Are there any affiliate programs in the United States which provide a search API and pay via PayPal or Payoneer?

Manu Jamwal

Manu Jamwal, Master of Commerce from Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India

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There are many campaign’s those converting good in USA includes Gearbest, Modanisa, Sammydress, Zaful, Gamiss, Stylewe, Tbdress, Photobook, Amazon, Rosewe, Banggood, Shien and lots of others. I’m promoting all these programs from last 1 years are earning around USD10000 every month.

For promotion i’m use landing pages, cross channel email marketing and SEM only. If you are good in these activities you earn lots.

Important to note here to Fly Media Network has Affiliate program with best commission payout for the affiliates. Anyone can signup for free and join this program + many other affiliate programs like this. Sign Up from here

Aosen Wang

Aosen Wang

Répondu il y a 68w

Recommend Gearbest's Affiliate program (Gearbest Affiliate). It is from China, a cross-border electric business company, which is made in China's goods are inexpensive products, so the turnover rate is relatively high. The point is that its commission rate seems to be the highest in the Affiliate website, which is 2% higher than Amazon's overall.

Hamza Shah

Hamza Shah, Commercialisation

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