Are Bitcoin transaction fees treated as regular transactions? What stops a miner from including just the transaction fee?

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They are not treated as transactions at all. They are what happens to any Bitcoin you claim to be spending and didn’t specify where it should go.

Suppose you receive 2 Bitcoins from Alice, and you would like to send 1 Bitcoin to Fred. Your wallet makes a transaction that takes the 2 Bitcoins you got from Alice, sends 1 to Fred, and sends the other back to yourself. That last part is invisible to you as the user, but if you look up your transaction, you’ll see a “change address” that you’ve never heard of as an output alongside your intended recipient. It’s actually another address you control that your wallet creates under the hood.

Suppose now you’d like to include a 0.01 Bitcoin transaction fee. The resulting transaction will only send 0.99 Bitcoins back to the change address. The total outputs from the transaction will be 1.99 instead of 2. The 0.01 Bitcoin that was input into the transaction, but not output to another address, goes to the miner of the transaction.

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