Ai-je besoin d'un compte marchand avant de démarrer mon entreprise?

Kate Shevchenko

Kate Shevchenko, Responsable marketing en ligne chez PayPro Global Inc.

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For accepting payments online you have 2 options basically:

- "DIY" - open a merchant account and look for a payment gateway (gateways) or payment provider that will connect you with the network of gateways


- Use complete ecommerce solution - payment processing service with a platform to manage products, pricing, campaigns and more in one place

If you want to sell globally you might want to go with an ecommerce solution. Now depending on the type of product you are selling there are a few options out there:

For retailers:

- Opencart

- Shopify

- Magento

For digital products:

- 2 Checkout

- PayPro Global

If you want a solution that fits you business needs and gives you the tools to grow revenue worldwide than check out PayPro Global. We'll be happy to answer any of your questions.

Brian Chester

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If you want to accept credit card payments - either in person, online, or over the phone - then you’ll need to get a merchant account.

Merchant accounts are usually provided by credit card processors, which are companies that facilitate the exchange of communication and funds between the multitude of entities involved in a credit card transaction.

  • A compte marchand is simply a service contract between you – as a business owner – and a payment processor. The agreement says the processor will process your credit card transactions and debit related fees from your business’ bank account by ACH. And, that’s it – it’s just a service agreement.

In order to get the best merchant account, you’ll want to find a PCI compliant payment gateway that integrates with your ERP/accounting system or online shopping cart. It’s best to get your merchant account and payment gateway from the same payment processor. That way, all of your information will be in one place, with one account.

Katherine Pensatori

Katherine Pensatori, Spécialiste produit chez United Thinkers (2009-present)

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If you want to accept credit card payments, then you do need a merchant account. You can get it through the system, offered by the online shopping card system, or through a POS system.

The problem of getting a merchant account has two sides: technical and legal (regulatory). These are conceptually reflected by the two main steps, associated with getting a merchant account:

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1) finding payment gateway partnership and implementing a payment gateway integration and

2) finding acquiring bank partnership.

Here are two articles on the subject, that you should, definitely, read if you see that you do need to open a merchant account: Défis des Startup Merchants - La philosophie de la paie, Pourquoi avez-vous besoin d'acquérir des partenariats bancaires?.

Chloe Ward

Chloe Ward, Développement des affaires chez Ikajo International

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As credit card payments are on the rise, you cannot miss out on allowing your prospects to pay online. That’s the reason - yes - you do need un compte marchand before you start your e-commerce business.

Thanks to having a merchant account, you can accept payments from credit card holders due to a special agreement between your business and an acquiring bank.

Ai-je besoin d'un compte marchand avant de démarrer mon entreprise?

If you don’t have e-commerce business yet, creating a merchant account is a good place to start. Before you dive into the world of online business, research different merchant account providers and find the best-fitting one.

In case, you don’t know what to begin with, check out our blog post ‘How to Create a Merchant Account’, walking you through merchant account creation step by step.

Before you get into the nitty-gritty of merchant account services, make sure you know how online payments work at all.

Autrement dit, transaction lifecycle is all about three main concepts.

1. A payment gateway. This is the software, transferring financial information from the merchant to the acquiring bank.

2. A payment processor. This is a company or a financial institution, responsible for procession, storage, and analysis of merchant transactions.

3. A merchant account. As you already know, it’s an agreement between the merchant and the acquiring bank.

Si vous voulez en savoir plus sur the difference between a payment gateway, a payment processor, and a merchant account, head on over to our website and discover it!

Hope this helps!

Jake Smith

Jake Smith, former Financial Consultant at Self-Employment

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Definitely “yes” if you want to be able to accept credit card payments.

I’ve recently explained this notion in my article “How to Create a Merchant Account”. But I can shortly repeat what I said there.

A merchant account is “an agreement between a merchant and an acquiring bank which allows the former to process and accept credit card payments. By signing this agreement, a merchant agrees to abide by the operating regulations established by Visa, MasterCard, or any other brand.”

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Therefore, if you want to reach out to a wide range of customers willing to pay for your goods and services with their credit cards, a merchant account is a must-have for you.

You might wonder now how to choose the best merchant account provider and how to open such an account with him.

To answer these questions, please read my full article “How to Create a Merchant Account”. I promise it will of much help to you here!

Daniel Brain

Daniel Brain, Fournisseur de compte marchand chez Merchant Stronghold

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Hi there,Yes, If you want accept payment by credit card. so you will need to get a merchant account.

Process - how to open merchant account? it easily.

In United States, Internet Secure affords merchant account services. If someone started a business as owner then they unified with the Internet Secure merchant gateway where provide authorization to payment process through any method like order forms, shopping cart, or standard orders.


For a business owner, it’s stressful that merchant account will go to rejection. A contradiction might make you question to your business existence. In fact, denial of an entire channel of payment processing probably crippling impact on business.


A provider has checked personal credit history of customer i.e. revealing trouble of paying bills. A merchant services provider does not want to get on a customer who can view as a susceptibility, even if a customer that pay in a good proceeding of profit will have to reduce the value to a bad credit history.


A merchant will be labeled as a High-Risk Business and High Risk commit to a raised percentage of chargebacks, it can solely point to the published brand blended with the type of business.When a customer attempts to chargebacks for pay back his credit for one reason or another. The method of fighting chargebacks needs some time and if the merchant loses chargebacks, then it costs everyone who associated.


If business owner looking a Secure Compte marchand suivez ces étapes:

  • Create a Business Required Strategy

Before reaching merchant services, Recognize some circumstances:

  • Should be looking which payment type preferred by customers.
  • Which you prefer for order and transactions i.e. phone order or online transactions.
  • You are providing recurring fees support system.
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Above factors will help you to determine the best type of merchant account for business. A merchant may need to a secure passerelle de paiement for their business to take securely order at over day and i.e. integrate with website. If you willing to recurring monthly payment then you should able to take Automated Clearing House payments.

  • Comparing Option should be start

You may research the market and their find at least ones that give you an idea to make enticing for your business. When you appoint a salesman and talking about your product who agrees on low processing fees, you should ask yourself how they can manage to obtain it so low?The real risk of low budget companies when sacrificing on quality and trouble with satisfaction can take businesses down.

  • Able to Setting it up and Moving Better

By the way, this is different of determining a business leader, for a powerful way to grow their business and moving instantly.Sometimes a merchant takes so many days to fulfill every step included with getting account activation. Sometimes a merchant takes so many days to fulfill every step included with getting account activation. But if you had a planned to set up your business, may take minimum time to become business track.

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