors:

1. SEO-friendly URL: among key on-page SEO factors

According to Google, first 3-5 words in your URL are of great importance.

Therefore, make sure you make your URLs short and simple.

Also, don’t forget to add your keywords in your URL.

So, all you need to do is avoid ugly and long URLs.

2. Begin Title with your Keyword

While framing your blog post title, make sure you add your keywords in the very beginning of the Title.

This is because your title tag is one of the most significant on-page SEO factor.

Also, the closer the keyword is to the beginning of your title tag, the more weight it carries in search engines.

Here’s our blog example, 15 Off-Page SEO Techniques You Need to Know Right Now.

Ce qui serait plus facile à apprendre en tant que débutant, sur la page SEO ou hors page SEO?

Again, you need not always start your title tag with a target keyword. However, if you do that would be great!

3. Use Modifiers for Title

Adding modifiers to your such as ‘2018’, ‘Review’, ‘Best’, ‘Guide’, etc. always help you achieve long tail version of your keywords.

So, make sure you have at least one modifier when you are looking for on-page SEO factors.

Read more: On-page SEO tricks for beginners.

Apprendre Off-page SEO tricks for beginners to enhance website’s SEO.

To know more on SEO Service, cliquez ici.

Hope this helps!


Crazy Hippos

Crazy Hippos, Expert en marketing numérique

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When it comes to SEO, you must be knowing both ON-Page and OFF-Page SEO. But for beginners OFF-Page SEO is much easier to understand and learn when compared to ON-Page process.

3 Essential SEO Tips and Tricks

Ce qui serait plus facile à apprendre en tant que débutant, sur la page SEO ou hors page SEO?

À la recherche de seo services in chennai or digital marketing company chennai, CrazyHippos is ready to assist you.



Ce qui serait plus facile à apprendre en tant que débutant, sur la page SEO ou hors page SEO?

Jenny Ross

Jenny Ross, Blogger, SEO Expert & Digital Marketer

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It totally depends on your interest (needless to say you have to learn both the techniques eventually).

If you have a knack for marketing then initiate with off-page optimization. Off-page is all about promoting your website/web page (i.e. perform optimization DE la toile page) on various platforms (promoting blog posts and a lot of other activities to increase brand exposure).

On-page, on the other hand, requires technical skills to optimize your website and make it SEO-friendly (i.e. perform optimization ON la toile page). You'll have to check all the SEO parameters and later use your creative skills to craft keyword-filled meta tags (title, meta description, alt tag, etc.) for the site.

In a nutshell..

Off-page requires marketing + creative skills

On-page requires technical + SEO content writing skills

Atlanta SEO Expert - Matthew Lane

Atlanta SEO Expert - Matthew Lane, SEO Consultant, 15+ Years of Internet Marketing.

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Off-page, simply avoid spam links, backlink bots, anything that guarantee backlinks is probably a scam. Most link building can be done by anyone, check this out:

Why is bitcoin supply finite and not dollar supply?

John Bailey

John Bailey, Co-auteur d'un article publié sur l'application de Blockchain aux réseaux sociaux

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Rentrée d'argent (US dollars) for the USA is controlled by the Federal Reserve. Their obligation is to release just enough additional money so as to maintain the level of inflation within safe limits. Politique monétaire decides the tradeoff between inflation, employment and other factors such as exchange rate with other currency.

Central banks use a number of tools to shape monetary policy. Open market operations directly affect the money supply through buying short-term government bonds (to expand money supply) or selling them (to contract it). Benchmark interest rates, such as the LIBOR​ and the Fed funds rate, affect the demand for money by raising or lowering the cost to borrow—in essence, money's price. When borrowing is cheap, firms will take on more debt to invest in hiring and expansion; consumers will make larger, long-term purchases with cheap credit; and savers will have more incentive to invest their money in stocks or other assets, rather than earn very little—and perhaps lose money in real terms—through savings accounts. Policy makers also manage risk in the banking system by mandating the réserves that banks must keep on hand. Higher des réserves obligatoires put a damper on lending and rein in inflation.

Bitcoin releases new coins on a fixed schedule so that currently the supply of bitcoin is 15.2 million with 21 million as the eventual limit. This is the result of parameters built in to the bitcoin (distributed) software. The choice of the architecture and these parameters were probably the result of the ideology of Satoshi Nakamoto and the other founders who wanted a monetary system that was not subject of government meddling.

Joseph Holleman

Joseph Holleman

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Bitcoin’s supply is finite because it was the intention of its original designers to create an alternative currency that would not be subject to the whims of any government’s monetary policy.

But Bitcoin’s finite supply is also part of what creates its enormous price volatility and makes it generally a disadvantage for your every day merchant to accept because few of them are knowledgeable enough to be currency speculators.

Furthermore, while its great to sell products and services for Bitcoin while prices are soaring, what happens when that turns? Merchants do not want to have to deal with that potential instability.

The USD is a REAL currency that merchants use to exchange for goods and services every day. It’s supply is not finite in order to insure that there is ample supply to meet the demands of merchants at relatively stable prices. Of course, this is not always the case because of policies enacted by the US government to finance its debts or pay for wars, but overall it makes the USD stable enough, at least for now, to be advantageous to use for commercial transactions, far more so than Bitcoin.

Nael Shahbaz

Nael Shahbaz, Gestionnaire de patrimoine chez SAMT AG

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Satoshi Nakamoto (the creator of bitcoin) made bitcoin to resemble gold; finite supply that could be mined. After all the 21 million bitcoins are mined, that’ll be the end, unless the Nakamoto protocol changes or modifies. There are no governments or banks involved here. Bitcoin is not specific to a country.

The case of FIAT or dollar is entirely different. Dollar is supplied to the market under ‘expansionary monetary policy’. In the U.S. the Federal Reserve controls the supply of money.

If they want to see more dollars in the market, they buy financial assets such as U.S. Treasury Bonds from banks. If they decide the opposite, they sell these securities back to banks (buying the dollars back).

Why do they do it?

The Federal Reserve sets an interest rate target for the overnight rate (Federal funds). When Federal funds rate is higher than the target, the New York Reserve Bank increases money supply. Conversely, when Federal funds rate is less than the target, the NY Bank decreases money supply.

Asset Management - How It Works - SAMT AG

Carl Leitz

Carl Leitz

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In economics it is the classical supply demand relationship that is throttled by profit mongers to create fake value or wealth.

Fake value includes paper and digital currencies.

Limiting the supply to less than the created demand increases fake value in fake dollar terms.

Those who have excédent fake value in dollars speculate on digital currencies. The net effect is still the same amount of fake value exchanged only owned by different players.

Valeur équivaut à La nature which sustains all vie.

Valuenomics is the real value replacement for economics and fake value.

Without natures real value fake value loses its utility.

As real value diminishes fake value is exposed as worthless, belief in fake value evaporates and the result is zero.

Nobody can live on fake value alone and nobody will trade real value for fake value without some assurance that real value will remain available.

This collapse in fake value almost happened in 2008 during the great recession.

Fake value is a figment of human imagination. Fake value cannot sustain life.

Still today humanity is back to trusting in fake value even while nature is being destroyed at an ever increasing pace.

Natures real value is the singular essence of value for all living organisms including we mammals.

Read my blogs and follow the topic valuenomics.


Bram Ynse Kale

Bram Ynse Kale, Sociologue imprudent, économiste de formation, praticien.

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Because it doesn’t matter.

The only thing important to currency is whether the total known (growth rate of) total issuance is publicly known. The easiest way is to have a fixed, no money illusion, relativistic, and a deeply divisible total issuance (bitcoin). The other way is to have a “stable”, non relativistic money illusion creeping, pegged to it’s historic self (consumer price index mechanism), slightly inflating currency (the dollar)

Technically, for a currency to be currency any rational (divisible) amount of it must be interchangeable (fungible), at lower cost than it’s next best substitute (transferable), with it’s product with the reciprocal of the total known issuance (scarce), no matter the minting date, for at least the duration of any transaction (durable).