Is ayahuasca a cure for depression? Why are there no negative comments on ayahuasca on the net?

Sam Moss

Sam Moss, Failure is the only option.

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No, I don't think there is any reason to believe that ayahuasca is a cure for depression, or even a reasonable treatment for any case of Major Depressive Disorder.

You will undoubtedly find some anecdotal evidence online or directly from other people, but modern medicine is literally built on the fact that assuming that because one, or even a few people report being helped does not amount to evidence for a cure.

When you consider potential medical treatments for a disease you have to take into account a lot of information that might(read:will) be lost in anecdotes. There is the placebo effect, the tendency for some diseases to naturally remit over time, other changes in a persons' life that might be concurrent with the use of the drug, changes in diet or setting and a million others. As far as I am concerned anecdotal evidence that supports ayahuasca (or any drug) curing MDD (or any disease) is about as worthy of belief as anecdotal evidence of faith healing. Bottom line.

These are just a few reasons that modern drug testing is a huge, long and expensive ordeal. You are trying to get rid of all the noise and figure out one thing: does this drug reduce the symptoms of this disease. This has not been done with ayahuasca (or it's psychedelic constituent) and so there is no good reason, at this point, to believe that it can treat or cure any disease, including Major Depressive Disorder.

While the jury is still out in the scientific community as to what exactly the root causes of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) as far as I understand, from reading some of the recent scholarly literature, there is not a whole lot of reason to believe that a drug like N,N,-DMT would be a long term cure for MDD. This does not mean that some of the symptoms of MDD might abate in some people for a short amount of time (in fact this phenomenon has been found with ketamine therapy, and it works great in some people for a little while) but a cure would mean a long term absence of symptoms, and barring high-quality data that supports this, there is just no reason to believe that N,N-DMT is a cure for MDD.

One important thing to note is that many (I would assume all) mixtures of ayahuasca contain Banisteriopsis caapi, a vine that produces alkaloids that function as Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOI). MAOI's were widely used to treat depression in the 1950's but are not widely used front-line drugs now because the effets secondaires can be pretty bad. It is very possible that a person whose MDD was helped by ayahuasca would benefit as much from an MAOI regimen without the psychedelic experience.

What I think is most important is to note that MDD and its treatment is extraordinarily heterogeneous. With nearly every pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical treatment for MDD one sees a 30% success rate. Even more important: some drugs work great for some people, but do nothing for others. I think the general consensus is that MDD is a set of symptoms (which, strangely, can present in apparently opposite ways in two different people, for instance one person with weight gain and lethargy and another with anxiety and insomnia could both be diagnosed with MDD) with a variety of underlying causes. This heterogeneity is important because it means that, even if ayahuasca, or N,N,-DMT worked for one, or two people there is no guarantee that it would work for everyone, or even most people.

Finally, when considering drugs, or cures, we have to weight the benefits with the potential for negative side effects. I think anyone who has been on an anti-depressant regimen can tell you that the side effects can be rough: loss of sex drive, weight gain plus a million others. When it comes to ayahuasca the side effects might outweigh any benefits. The experience can be intensely frightening, the dosage is not standardized (and hard to measure), and, in some rare cases, it could kick off a psychotic episode.

(If any of this is found to change in the future I will gladly change my opinion, but I'm not holding my breath.)

And as far as negative experiences you might want to read these:
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Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters

Christopher Daniels

Christopher Daniels, Coffee Overlord

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I'm not sure why you haven't found negative comments on ayahuasca. Obviously Sam M. did. I think maybe part of the reason there are so many positive reports is that people take part in group ceremonies and this social aspect is an important part of the positive experiences. For people who smoke DMT alone or use an arbitrary MAOI with DMT, I'm sure you will find a lot more negative reports. Checkout the book DMT: The Spirit Molecule by R Strassman, (I link to his website here for convenience, its presence is all over the 'net).
There have been many reports of depression alleviated by ayahausca ceremonies. Whether it is a cure is up for debate, as in the US it is a Schedule 1 substance and no one since Strassman has been given permission to do any scientific experiments on DMT or natural DMT containing substances. If it were allowed, I think skeptics might be humbled, but skepticism is safe for now because experiments are basically forbidden. I would also emphasize that an ayahuasca ceremony is rather a drastic step and it is prudent to try other, perhaps more conventional treatments first.

Mikis Hasson

Mikis Hasson, Founder at TierraMitica (2012-present)

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Ayahuasca is not a cure for anything, she is (among other things) a powerful diagnostic and psychoanalytic tool that peuvent heal depression together with many other issues, psychological and physical. But like any tool, she is only effective if used correctly, with proper guidance and under the right conditions, intention and focus. Like any tool, used wrongly she can produce adverse effects and can even be dangerous if used in conjunction with other substances, unguided and under the wrong circumstances.

And actually there is a lot of negativity about her use on the net, some of it unjustified but some of it justified. The use of the ayahuasca as an entertainment drug with no supervision, with dubious admixtures and quality and the spiritual tourism and business machine that has been assembled to explore her popularity are definitely some justified issues warranting concern,

Mark Dunn

Mark Dunn, struggled with depression for years, "won" the fight by realizing it isn't one.

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Since we cannot scientifically state what causes depression, we cannot scientifically state that something cures it.

Psychologically speaking, many people do experience an alleviation of depression after undergoing one or more clinical or ceremonial uses of natural psychoactive compounds, like ayahausca or psilocybin mushrooms.


I think this is a twofold mechanism---our mentality is a very common cause of anxiety, depression, and other things considered 'mental disorder', and radical alteration of our previous conceptual realities can mean a freedom from thought patterns and emotional perspectives that created and maintained these mindsets/'disorders'.

Secondly, psychoactive compounds tend to act in ways that very directly facilitate the experience of greater neurological functioning towards what we emotionally experience as satisfaction, unity, pleasure, understanding, peace, etc. This short-term boost can help us choose healthier ways of long term living, or give us a break from the negative consequences of our unhealthy ways of living.

Social Response:

Though negative responses certainly exist around the internet, perhaps some people find less negative responses regarding ayahuasca online because the side effects do not express the same way as in conventional medicinal treatments, and because a lot of people try ayahuasca more responsibly, more limitedly, or towards recreational experiences they understand to run the risk of certain negative side effects.

Psychotropic substances of toutes sort have the potential to upend your neurochemistry in a way we experience as mauvais, or very bad. However, the use of natural substances tends to have a more balanced internal reception, and also entail less constant drugging and accumulating toxicity.

Many users experience greater efficacy and fewer damages using things like ayahuasca rather than the pharmaceutical approach of chemically inventing substances our brains did not evolve in contact with and trying to fake biological processes instead of facilitating the regeneration of our health through our own normal biological functioning.

Cela ne ne pas mean that ayahuasca and other natural substances are without risk, or that they are guaranteed to work. And, like any other psychotropic, their usage should be guided by a knowledgeable and experienced practitioner, whether that means an MD, a shaman, or a layman psychonaut who takes these things seriously and has done sufficient reading, learning, and experiencing.


Could ayahuasca help a particular person overcome depression? Potentially, sure. Everyone is different, and how we respond to substances, social situations, and our own mindsets can create a wide range of responsiveness and risk levels across populations.

There is scientific support for the claim that traditional psychoactive compounds have clinical efficacy and appropriateness. There is also significant scientific support against the general treatment of pharmaceutical methods as relatively safe and effective. When it comes to your own health, it is your responsibility to keep yourself, informed, critically minded, and to base your decisions on what you feel is best for your situation overall.

Sam Billings

Sam Billings, I have had just one ayahuasca experience but it was totally amazing.

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In some circumstances taking ayahuasca can be a cure for depression. I know a woman who claims her depression went away after she took ayahuasca and it has never come back. I myself have taken ayahuasca and for months afterwards I felt very at peace with everything, no sign of depression where before I took it, I did have depression. However after some time, the ayahuasca effects wear off and for some people the depression can come back. But for others, the depression may not come back, it all depends on what you learned during your experience.

Aya Quest

Aya Quest, Shaman/Chief Medicine Man -Ayahuasca/Kambo USA- KY at Aya Quest (2002-present)

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Ayahuasca has cured depression as it resets your serotonin system to include propigating receptors, more importantly is many people will see “life” from a new perspective “IF” they do the inner work of taking control of their inner dialog.

Ayahuasca is NOT a miracle, you must do the work.

Paypal est un cauchemar pour la plupart des spécialistes du marketing. Quel serait un service de paiement en ligne parfait?

Abul Kashem

Abul Kashem

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Alternative est dans Google pour la méthode la mieux adaptée, qui correspond aux critères que vous recherchez.

Sandra Wróbel-Konior

Sandra Wróbel-Konior, travaille chez SecurionPay

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Y a-t-il quelque chose que beaucoup de gens ignorent, soit parce qu'ils ont été habitués à prendre les choses pour acquis, soit qu'ils pensent que cela ne peut pas être changé?

Robert Jarmon

Robert Jarmon, "Discovering the Soul" - unusual psychiatric case studies

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Do people hang on to anachronistic coping mechanisms? Yes, a lot.

As children we learn certain behavior patterns for those times, but eventually the rules of behavior need to evolve. “When I was a child, I spoke and behaved like a child, but when I became a man…”

Many societies try to mark the transition definitively with a ceremony around the time of puberty. For Jews the bar mitzvah, for Catholics the confirmation, for primitive societies some sort of rights of passage.

People have problems when they don’t adapt to the new regs. I would tell my patients it’s like playing football in the morning and doing well, then going back to a field in the afternoon and not knowing why you are now struggling. Things look kind of the same but you notice differences. You continue playing by the old rules but it just isn’t working. No wonder, everyone else is now playing rugby. Learn the new rules and give up the old.

You can see it a lot in family dynamics. My mother had an older sister Lil, and a younger sister Vi. They lost their mother at a young age , and Lil took on the role of the dominant female, never relinquishing that position. When they were in their 70s, the three sisters were widowed. Lil and Vi both bought condos in Florida a few doors away from each other but rarely communicated.

One day My mother told me that she was going to visit her sisters for two weeks. One week with Lil, then one week with Vi. I thought that sounded a little odd, but “whatever works “. I called my mother after the first week and asked how her visit was going. She nervously said, “Very well. Aunt Lil and I have been having a nice time.”

“And now you’re going to stay with Aunt Vi”, I said.

“Oh no I can’t. Aunt Lil said so”.

“Mother, you’re 76 years old. You no longer have to do what Lil says”. She stayed with Lil.

Four years later I had to call Aunt Lil. When she answered she said, “Bobby, I had the strangest, longest, and most wonderful conversation with your mother last night. She called me out of the blue, which she never does and we spoke for two hours in a loving conversation the likes of which we never ever had. What was it that you were calling me about?”

I said, “I have some very sad news. Mother died last night.”

“My god. I don’t believe it she sounded so happy and energetic. I had NEVER heard her sound like that before. This is such a shock! You know, after all these years we finally made peace. I can picture now your mother in her lovely old rocking chair, going on and on talking last night. It would mean so much to me if I could have that rocking chair. There is nothing else I would want.”

I said, “Actually, Aunt Lil, when we found her she was sitting upright on her sofa next to the phone. So it’s the sofa where she had that last goodbye all is forgiven conversation.” There was a long pause and I guessed rightly what was coming next.

“Bobby”, she said, “Could I have that rocking chair anyway?”

That was Aunt Lil.



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air …. oxygen… I guess? Lol

you are probably holding a phone or on a device that has a camera facing you … and we all know people can hack into these and watch us… but “we don’t care” because “we aren’t special enough” I’ve had my email-netflix-accounts-ICloud-instagram-Facebook-tumblr(which was the worst) hacked … and it got to the point where I felt like I was being followed or at least watched through my phone or GPSed .. I couldn’t sleep or eat because I knew it was because i downloaded spyware … when I called Apple and they weren’t that much help… my password was being changed on me daily and they knew the “IP” address or w.e what in Texas and I said over the phone “how could this be me if I’m standing in MA an hour after the password was changed… my bank didn’t help either basically telling me I had to prove I didn’t authorize the purchases… I said my amazon account is sending these items to Texas surely you can find the person that’s doing this there “we aren’t the police we don’t investigate like that” *rolling my eyes* because the police didn’t give a FLYING FUCK telling me I had to go through the motions. “changing my passwords” (yeah didn’t think of that) and calling the people I already talked to about it *rolling my eyes*…

the point I’m trying to make is everyone takes for granted their privacy… until some crazy stalker/hacker harasses you and no one believes you because you look like a mess and you aren’t showing them things they can’t fully believe like “how do we know you didn’t post that? Do you have proof?”

Yeah… let me just start recording what I do 24/7 and then give it to you as evidence… which is actually something I considered … once I got a new phone… changed my email and all my other stuff was I able to feel safe again … sometimes my Facebook says I’m logged in somewhere which I delete that device from being able to use my account but besides that everything is fine…

idk if this is connected but about 6 years ago when I googled my full name I found a website called “Ifuckinghate(my name).net” and it had all my YouTube’s on it and a couple MySpace pictures with horrible comments … but yeah … I have never done anything that I think anyone would want to take revenge on … I mean I’m not perfect and I was a douche bag to a couple people in high school but they were very rude to me first… and high school Isn’t “the end of the world”

but yeah stop letting Facebook facial Recognition system own you too … do you know how creepy that is??? And it’s a violation on privacy I believe…

i wish i didn’t grow up in the generation I did because the adults were smart enough to not have all these accounts with pictures of themselves

Boghos Youssif

Boghos Youssif, I've lived in different societies and have been in different social situations.

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A lot is taken for granted. Different people with their different sotuations take different things for granted.

For example, i always took for granted how my parents have a good marriage and are not divorced. They will always stand by my side.

On the other hand people here take for granted the safety in which they live, the interenet speed, electricity, water and food. Maybe not all of them. But those are some stuff I experienced in my ahort life between first and third world countries.

People take for granted what they never missed, what they always had under their noses.

Linda Wilson

Linda Wilson, Managing Partner/Owner (1987-present)

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People take for granted the freedoms that we have in the USA. Many do not believe that we need warriors to protect that freedom.

Because of our military, our country has had relative peace at home. When we discount or take for granted our military we are putting ourselves at risk.

Steven Ussery

Steven Ussery, Software development consultant at Cisco (2017-present)

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Yes. You may have heard of them. They are called racism, poverty, and injustice.

Elegy Davenport

Elegy Davenport, Senior Software Quality Assurance (1989-present)

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Yes. The political atmosphere in this country. We tend to look at it and say, “Hey, I’m just one person. What could I possibly do to fix it? My vote is only one vote. It won’t count. I won’t bother.”

Est-il difficile de pirater Apple Pay?

Michael Vogel

Michael Vogel, Passionné de technologie depuis 1989.

Répondu il y a 208w · Voté par

Quin Reiben, Ont travaillé chez AppleCare et

Derek Schatz, Vingt-deux ans d’expérience en sécurité informatique · L’auteur a des réponses 11.8k et des vues de réponse 24.4m

C'est littéralement impossible. Pour commencer, tous les comptes bancaires de la personne ne sont situés nulle part sauf la puce Secure Element intégrée à l'appareil. C'est pourquoi seuls les derniers produits Apple peuvent utiliser Apple Pay. Donc, je ne suis pas sûr de ce qu'est ce "lieu unique" dont vous parlez. Les informations que vous utilisez ne sont même pas accessibles par la société avec laquelle vous les utilisez et ne nécessitent pas de connexion réseau pour fonctionner, car elles n'envoient jamais d'informations nulle part. Voici une citation de CNET expliquant le fonctionnement de SE:

Apple a présenté une solution de sécurité matérielle en deux parties pour Apple Pay. Le premier réside dans votre empreinte digitale, qui est requise pour chaque transaction. Les utilisateurs d’Apple ont l'habitude d'utiliser Touch ID pour autoriser les achats iTunes. Apple applique maintenant le même processus pour les transactions en magasin.
Mais la deuxième solution matérielle est la véritable clé pour garder vos informations financières sous clé: l’élément sécurisé.
Construit sous forme de puce et disponible uniquement sur iPhone 6 et iPhone 6 Plus, l'élément sécurisé est l'endroit où vos informations financières sont stockées. On n'y accède que lorsqu'un nombre 16 aléatoire est généré lors d'une transaction. Les données stockées sur l'élément sécurisé ne parviennent jamais dans le logiciel de votre téléphone. Par conséquent, même en cas de piratage de votre système d'exploitation, il serait impossible d'extraire vos informations financières.
Les éléments sécurisés présents dans les iPhones sont également protégés des attaques matérielles. En fait, si un voleur démonte votre téléphone, l’élément sécurisé détecte une altération et se ferme immédiatement.
En plus de la technologie NFC, c’est aussi la raison pour laquelle les versions précédentes de l’iPhone ne peuvent pas être rendues compatibles avec Apple Pay sans Apple Watch.

En outre, Apple possède plus de 1 million de cartes de crédit 800, la plus grande collection au monde, et les stocke depuis l'ouverture de l'iTunes Store sur 2003. Il n'a jamais été piraté car le piratage de données cryptées est presque impossible. Les pirates informatiques piratent le plus souvent les gens, car ils utilisent des mots de passe faibles, des questions relatives aux mots de passe faibles et laissent leurs informations dans des endroits faciles d'accès. C'est pourquoi les hackers piratent les guichets automatiques (ancienne technologie), utilisent des écumeurs et piratent les magasins moins bien protégés comme Target et Home Depot. Nous sommes habitués à la méthode très imprécise de balayage magnétique et de signature, raison pour laquelle les cartes de crédit des utilisateurs sont constamment volées. La méthode des puces et des broches est beaucoup plus sécurisée et le système d’Apple est similaire, bien que très différent.

J'avoue que je ne connais pas les détails du fonctionnement de Google Wallet, mais cela fait déjà 13 ans et il n'a pas encore été piraté. Je suppose donc qu'il utilise un système similaire.

Jim Dalton

Jim Dalton, Récupérateur de courtier, devenu potier

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Michael Vogel, utilise des Mac depuis des années 22, des années d'expérience de travail avec et pour Apple · Author a des réponses 12 et des vues de réponses 365k

Bien qu'il soit possible de tromper le contact, c'est très difficile. Il nécessite au moins les conditions 3:

  1. Accès illimité à l'iphone, à l'insu de l'utilisateur, s'il sait que son téléphone est en possession de quelqu'un d'autre, il peut le verrouiller à distance et / ou effacer les données.
  2. Une copie parfaite de leur empreinte digitale, une tâche ne fera pas l'affaire.
  3. Connaissance intime des techniques judiciaires complexes permettant de dupliquer cette empreinte digitale

Vous avez une meilleure chance d'être frappé par la foudre tout en étant mordu par un requin.

Arun Kumar

Arun Kumar

Répondu il y a 197w

C'est impossible de le pirater. En configurant le code de l'appareil / le TouchID de l'appareil, l'utilisateur active automatiquement la protection des données.
Il existe un composant interne appelé "Secure Element chip" sur l'iPhone 6 et 6 Plus sur lequel les détails de la carte sont cryptés et stockés.
Apple ne peut pas non plus accéder à cette puce.
Le code d'authentification est épinglé avec la clé d'identification matérielle unique du périphérique.
Le code d'authentification ou TouchID non seulement déverrouille l'appareil, mais aussi pour créer un cryptage et un décryptage iOS au niveau de l'appareil.
Même si un pirate informatique pouvait jailbreaker un appareil et contourner le code secret, les données seraient toujours inaccessibles car le pirate informatique ne connaîtrait pas le code secret (la partie importante de la clé de déchiffrement n'est pas connue).

Gregor Matjan

Gregor Matjan, a étudié à l'Université de Vienne

Répondu il y a 207w

La partie la plus faible de la chaîne de sécurité d'Apple Pay est Touch ID. Donc, si vous obtenez le iPhone de quelqu'un d'autre et son empreinte digitale, vous pouvez simuler l'empreinte digitale. Cela a effectivement été prouvé possible ( Pour le paiement en magasin, ce type de fraude serait assez évident, mais pour le paiement en ligne, je peux l’imaginer comme une menace sérieuse.

Lizzy Howard

Lizzy Howard

Répondu il y a 46w

C'est littéralement impossible. Pour commencer, tous les comptes bancaires de la personne ne sont situés nulle part sauf la puce Secure Element intégrée à l'appareil. C'est pourquoi seuls les derniers produits Apple peuvent utiliser Apple Pay. Donc, je ne suis pas sûr de ce qu'est ce "lieu unique" dont vous parlez. Les informations que vous utilisez ne sont même pas accessibles par la société avec laquelle vous les utilisez et ne nécessitent pas de connexion réseau pour fonctionner

Coopersmoothhacker. Com

Texte: 7312384695

Robert Setiadi

Robert Setiadi, passionné de technologie, chef de projet TIC, doctorat en génie logiciel

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La sécurité absolue n'existe pas dans le monde numérique.
Cela dit, Apple Pay est raisonnablement plus sûr que la plupart des autres systèmes de paiement numériques actuels.
Le risque de perdre notre carte de crédit est beaucoup plus grand que le risque que quelqu'un prenne un effort supplémentaire pour "copier" notre empreinte digitale.

Pourquoi ne puis-je pas payer en ligne avec ma carte MasterCard?

Jayaram Muthuswamy

Jayaram Muthuswamy, habite à Coimbatore, Bangalore, Thane

Répondu il y a 46w · L'auteur dispose de réponses 3.4k et de vues de réponses 2.1m

Eh bien, je ne sais pas quel est exactement votre problème et ce qui l’a motivé à mentionner ci-dessous quelques exemples de refus, basés sur mon expérience avec Visa.

> Problèmes de connectivité Internet, Wi-Fi et Bluetooth, contributeurs majeurs aux problèmes.

> J'évite de faire des paiements via des applications mobiles - un technicien m'a dit il y a bien longtemps que les mobiles, aussi bons soient-ils, ne souscrivent pas pleinement aux aspects de sécurité en raison de la mémoire vive limitée (?)>

> Dans la plupart des cas, le mot de passe, OTP n'est pas affiché pendant que vous / l'utilisateur l'introduisez. Certains meilleurs sites ont cette installation, qui montre très brièvement les caractères saisis.

> Utilisation d'unités de paiement, de distributeurs automatiques de billets et de paiements similaires par glissement. Effectuez un contrôle visuel avant l’utilisation.

> Qu'il s'agisse de MasterCard ou de toute autre carte, il est possible que quelques établissements marchands aient été mis sur liste noire par les prestataires de services de paiement eux-mêmes. Cela s'explique principalement par les frais imposés - les montants plus faibles entraînent des frais disproportionnés plus importants et représentent un pourcentage direct du montant, plus la TPS à l'heure actuelle.

> À l’heure actuelle, le remboursement des crédits versés exige davantage de paperasse et d’approbation - il faut toujours plus de travail et plus de travail.

> Enfin, codes-barres, puces, claviers, sont affectés par l'utilisation, le magnétisme et la fraude directe!

En vous souhaitant une solution heureuse, dès que possible!

Julie Frey

Julie Frey, travaille chez Self-Employment

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Que se passe-t-il lorsque vous essayez d'effectuer un paiement avec votre carte?

Lorsque vous entrez vos informations de carte de crédit, vous devez entrer le numéro, la date et le code de sécurité exactement comme sur la carte. Certains marchands en ligne vérifient que votre nom et votre adresse correspondent exactement (pas de variantes). Quand on vous demande un code postal, entrez-vous le bon code postal?

Le service nécessite-t-il une validation de la carte avant utilisation?

Votre carte est-elle activée?

Votre carte signalant un commerçant ne reconnaît-elle pas lorsque vous effectuez un achat?

La date est-elle postérieure à la date d'achat?

Si vous avez des questions, votre carte contient un numéro de téléphone pour contacter le service clientèle. Pourquoi ne pas appeler une personne et demander de l'aide si vous rencontrez des problèmes avec votre carte? Ou visitez votre banque et parlez à une personne.

Certains problèmes nécessitent que vous parliez à la bonne personne qui peut vous aider. Seule une personne employée par votre société de carte de crédit ou votre banque peut vous aider à résoudre votre problème de compte.

Quelle est la similitude entre Bitcoin et BitTorrent en termes de protocole utilisé pour les faire fonctionner?

Raghav Bhandari

Raghav Bhandari, travaille chez Tech Mahindra (2017-present)

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Les deux sont basés sur la décentralisation.

Bitcoin - Wikipédia

Rishikesh Ranjan

Rishikesh Ranjan, a étudié à DAV Public School BSEB Colony, Patna

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Les deux sont des technologies peer-to-peer et décentralisées.

Un pigiste veut m'engager pour une tâche quelconque et m'a dit de faire un dépôt dans son compte Paypal pour me vérifier car je ne suis pas un spam. Ça va?

Ishi Agarwal

Ishi Agarwal, Propriétaire de (2017-present)

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Je ne le recommanderais pas… Si vous voulez déposer de l'argent et travailler uniquement… alors optez pour des plates-formes sécurisées comme Elance, // etc…. !!!

Clinton Goveas

Clinton Goveas, Propriétaire d'entreprise, Expert en déploiement d'applications Web et mobiles:

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Non, ça ne va pas. Ceci est un arnaque pour obtenir de l'argent de votre part et vous ne recevrez jamais de «pigiste» après l'envoi de l'argent.

Jug Jyoti BorGohain

Jug Jyoti BorGohain, travaille chez Students

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J'ai eu ce type d'expérience avant de ne pas le faire autrement, bientôt vous le regretterez !!

Amit Verma

Amit Verma, Responsable marketing digital chez MYZEAL IT Solutions (2018-present)

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Non pas ok ne fais pas ce genre d'erreurs

L'application mobile My Droid de Where "vérifie-t-elle les coordonnées GPS de votre téléphone perdu avec un lien vers Google Maps?

Darko IvanoskiDarko Ivanoski, PDG & Responsable SEO / SEM

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J'ai fait les recherches et j'ai trouvé ces deux applications de suivi de téléphone permettant de suivre votre téléphone égaré, ainsi qu'un lien vers Google Maps. Vérifiez, peut-être vous aider à trouver votre téléphone perdu avec les coordonnées GPS.

Puis-je envoyer de l'argent par Western Union à l'aide de mon compte PayPal?

Tamer Aydogdu

Tamer Aydogdu, ancien responsable du service clientèle de la société des télécommunications interbancaires mondiales (2001-2016)

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Non tu ne peux pas.

Vous pouvez soit transférer sur votre propre compte bancaire, effectuer un dépôt dans un guichet automatique ou par carte de crédit ou, sur certains marchés, demander un chèque.

Quel est le meilleur moyen de transférer de l'argent de PayPal vers un compte bancaire canadien sans se faire tuer en échange de devise?



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Vous n'avez pas spécifié la devise d'origine. Peut-être que CurrencyFair vous est utile? Ou Bitcoinpeut-être? Il y a un échange canadien de Bitcoin: