Bitcoin is taking over the world or will collapse. Both are possible outcomes. Who is doing mathematical calculations to find out when countries are likely to intervene? What would happen to society if Bitcoin took over the world?

Elizabeth Greene

Elizabeth Greene, I am not an expert.

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Bitcoin will not, in its current form, take over the world. The protocol has hard scalability limits that make it impractical for daily use as currency for eight billion people. Specifically it limits on the maximum number of transactions that can fit in a block, and limits block generation to once every ten minutes. Even with the recent changes to the protocol it can only handle about 10 transactions per second. That would limit each person on earth to less than one transaction per week.

Furthering the impracticality of this is the obscene amount of time it takes to confirm a transaction. I can’t wait 4 or 6 hours for a transaction to confirm while I’m waiting to ship a part out via priority first a.m. overnight. It doesn’t work.

Bitcoin has been wildly successful, and I want it to stay that way. That said, the bitcoin community should address the scale issues now to drive wider adoption. Blockchain technology is incredibly powerful, and Bitcoin has a huge first mover advantage. That doesn’t mean that Bitcoin ne peut pas be replaced by another better implementation.

Huston Smith

Huston Smith

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Bitcoin will not take over the world.

It is a fiat currency and should be treated no differently than a stock. It is rising now but at some point it will crash, at the point of crashing it could very likely go bankrupt or just be worth so little that it doesn’t mean anything anymore.

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Since there is no standard to protect its value it is tangibly worthless. Similarly to the American dollar, which is a fiat currency(yes, this will crash some day as well), the only reason that it has any value is because the US government tells us it does.

A type of currency like gold or silver is something tangible, something that is real. I encourage you to read more about this, I still do not know enough but what I can say is that if you want a truly safe investment stick with gold, it has been used for thousands of years and will be used for thousands more.

You have to understand that BITCOIN IS A FAD. It truly has no value apart from how much it is bought by consumers.

Graham Goldie

Graham Goldie

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This the most contradicting question I’ve ever heard. How can bitcoin collapse but still take over the world? How can you mathematically calculate a crypto market? How do you even dress yourself in the morning with these kind of thoughts on life things?

Marc Henry

Marc Henry, mineur de crypto-monnaie, investisseur, opérateur de masternode

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Steady on, bitcoin is just a currency, it's not Godzilla,

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