Can you fund your own Kickstarter? If so, is the only drawback that Kickstarter takes a 5% fee?

Chern Ann Ng

Chern Ann Ng, Millions de $ 46 financés sur Kickstarter

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Réponse d'origine: Can I contribute to my own Kickstarter?

No, you cannot. Kickstarter has in the past cancelled projects where creators have allegedly done that. This is explicitly stated here: Questions du créateur

Stijn Hommes

Stijn Hommes, Bailleur de fonds Avid Kickstarter.

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As Chern Ann Ng explained, neither Kickstarter, nor their payment partners allow you to contribute to your own Kickstarter project.

That’s a good thing, though, because it tends to get you in serious financial trouble. (I’m assuming you’re raising money to fund a project you can’t actually afford to do without the raised funds. If you can, Kickstarter is the wrong place to begin with).

Basically, the 5% fee would only be the first of several downsides. You’d also have less of a potential market than expected for whatever you’re making and you’d pay yourself into the obligation to deliver on the project for the other people who backed you.

If a project is failing and you don’t know why, then let it fail, read up on KS Lessons et réessayer plus tard.

Harald Korneliussen

Harald Korneliussen, connaît une partie de l'histoire du système de gage de seuil

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No, this is against the Kickstarter terms of service (or at least it used to be, can't find the notice of it right now). You cannot contribute to your own project. Amazon Payments won't permit it.

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The credit card companies see paying yourself as an attempt to give yourself a cash advance. Therefore, Amazon will shut down your payments account if it detects a payment to you from you.

I, as a backer, also see it as somewhat dishonest to support your own project. It gives the impression that there is more public support than there actually is. It's better to be careful about where you set the limit, and if you can afford to support your own project with $1000, you instead set the limit $1000 lower.

David Garber

David Garber, Spécialiste de la liaison (2015-present)

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No. Kickstarter policy specifically prohibits creators pledging to their own projects. Some creator try to do so, anyway, but Kickstarter has clever ways of identifying when they are doing this. Creators who pledge to their own projects risk having those campaigns cancelled. If you can’t get funded without using your own money, then you may need to rethink your product.

Kyle Tummonds

Kyle Tummonds, Défenseur des médias sociaux chez Thrinacia Inc

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I would say yes and no. Lots of people donate to their own Crowdfunding campaign as a means to entice others to donate as well. If you donate, you are losing money, as a means to better market your campaign. No one wants to be the first one to arrive to a party, and sames goes with Crowdfunding. In the long run however, you should not be worried about receiving your first donation as long as you run a successful pre-launch campaign. For more details go ici .

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Augustin Kennady

Augustin Kennady, Directeur des relations avec les médias chez ShipMonk (2016-present)

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I complètement misread the question.

I thought you asked if you could fund your propre Kickstarter. As in, you want to use Kickstarter’s platform to fund your own Kickstarter-esque crowdfunding platform.

I love this idea, and I think you should start this campaign immediately. Bonus points if you call it something like “FireUpper” or “StartUpper” or “GetOffTheGrounder”.

Maybe this has been done before, but the concept makes me giggle.

And, as other people have pointed out, you’re not permis to fund your own Kickstarter from Ton compte. Are there ways around it? Yes. Of course.

But just remember: if you have to push your Kickstarter campaign over the top, and you’ve truly done everything you could to get it out there, maybe it just isn’t ready for market at this time.

Bonne chance là-bas!

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